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You will need to know how to convey information, verbally or none verbally to people you are in contact with. These are your interpersonal skills. To succeed at a high level in life you will need to have writing speaking presentation communication and management leadership skills amongst others.

Personal skills is a fast paced high impact, activity oriented standards-based program geared for middle school students. This state adopted family and consumer sciences curriculum focuses on essential lifelong skills presented in a success oriented format.

I am very open with my manager. I feel its important that my manager knows about how I feel. I always start a conversation and try and solve our differences through professional conversation. When I have a problem with my boss I don't like to keep it bottled up. I want to resolve problems so I can work efficiently without destructions. So I always talk to my managers about the problems that I have openly.

I deal with different types of people very well, but if I have a problem that affects my work, I will openly tell my manager and the reason why it's bothering me. I am a very honest and open person. So anytime I have a problem with my boss I always let him or her know I make a list of things that bother me. I ask my boss for time to chat and I reveal these problems and the reasons for them. I want to make sure I am not being offensive or sound like I am accusing my boss of anything.

Goal getting

Hit every target achieve every goal

We all know that success begins with a well-conceived plan. And I know that you can

and will achieve more in the next year than you have in the past ten years. Every year January 1 is a milestone that forces me to establish both my personal and business goals for the year. Whether you have a strategic plan for your business/department or personal goals/resolutioins it is exciting and motivating to set them but very easy to put them on the shelf and forget about them until next year. According to research by tom terez, only about one in five individuals make a resolution each year and actually keep it. There are many reasons that we lose of our goals within even just a few months of setting them.

Self esteem

Self esteem is your opinion of yourself. High self esteem is a good opinion of yourself and low self esteem is a bad opinion of yourself Your self esteem depends on many qestions:Is your job worthwhile do others respect what you do? Do you?

How do you see yourself ?How do you feel about your strengths and weakness?

Are you comparing yourself to others and ignoring the unique value that you have?

What do you think of your social status?

What is low self esteem?

Low self esteem comes from a poor self image. Your self image is based on how you see yourself. Do you think you are a good, reliable hardworking honest or friendly person do you like what you see when you look in the mirror or do you believe others look better and dress than you.

What is high esteem?

High esteem is the opposite of the above if you have a high level of self esteem you will be confident, happy highly motivated and have the right attitude to succeed.

Communication skills

I follow a process of helping my co-worker out in any way I can. This can include assistance in their portion of the work or by encouragement. If that doesn't work then we redistribute the work to make sure everything is covered. I believe its important to let my manager know of the problem as well.

If the problem is related to a difficult task that a co-worker cannot solve then I will get all the team members to help out. But if the problem is due to laziness or unwillingness to work, then I will inform my manager of the problem.

Its hard to deal with a worker that puts in great effort but slows down the team. I was to be more firm. This way the project continues to move forward without so many interruption due to small arguments.

Attitude development

Attitude is one of the most important aspects of an individuals personality. Having the right attitude makes it all the difference. If you take a close look at the most successful people out there, you will see that the individuals in any career, have positive attitudes. It is important to cultivate positive attitude towards life in order to achieve success in both professional and personal aspirations.

Personal management

Process of planning and outlining personal goals for your life and then trying to fulfil these goals in your life. These goals should include both short term and long term goals and should cover a variety of topics including finance education career and time management.

Self responsibility

Self-responsibility can be defined in many ways, but regardless of its definition it is a key ingredient in how you manage stress in your life. In this context, self-responsibility represents your ability to make choices about your thoughts and, subsequently, to make changes in your life that will positively affect your health and well-being. And when you make these kinds of positive changes, you are taking responsibility for yourself and tapping into your own personal power in a way no one else can. Our health and well-being can be affected by learned attitudes and beliefs concerning control, self-efficacy, optimism, and finding meaning in life. These kinds of attitudes are fundamental to the concept of self-responsibility. Self-responsibility also refers to your ability to tap into your own personal power to effect choice and change in your life. Taking charge of your life and using your personal power are critical ingredients in committing to and realizing the benefits of a holistic stress management approach to health and well-being.

