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A fast food restaurant also acknowledged as a quick service restaurant or QSR, is a particular kind of restaurant described by its fast food cooking, and minimum waiter service. Food given out in fast food restaurants naturally offers a western pattern diet and is proposed from a restricted set menu. Food in fast food restaurants is prepared in large portions beforehand and stored, then wrapped up for the order. Fast food restaurants are normally a segment of a restaurant group.

Debatably the first fast food restaurants began in the United States with White Castle in 1916. Nowadays, American fast food franchises that were founded, for example, McDonald's and KFC are international firms with stores all over the world.

Differences on the fast food restaurant idea contain fast informal restaurants and catering trucks. Fast informal restaurants have greater ration for people who sit in the restaurant and eat rather than take the food away. Catering trucks regularly grounds just outside workplaces and are well known with factory employees.

Fast food is any food that is fast, suitable, and normally does not cost much. You can purchase fast food from restaurants or places that deals in food and snacks. Fast food places are not costly because they are normally made with low-priced components like meat with a lot of fats, cultivated grains, and extra sugars and fats, rather than healthy foods like meats with no fats, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Fast foods are normally distributed quickly in containers or plastic bags or in a plastic covering, in a way which lessens working costs by granting fast product recognition, upgrading longer holding time, preventing transmission of bacteria.

Because of advertisement importance on flavor, pace, and little price, fast food products are composed of components prepared to accomplish a reachable taste and smell. This needs very high food engineering. Using food preservatives which include salt, sugar, etc, may reduce the nutritional worth of the last product.

In order to produce a quick service and to make sure that precision and security are provided, a lot of fast food restaurants have merged computerized systems. This makes it easier for the kitchen staff to see the orders that appears on the counter so that the food is delivered on time.

Some of the huge fast food segments are starting to insert healthy food in their menus. Still, many people see this as a way to attract people to fast food and just a way of advertising and marketing, rather than really being concerned on the health of people. McDonald's publicized in March 2006, that the group will contain nutritional facts on the wrapping of all of its merchandises.


Our planet Junk Food

People all over the world are of various nations, tongues, borders, and religions; nevertheless, they might have similar difficulties, visions, and flavors. Mass media tools have aided in joining that stuff; it allowed the world to appear as one single community. Our predecessors were accustomed to respect their planet, they knew how to take good care of their health, and on the contrary, we are searching for junk food.

Today everybody consumes junk food, particularly the modern generation that adores and munches only on junk food. Many parents all over the world might offer their children sweet fast food so they can be energetic, and later, their kids will whine and feel ill, consequently they take their kids physicians who will recommend few treatments that will treat the illness not the reason of the illness, even though these medications could not be in need if the kids could just change their eating habits.

The reasons beyond the spread of fast food:

There are a lot of causes that led to the rise in the use of junk food all over the world, the most known causes are:


Due to the fast life that we are living today, no one has the time to cook a healthy meal at home. People wake up every day so tired that they cannot even make their own breakfast. Everyday people wake up grab coffee, soda, or something sugary to eat and after a while they become hungry, then they either order something at work, or they just pick something up on their way home, which is of course junk food. And even though they know that this is not healthy but they are just too lazy to cook something at home.


Marketers responsible for marketing for fast food will consume every single method to promote; they make use of Radio, TV, and internet. Of course TV is well known to be the most effective method of advertising on people; therefore marketers use commercials in order to attract people to junk food or any other product. Marketers tend to give people the perfect image so that they can attract them. Most commercials target kids, and researches found out that advertising for junk food mainly appear during kids shows on TV. Marketers tend to aim on children, because they know that kids are easy to convince them, and attract them with bright colors, cartoon characters, toys, etc. and they know that children can have a great influence on their parents.

Therefore, kids are vital customers because they are easily attracted, and due to their attraction they influence their parents and force them to get attracted to the product as well. Therefore marketers will have to attract the kids and then the kids will attract their parents.

Absence of control

Today, the fresh generation has an extremely frail persona, they did not undergo the terror of wars, they have everything in hand and everything accessible, therefore, they do not care about anything in the world and they do not know the meaning of existence, everyone knows the dangers of junk food, and yet they purchase it because they just can't control themselves towards their needs.

Also, parents became very frail towards their kids, they try to get so close to them and to be their friends, and as a result they just can't say no to them, therefore they just agree on everything they ask for, therefore they just feed them what they desire even if it's not healthy for them.

The negative impact of fast food on our health:

Fast food has a lot of negative consequences on health, which include the following:

Impacts on blood pressure

Junk food has extremely raised volumes of sodium, which directs to raise blood pressure. Researchers have found out the adult's body need only from one thousand and two hundred milligrams to one thousand and five hundred milligrams of sodium each day, and fast food contains extremely high volumes of salt therefore, it leads to high blood pressure.


