Analysing The Spread Of English Language English Language Essay

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There are a round 3000 and10000 languages around the world [1]. The most common one is English. The spread of English has increased rapidly since the globalization started in the 19th century [2]. Globalization has affected the whole world and so does English. It seems that English language plays an active role in the world today. There are some positives and negatives of this rule that will be clarified in the essay.

The researchers said that the languages prevail according to the number of people who speak it [3]. If you look in history, you will see that Latin spread rapidly in the Roman Empire not because the number of Romans, but only because the Romans were stronger [3]. Other researchers said that the strongest relation can be found is that between the linguistic and cultural power [3]. The language is represented by the people who speak it, so when they succeed globally, their language will succeed like them. I mean it will spread around the world. One example of that is the United States; it is one of the most developed countries and one of the strongest. As a result, many people speak English, because human beings like to think that the one who defeated them is perfect, so we need to imitate him in everything he does. Another reason for the spread of English language is its simple rules, which makes it much easier to learn than other languages such as Arabic, which has more than six million roots for words said by Dr. Mohammed Wagella.

There are some advantages for speaking English like making business deals with people from all over the world. In addition, having this aspect qualifies the person to get a good job opportunity in big companies [4]. Also, travel has became easier since most hotels around the world speak English. For example, you don't need to know German if you want to travel to Germany knowing English can help you communicating with people from different countries. Further more, almost all computer programs are written in English [4]. For instance, if you want to study computer engineering, you need to be good at speaking and writing English. All college books are written in English, so if you want to increase your level at school, you have to be good at English [4]. Knowing English has helped me a lot in communicating with my lecturers and understanding my subjects very well. In addition, when I go shopping the employees only speak English, so we can understand each other. An extra benefit knowing English will increase your chance to get employed in the future.

Like every thing in the world, English is not perfect. It has some disadvantages that can affect a lot of things around us. One of these things is our culture and tradition. Since globalization started, many people have tried to increase their knowledge and change themselves in order to cope with the whole world. They thought that if they dressed like Americans and imitate their life style, they will be respected and they will be noticed. If you think about it, you will find how silly we are to imitate others, while we can make our own fingerprints in any field. Another affect is that many people can't speak their mother language unless they borrow some words from English. In simple words their mother language became mixed. For example, in some urban areas in India, a lot of young people claim that English is their mother language [5]. "English speakers may also feel threatened by the substantial growth of immigrant language in their country" [6]. If English speakers are afraid of losing their mother language, we have to be terrified. Some countries notice that danger and change their official language from English to other one.[6] For example, Tanzania its official language now is Swahili[6].

Overall, English has changed our lives completely some in a good and others in a bad way. Learning English is not a bad idea, but you have to be careful of letting it control your life and the way you live. You choose to learn it, and you choose your own life. Every thing must have a limit, so try to do that, in order to keep your mother language and have another language. Moderation is the best way to run your life. Always remember that working hard for the sake of your country, can affect other countries and the languages they speak, so don't stop working.