When it comes to managing stress, self-responsibility is important, whether we are referring to stress created as a result of our perceptions or stress that is created as a result of physical conditions. For example, we are each responsible for the lifestyle choices we make that disrupt the body's homeostasis and trigger the stress response. These choices can range from deciding what you will ingest into your body in the form of drugs, food, water, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol, to how much exercise and sleep you get and what environmental conditions you expose yourself to, such as pollution, toxins, radiation, noise, and weather.

Even when self-responsibility doesn't play a direct role in why you are experiencing stress, it plays a role in how you react to it. You may experience stress as the result of trauma, injury, disease, or loss things you cannot control. You are, however, still responsible for how you react to such circumstances and the choices you make about how to cope. What you tell yourself can make a difference. Research has shown that people with serious spinal cord injuries fare better when they have an attitude of hope. An attitude of optimism also has been connected with long-term survival in people with heart disease and cancer. In addition, a sense of control has been shown to affect longevity and well-being. Self-efficacy (the belief that you can achieve a specific goal or master a challenge) has been shown to decrease symptoms of depression and pain, and increase immune functioning.

There is also evidence to support the positive effects on long-term health of those who view their lives as having meaning. Researchers have theorized that a sense of coherence, which includes finding meaning, was strongly related to survival for those who experienced the severe trauma of Nazi concentration camps.

This is not to say that you will negatively affect your health if you respond in a natural way to life events. You don't have to ignore feelings of anger, frustration, grief, and bereavement that are often appropriate response to life circumstances. The key is that once you have allowed yourself to feel these feelings and to work through them, you then have the opportunity to use your own personal power and resources to make the most of any circumstance you might find yourself in.

Improving relationships

Controlling crises

Social skills

Community involvement

Client facing, technical management, Unix in broadcast/finance/business critical, high availability and database high transactional environments, systems administration, intranet and Internet solutions, technical consultancy both in a support and pro-active capacity, networking, highly self motivated, quick learner, willing to get the right experience and self study leading to industry recognized qualifications

I would like to describe the appropriate personal skills that help to achieve strategic goals in my professional career. I want to actually referring to a whole range


1.2: Apply techniques to access the professional skills required to support the strategic direction of the organisation

Technical skills:

If you have a lot of team work experience, you know that there are a lot of people like this. It is a fact that some people actually slow down the work than help the work thath is why this is a good question to ask. A good employee will know how to handle this situation. A bad employee will do all the work themselves. Although doing the work is good it doesn't show that you can deal with different types of people.

The most fundamental types of skills one must have to achieve in life are technical skills, including those required of life in general

Operating system:

Sun Solaris 10, UNIX, windows XP

Solaris administration, OS installation troubleshooting & maintenance,

OS hardening through JASS, Zone installation. RAID configuration ZFS file system configuration.

LINUX Red hat Enterprise Edition 5,

Window 2003, XP

Networking and Telecoms:




SSH (remote Access terminal)



Mozila firefox

sunray windows connector

sunray software (thin-client)

Secure global desktop (SGD)

Proxy server installation implementation of ACL


Working in a highly sophisticated

Management of Sun Fire V490s, V210s, V240z, and T1000s, X2100 Sun Blade server T6320, M6000 Family, X4500 & Other high end SPARC based & X86 Intel based servers along with their services through ALOM (configured and controlled remotely)


Oracle 9i installation backup recovery, 11g installation, memory management, buffer management. Certification - Oracle 9i Certified Associate, 10g RAC Installation.

NETapp SAN Storage

As well as the very specific technical skills required of you specific job. As most of us have upgrade your skills, stay on top of changes and developments and make continuous education a cornerstone of your life.

There are couple things I do when I am having a problem sometimes I try to focus so hard that I miss a point that would help me solve the problem. So I take a 2 minute break to help me approach the problem in a different way. I could either go get a drink of water or stand up and move around. I find that this helps me a times. But if I still continue to have problems, I don't mind asking a co-worker for some assistance.

I believe in using all the resources around me and I think co-workers should use me as a resource as well.