Fast food that has meat products has terrible cholesterol that has hazardous results on our bodies and health, the buildup of cholesterol particles in arteries will lead in their stiffening and blockage that will cause in blocking of blood vessels and will block the normal blood flow which will cause illness in the blood pressure, and if the artery that got affected was an artery that transports blood to the heart, it might cause a heart attack, and in complex situations it might lead to heart malfunction.

Trans Fats:

Trans fats are thought-out to be the nastiest kind of fats, and it is found in fast food with elevated volumes, trans fats is very dangerous because they lessen the amounts of good cholesterol, and also they raise the amounts of bad cholesterol. It was found out that junk food has an excess forty five percent of trans fats that that found in well cooked food.

Influences on the cardiovascular system and vascular function:

Nearly forty percent of kids and thirty seven percent of grown-ups mainly rely on fast food in their everyday life, they have elevated volumes of fats, saturated fats, energy, fizzy drinks, and salts, and yet they don't take in milk products, fruits, vegetables, and vitamins. Eating fast food has been proved to have many negative effects on the cardio vascular system as a whole because junk food causes weight gain and insulin refusal, and as time goes by junk food will lead to malfunctions in the endothelial functions and a notable rise in the oxidative stress, and moreover, the oxidative stress and the endothelial dysfunction will lead to atherosclerosis, and this might cause cardiovascular malfunction and death.

Well cooked food on the other hand has little unsaturated fats and elevated volumes of vitamins, and therefore it is known to be a healthy diet and a diet that protects us from all the diseases mentioned above.


Worldwatch Institute found out that the amounts of grown-ups that are overweight today are exactly the same amounts of those who are underweight.

Kids that suffer from being overweight have become widespread in a lot of countries, there are nearly over 17 million kids that are five years old and are overweight all over the world.

Obesity leads to a lot of health problems, it leads to psychological and physical illness.

There are also other difficulties that are cause from fast food which are:

Effects on energy:

Junk food contains very low or nearly zero nutritional constituents, on the other hand, it is made up of dangerous fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates, as a result it does not give the body any energy, and as a result the body becomes very frail.

Little concentration:

Junk food has elevated levels if fats and oil that are hard to be broken down, therefore, the body consumes extra amounts of enzymes and blood. As a result you may feel tired and lose focus.

Liver malfunction:

Fast food may cause the liver to become spoiled because of the elevated volumes of salt, cholesterol, and fat that are available in nearly all the fast foods.

Diabetes Mellitus:

Junk food may lead to the destruction of the pancreas and that might cause diabetes mellitus.

Children of Egypt and fast food:

Today mothers try to find all the easy ways to feed their kids, mothers don't want to do any effort in cooking, and as a result they feed their kids pizza, burger sandwiches, fizzy drinks, and so on, without knowing that all of these food types are very dangerous on their children's' health. A doctor that works at el Qasr Al-Aini hospital reported that nearly seven children healed from apnea in only three months. Apnea is known to be a sleeping illness that occurs when fats block the pulmonary air routes, which means that these children were suffocating by their own fat.

Egyptian kids nowadays drink a lot of fizzy drinks more than they drink milk, and it was said that ten percent of male teenagers, their ages ranging from 13 to 18 years old take in nearly around seven soda cans every day, and ten percent of the females might take in nearly around five cans every day, yet, soda has very harmful effects on the body where it leads to bone frailty and osteoporosis.

Possible solutions:

Forbid fast food commercials for children below 12 years old. Many countries have done this such as Sweden, which really makes it possible to do such a thing.

Lower the amount of fast food commercials in the course of kids television shows. Many countries minimized the amount of commercials by ten percent such as South Korea.

Messages should be sent to children in their TV shows and in the commercials telling them to take care of their health and to eat healthy food.

People should eat well cooked meals that are made at home in order to take all the necessary nutrients.

Everyone should stop eating fast food and especially:

French fries d. Doughnuts

Fizzy drinks e. Chocolates and sweets



Fast food usage has been elevated a lot today; developing and even developed countries face this problem.

The most important cause for the raise in the usage of junk food particularly within children is the commercials; yet, parents carry a huge blame because they are the ones that give the permission to their children to eat junk food without any limitations, even if junk food was hazardous and dangerous on their health.

Fast food has a lot of negative effects on the human body, like frailty, energy loss, and reduced focus, becoming overweight, cardiovascular illness, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, apnea, liver disease, and high blood pressure.

Kids in Egypt are totally reliant on fast food, this is considered to be their major nutrition source, and parents should start to forbid their kids from consuming this amount of fast food, and also commercials should start to be more healthy and beneficial in order to get a healthy fresh generation.