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The researcher James F. Devlin, Steve Worthington, P. Gerrard from UK they have studied on "MAIN AND SUBSIDIARY CREDIT CARD HOLDING AND SPENDING" from different part of the world for the intention why the people are using more then one credit cards mentioned as "MAIN" and "SUBSIDIARY" credit cards and how they spending money from their cards. They conduct this research is totally based on exploratory research method with some questionnaire, as a survey question to get the data from credit card user. They research all about signify that major credit card user respondents put the main card, as the card gives them higher discounts and promotional offers. And they are holding the subsidiary card for only standby purposes. The research is focus on to who market the credit cards with some discount offer and promote the cards for the loyalty of card user to get superior from by their competitor. So, how the Bank can generate more and more revenue from credit card users. This study focuses how the consumers behave in the credit card market. So that manager can create more interest credit card user to grab a new credit card.


In this research James F. Devlin, Steve Worthington, P. Gerrard have analysed data from many banks to spending about day by day. So the banks whose credit cards were using as subsidiary cards they do the research on this topic to get their credit card as the main card and know about the other credit card issuer's discounts and promotional offers. I am supporting this research from various supporting articles like online journals, newspaper articles, and websites. According to the Author Emma Wall about the credit card spending everyday in Telegraph mentioned that credit card users mostly spending money for usual expenses like Petrol, Food, Etc. they should get points for these kind of shopping. So they should get free gifts, cash back or zero percent interest period from the card issuer. As per research most of the card holder should make that card as the main credit card which gives them some extra benefits among the other credit cards. [Telegraph, 2010]

Credit card's best purpose is for purchase something online. Because of that they don't have to go in the market and get the things. With the use of credit card it seems easy for everybody. If you have two credit cards then you can use one for the Balance transfers in another accounts and another for the shopping. On 2005 according to Evans & Schmalensee stated that how credit card is insurgency for paying product and services, credit cards play an important role by paying at the point of time when costumers purchases the products or services. So credit card increases to pay spending more money on their needs to prevent getting from debts. So credit card helps to achieve how to meet the better standard of living.[scribd, n.d]

In some holy books they have written that we can't buy anything by debt. But this review shows that any one can use the credit cards. As per gwynita Leggington on Why do people use credit cards? On credit card you can buy any product or services where credit card is acceptable. So people do not have tension to get cash with them. Mostly all the banks are providing the credit cards. So there are so many varieties of credit cards like Standard credit card, Business credit card, secured credit card, merchant credit card, travel credit card, prepaid credit card, low interest credit card, etc. And people are using that credit card, which is having lowest interest, more facilities or providing some discount, promotional offers etc. If the person is paying all the payments on time then that person's credit history will be good. And if that person wants to buy something expensive on credit then he should get that thing easily. So it also improves the credit card holder's credit history. Hawes (1988) found demographic attribute of the cardholders, it shows how many cards they have and how are they using those cards. And he also describes the advantages and disadvantages of the Card holding and spending. He found also judge the same data acquired after 70s. The result shows that when market is up then cardholder spends more. He got from his studies that there is no market up-down between 70s n 90s. So spending from credit card was equivalent. He found the main point as security. That if someone's credit card is lost then the person who got that credit card may misuse of the card. So they invented security protection and insurance on credit card fraud issues between the dates when data was collected.

[ehow, 2010]



My research objective is to critically evaluate on the main and subsidiary credit card holding and spending, and the purpose of this research is the customer how many credit cards they holds and how they spend on main card and subsidiary card.


This researcher has researched thru naturalistic observational method, because they are analysing the behaviour of the card holder in the term of spending and holding in credit card. According to Webb at al. 1999 Observation method is to gather the data with watch and observe the behaviour of the participant. In this kind of method they used primary data collection method thru sampling and survey. ( webb at al. 1999 book 1 - Research Methods page 216 "Observational method" publish by Thomson higher education 2007) (Research methods for business students third addition - book 2 publish by personal education ltd. 2007) Although researcher has used only primary data collection. They have not focused on other data collection techniques. They focused only on primary data collection. I am not strongly convinced the technique of data collection because they have not gone thru the cases of past credit card holder, how they doing in the market. So the researcher must collect the data from secondary sources of data, which is provides relevant ideas at the research area. Because it shows the feasibility and eliminated the time consuming And also helps to study the large volume of data and filter some appropriate researchable questions to get the best findings of the research area.



