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According to this rubric, individual presentation is evaluated through four parts: pronunciation delivery, communication strategies, vocabulary language patterns, ideas & organization. Each content of the four part is very detailed, for example, in the communication strategies part, it covers body language, timing awareness, confidence.

This criteria marking sheet has 0-6, that is 7 levels of grading, which made it more concrete and elaborate compared with ordinary 4 level ( excellent, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory), and this also make it easier to quantify students performance.


Since this is an assessment rubric for individual presentation, I think it is important to address the avoidance of lecture style speech and emphasize the importance of interactive delivery. So I think it lacks criteria for interactive activity (Q & Aa). In addition, there is no explanation about the content of individual delivery.

"Project-Based Learning---Oral Presentation"


The specified details in each column are all-round, especially the content, organization, and delivery parts. In the content part, it considers vocabulary, logical & emotional/persuasive appeals, details, focus, the usefulness and comprehensibility of information. In the organization part, it covers introduction, background information, thesis statement, transitions, logical connectors and strong conclusion. In the delivery part, it has necessary and sufficient elements such as eye contact, body language and pronunciation.


The content and resources part have some repetitive criteria such as "I was able to answer questions form the audience. It is the same case in the presentation aids and delivery parts, both two parts mention grammar. To be more comprehensive, I'll add apparent confidence to the delivery part and inter

"Group Oral Presentation Rubric"


Some necessary criteria to assess presentation can be seen: organization, content, communicative ability. Since it's a group work rubric, it stresses the performance of an entire group rather than the individual.


Obviously, it is easy to notice that this rubric sheet lacks headings at the very left side. It is better to add [(1)the number of participants, (2)cooperation ability, (3)the comprehensibility of delivery (4) confidence and eye contact (5) the organization of information (6) the details of information] as headings to make the criteria seem easier to read.

This rubric mainly deal with group performance, I think it is too broad and some sufficient criteria should be added such as vocabulary & grammar, communication strategies, pronunciation, etc.

Design an activity and write assessment and rubric

Video games ---playing and writing

Target students & Objectives

Video games are popular among teenagers. It is said that by many scholars video games can serve as educational environment to facilitate learning. In this lesson, my target student are senior middle school students, I will use video games as a tool to teach English. By the end of this lesson, students will be able to use specific language to describe video games and express their opinions, they will also have the chance to play on line video games and have fun. Finally they are expected to discuss advantages or disadvantages of video games and produce an argumentative essay.


Introduction to video games ---speaking

Ask students to do a match work, by matching the gaming words or phrases to their definitions, students are exposed to vocabulary about video games, e.g. MMORPG, R.P.G, fantasy, combat, violent, strategy.

Ask students to work in groups (two people) and write the names (as many as they can) of online games and talk about what type of game they are, who would play this game and why would this game appeal to those people

On-line video game playing

Give students a list of on-line video game websites and ask them to choose their favorite game to play. After playing and having fun, they are expected to write a blog about their experience, telling the teachers and other students their progress of the game, what cool things they can experience while playing, share their strategies to combat monsters, amusing encounter with elves or if they do not enjoy playing, tell us why. Students should post their blog to chat room so that other students could see it and make comments about it.

On-line video game websites

3. Video game argumentative essay writing

Ask students to work in groups to read example essay form the given list of websites, and find out which sentences make a positive/negative claim, give an example, make a comparison, evaluate all the evidence, make a conclusion?

List of websites for video game reviews:

After reading the example video game reviews, the teacher will help students summarize 'recipe' for an argumentative essay as follows:

Make a positive/negative claim

Justify your claim

Given an example

Make a comparison

Make another positive/negative claim

Justify the second claim

Evaluate all the evidence

Give a conclusion

Ask students to follow these steps to write an argumentative essay. The topic is: Computer games should be banned for children for children under 18. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write about 300 words presenting your arguments.


Students' performance will be assessed through three parts. Peer assessment and self-evaluation are used to assess the first and second activities. The third activities, video game argumentative essay writing will be assessed by the teacher according to the rubric.

(please refer to the next page for peer assessment¼Œself-evaluation sheet and the rubric)

Peer Feedback

Ask each student use this checklist to assess their group member's performance in group discussion.

1. Did he/she participate the group discussion about video games and gave sensible answers and comments to the given question?

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

2. Are the given answers/comments relevant to the question and easy to understand?

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

3. Does his/her verbal qualities (appropriate speed, correctness of pronunciation) make you satisfied?

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

4. Does he/she perform well in the non-verbal qualities (confidence, body language, eye contact)

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

5. Are there any interesting/creative elaborations about the topic?

Yesâ-¡ Noâ-¡

6. Does he/she listen actively and attentively to you when you speak and give suggestions about your answer?

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

7. Read you group partner's video game blog, does his/her blog correspond with his/her speech in group discussion?

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

8. Give comments about your group partner's blog, then make suggestions or give your partner some tips on how to improve his/her blog.

Advantages (example) You are good at….

Disadvantages(example) You need to improve…

Tips: Next time you should try to…

You could use more/less…

Self-evaluation Sheet

Each student will be given a checklist to make self-evaluation about their first two activities.

I benefit a lot form matching words, I'm familiar with video game words now.

Yesâ-¡ Noâ-¡

I make satisfactory contributions in group discussion and listen carefully when my partner speak. Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

The video game I choose to play is , the reasons I choose to play this game are because (list 3-4 reasons)

I ask for classmates/teacher for help with I have difficulty in playing the game.

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

I turn to the dictionary or Internet for help with I have difficulty (e.g. encounter unfamiliar words; could not come up with strategies to enter the next level) in playing the game

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

During my playing, I use English to communicate with other on-line game players in the chat room Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

I enjoy playing this video game a lot.

Yes, alwaysâ-¡ Most to the timeâ-¡ Noâ-¡

The reasons I enjoy playing this video game are because: (you can list 3-4 reasons talking about the layout & design, navigation of the video game you played)

Layout & design


Teacher's assessment

Rubric for video game playing argumentative essay









Have a clear focus and thesis statement.

Have a focus and thesis statement.

Mostly focused and attempt to make a point.

Not focused, the reader doesn't know what this essay is talking about.



Make two or more positive or negative arguments and justify them with rich supporting details (examples), especially the personal experience of previous video game playing. Eye-catching topic sentence of each paragraph.

Make two or more positive or negative arguments and justify them with supporting details (examples)

from their previous experience. Good topic sentence of each paragraph.

Make two positive or negative arguments and justify them with some supporting details.

Have a clear topic sentence of each paragraph.

Does not make sensible positive or negative arguments. Few or irrelevant supporting details. Do not have a topic sentence for each paragraph.



Presents ideas in the introduction part in a fresh way and calling for action.

Restate ideas in the introduction part and calling for action.

Restate ideas in the introduction part.

There is not conclusion or the conclusion is not relevant to the topic.

Writing Style


Word choice&

sentence structure


Varied word choice, frequent usage of video game words learned in the first activity.

Use mature and a variety of sentence structures.

Word choice is varied to some extent, use some video game words learned in the first activity.

Use varied sentence structures.

Word choice is varied to some extent, but there are some repetition of words. Use a few words learned in the first activity.

Use varied sentence structures, but there are some simple sentence structures.

Many repetitive word usages. Use few or no words learned in the first activity.

Many simple sentence structures.


& spelling


0-1 grammar or spelling error per page

1-3 grammar or spelling errors per page

3-5 grammar or spelling errors per page

5+ grammar or spelling errors per page