Analysis Of Critical Self Refelction English Language Essay

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I vividly remember my microteaching process during my teacher's training. I was expected to pick up a topic, plan for it and teach a small class. Thus assuming that I was in a real classroom situation, I taught a small class comprising of my fellow trainees and my tutors. It was the most difficult time of my training as anybody was allowed to comment anything they felt like on your teaching. Some of which made me cry (I mean the comments).

After reading this module, I have thought about it and my reactions then. I wished I had read it at that time. It would have made a lot of difference. I have learnt a lot more about myself as student by reading it. The writer was not wrong to say, 'our past experiences in learning have a tremendous impact on our learning in general' [1] . The teacher can make you love a subject or hate it, which in turns affects your performance. This module has prepared me for the battle ahead. I am sure of fighting with confidence thus winning.

In my reflection, I am going to look back at my learning experiences and style; then I will plan how to do my studies.


What I do and what I have learnt (Strengths and Weaknesses)

As a learner, I tend to be a good listener. I do not want to miss any of my classes. Anything that is said to me is not easily forgotten. I do not concentrate so much on watching things unless whatever I am watching is very interesting. This makes me more of an auditory learner than a visual one.

During my learning period from primary to secondary through teacher's college and now my theological college, I have always loved studying in an organised and systematic way. I enjoy the classroom environment. I like the interactions and getting new ideas. Apart from my exams that I do on my own, I generally like discussions and arguments to get conclusions.

Being that I like the classroom environment am open to external direction. However I have learnt that I should watch out for over reliance on others for my thinking and planning. I like teamwork such that I hate it when others do not participate. I now understand why. They are people of less external direction thus prefer to work on their own.

Having been brought up in a culture where narratives are part of our learning, I think I am more of a global style than a serialist. The latter gives a broader picture while the former is more critical and analytical. [2] However, I have learnt it is important to balance the two.

Pages 12-13 (of the study module) have helped me rediscover myself. I am determined to develop good learning habits, know what to watch out for and what to take in. Following is my study plan to help me achieve this.


a) Time Management

In planning for my studies, time management is so important. I have to know how to work in advance, plan ahead, and thus give extra time. In doing this I have to know what is urgent and important, urgent and not important, important but not urgent, and not important and not urgent. This will help me in time allocation of my work. I have to monitor my plans to be on target, above all save time.

Just like any other student, I have problems such as financial strains, work and learning resources as mentioned on page 15 that affect my studies. To be able to do deal with it I plan to

Connect my studies to my work.

Make my contract regarding time management and stick to it.

Get connected to my lectures, tutors and classmates.

Make use all the learning resources available.

b) Exams and Evaluation

Up to this point I have learnt how to answer questions, write essays, review books, and do research. I remember my lecturer emphasising on how to write footnotes and bibliography. It was worth it. Hoping that I will be able to handle it well as I a move on, I am determined to do my best.

However, the difficult part comes accepting the feedback. I am not an angel and I may have some of the attitudes noted on page 78.I have to learn to positively accept the corrections and criticisms. I do remember when my tutor came to class and said we kept on making mistakes. I did not believe it as I thought I had done my best. Until he called us one by one to help us site out mistakes made on our written bibliography. I was left speechless. There it was, right in front of me, my work full of grammatical errors. I did appreciate that as I learnt where I went wrong. Therefore, accepting corrections will help me make my improvements for better results. I do agree with the writer when he says rejecting the feedback and not taking it on board means that I would be rejecting the person giving the feed back in a nice way. It is natural to be hurt by criticism but it is not productive for learning. [3] I am determined not to let it affect me.

Following the reflection steps note on pages 79-80 is something that I will take a board. When receiving my feedback, I should be able to look at it and identify what to do in future. Whichever reflection pattern I take I will always have the following questions in mind;

What I think went wrong? Why so? and what did I achieve?

What could have been done better? Why? and how?

Am I satisfied with the outcome? Why? or why not?

What factors led to my overall success?

Above all as I write my essays and get feed backs, I will think about it, decide on changes and plan for the next essay bearing in mind conclusions. (Self-evaluation)

Last but not least, I will give out my essays for proof reading before submission. By the seconding reader being able to identify mistakes that I make which I may not notice by myself, I will be able to avoid a lot of errors. Therefore I will be able to confidently submit in my work in time.


As earlier on mentioned, I wish I had this module during my earlier training, so I would have done better than I did. It is better late than never. I have it now and I have read it. I will always remember to follow my laid down plan. I will also improve on my weakness and make good use of my strengths. I will continually force myself to be on time and with in word limits.