The author focused on observation method with the help of analytic induction theory to observe the customer attitudes on how they react on credit card spending to finding which card was superior discounts and promotional offered by card issuer. The author of this subject have collected this data from sampling through random sampling selecting by 25 people in 3 different districts of Singapore in the late part of afternoon and evening of three consecutive weekends with the help of survey form where the author had drafted open-ended question to be answered by card issuer and the card holder in the two stages of pre-testing. In the first period they selected six multiple card holders to respond them and give some remark about they understanding our researcher type or not. And if they have any doubt about any point or get lack of information then put all the remarks in feedback section of survey form. After these observations they get that all six persons have answered positively. After that they also pick six people randomly as second period and they also get the same positive answers about the credit card holding and spending. (

para Although researcher has done their job and gets their findings but I am not that much convinced with the method about the approach of finding of research area. The method which they have used is like observational method with the help of analytic induction theory. In this research method researcher can only perceive the behaviour of the credit card holder's spending but we can't judge about how much they spend from the credit card. Instead of using the observational method they can use exploratory method. Because the researcher can get the greater efficiency on the research area in the term of identifying the key issues of demographic profiles of credit card holders and style of usage of credit card. [toolbox, 2010] So they can build a relevant question to examine the credit card holder's spending. The researcher has used the random sampling which can not allot to all the credit card holders. This can lead disruptive of card holder. Possibly data may be change because lack of knowledge. The researcher may also use convenience sampling method Because in Singapore November, 2002 researcher Ramin .C. Maysami and Hian Chye Koh had done same research on the same topic like this. So researcher can used convenience sampling instead of random sampling through making set of questionnaires about the research finding in some remote area where commuters where easily accessible for e.g. at lofty human traffic spot. And they can conduct the research with the relevant questionnaire while distributing the relevant questionnaires to the multiple credit card owners with having an expertise interviewer who have extensive research on particular field. The researcher has focused cohort study survey because the researcher drafts the survey method in two ways. One is pre-testing another is testing stage. It may be take huge time gape between two researches. So instead of using cohort study the researcher may go with the cross-sectional survey. in this kind of survey the researcher have to make a survey only at one time at the same topic and at the same area. So they can save the time and save the money also. And they don't have to match the research data with the previous data collection and make the decision directly with the data they have.





In the research about main and subsidiary card holding and spending the researcher has done research well but I am not totally agree with the all the research. There are some mistakes done by the researcher. They have researched only in Singapore and only in three districts. Instead of this they can do the research in anymore countries and more districts. They had done the research in 3 weekends in late afternoon and evening. Instead of this they can do in weekdays and any random time in a day. So they can get the perfect idea about the spending at all the times. And the most thing about the research is they had done it randomly. And we know that with the random sampling method we can get only idea that they have spent money. But we can not judge that how much they spend. So as my research about another researcher they used the convenience sampling method and they got the better thoughts and other extra details about the credit card holding and spending. So we can't say it is not valid but we can say it is not fully achieved task.


The authors have pursued the research to set up whether a strong argument about the main and subsidiary card holding and spending. They research in Singapore three sessions on weekends in the late afternoon and evening. But in the research there is lack of some information. However the researcher has maintained the whole research very well. But they have used the information about only 3 districts of the Singapore. And it is not that much enough to get the conclusion about the research. And with these details they can not get which one is main card and which one is subsidiary card. For that they have to ask some questionnaire to the one or more credit card holder person. They judge only around hundred people and come to the conclusion. but this number is so low to judge to whole community of credit card holders.

Even the researcher has done the research as the random sampling method so they can not judge the all the people and they also don't get the total information about the spending. They can't follow the all the people and can't see them all the time about how they spend the money with this kind of research method. So they must have to use the convenience sampling method. Because they should get the details about the people, their income, their spending, and how many cards they have, how they use all the cards and so on. So with these kinds of details they should able to get the better conclusion or report about the research.

They can also take the Interview of the persons who hold one or more credit cards. Thus they should have the large database to enhance the reliability of the research. And they also understand the area of the research. The evaluation of the targeted meaningfulness of the research could not be achieved without all these.