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This report of the Reflective Analysis Report will show you about the problem which I have face on during doing my dissertation. Moreover, it includes the problem since at the beginning until I have done the research. However, this part on this report will explain you the solution which I used to solve the problem during doing my dissertation. There were many problems which occur during the research period. Some of the problem came from my personal and some of it approached from the environment factor which it was impossible to control it. Since the first week that I was met at a group to get a topic for doing Applied Management Project (AMP), I excited to know the topic and after I got the topic I think it is very challenge and make me want to do it as our topic that is a very good and very interested one. I was learning to find the research, journal and other to support our report. I had a chance to discuss about the topic and share idea with among members in group and tutors. I feel that differences tutors are give differences idea and the structure of AMP. It will make me feel confuse about many things such as how to start to write AMP and I need to do the AMP at generally or specifically because some tutors suggest that it should be specific and some tutor suggest that it should be a generally. Therefore, I was asking Peter Patrick, he said that you are study at master degree thus you need to more creative but should be relate with you topic. After I listened he said, it made me feel more confidence to present or made my AMP because he gave a good suggestion to our group and other tutors also gave us a good idea. They helped us to see something wide and differences ways to presentation our AMP and made our AMP look interest and got a good mark also.

There are many problems that I met during make AMP. First of all, in first week, when I met with the group member in order to discuss about the dissertation topic, it was not helping me much because some of them did attend only half an hour or an hour. Some of them did not prepare by reading the article before came to the meeting. So, it was not any new idea to share together and there was no any question to ask the tutor in order to gain something new to relate with our topic on the dissertation. On the other hands, if the dissertation committee had prepare well before the meeting. It may have a lot of questions to ask the tutor and many topics to discuss among each other during the meeting which we will gain a lot of advantages on it. I think tutors provided a short period to discuss because they gave us only 3 days for asking everything about AMP. In this moment we will not start to do dissertation so that we did not know to asking too much about the AMP.

Second, after that I was started to follow the step to found a journal from digital library. I wanted to found the good journal that got a scholarly journal and present. Therefore, I was specific detail of search journal on digital library but the result was come out with a few journals. Some of journals were not related with my topic. I was trying more to found journal. I was taken more than 3 or 5 days to found out journal. It wasted my time thus I think the problem will be a key word to found a journal because I wanted to make my report to be specifically about the benefit of International Financial Report Standard for measurement of disclosure and transparency and investors. It was affected that I need to found in deep information to support my report.

Third, I was did AMP during end of semester so that university was renovated a library at park square. I had a problem of borrow a book because I cannot see the detail or the content of the book before I borrowed. It was wasted my time to made a reserve again and return a book back to library again.

Fourth, I was planned to do the AMP in the early because I wanted to finish the report as soon as possible. I got a problem about the time management because I came back to my country to visit friend and my family around 1 month. Accordingly, I hoped to do some AMP during my trip. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do the AMP as same as I expected. It made me feel very worry about the AMP and panic whether I can finish on time or not. What about the quality of my AMP? These questions haunt me a lot during my trip. For that reason, it is a final report so that I wanted to do my best in order to get a good grade.

Fifth, when I started to write the AMP, I did not know how to start to write the report properly. It shows that I did not prepare and understand well about the structure of the report. It had many structures to follow. Then, I did not know what to begin and which one should I do first, second and so on. It sound easy to do but in action very difficult to do so.

Sixth, after I know how to start the report. The problem will be happen again because I did not have too much knowledge about my topic. Consequently, it made me feel difficult and confuse. There are many standard and differences countries have a differences using standard and regulation.

Final, I worried about the format of references, appendices and bibliography. I did not know what is the different between appendices and bibliography and sometime I could not find the references which I would like to put in my report. I needed to arrange the references and re-check the report before submit date. It made me feel crazy as many thing to do.

During I was done the Applied Management Project, I met with many problems so that it will help me to learn by myself to solve the problems, courage and be confidence.

For the first, after I knew that many people in my group did not prepare well before came to the meeting. Then, I needed to prepare more in order to list a lot of questions to ask the tutor with expected to cover all things. Sometimes, the idea from my group was not enough. Then, I needed to ask friends in other groups for more idea to write my dissertation. Finally, it helped me a lot because I had new ideas from them and I also gave them something that I knew. I was attended at the end of group meeting at 3 days. I also kept ask tutors after they was finished discuss with other group. It was help to gain more idea and knowledge.

For the second, I had used the digital library of Bedfordshire University to find out the journal and research. I tried to do many ways in order to find out the best journal by I keep read the topic again and again. I think that which point that I would like to concern and that is to narrow down or not. I tried to write the key word before I searched and kept check it and sometime put out the scholarly journal. However, I tried to include the scholarly journal first, after that the result showed in a few journals I will exclude the scholarly journal. It took more time to select and got the best journal because I need to read through it such as abstract, introduction and conclusion. That was connected with my topic or not and should be a present. It made me headache and my eyes were exhaust. Some result I could not open, so when I open the journal, I will cross the finger and hope it can be open. It made me feel excited to open the journal. However, some journal was quite interested. When I found the good one, I kept read in order to gain the ideas to write my dissertation. Additionally, I found out the journal by using website Google, by reading a book and other.

For the third, I was found out the book from internet and look through the content of a book. After that I was found out at website of library for making reservation a book. However, the book in the library was not kept updated because a new edition of a book was release but the library had only the old edition for serve students. I was to purchase some book that I think that it will be useful for me in the future.

For the fourth, it is about the time management because the period for doing AMP is a short time around 10-12 weeks , that was not too much and I had plan to came back to visit my family. Moreover, I need to have a good management of time. I tried to find out the research and journal for support my report after one week. However, it was not as same as my plan. I got stuck with myself because I had many plans after finish examination just like to visit friend in differences city in United Kingdom and travel. After one month I felt worry about the report for the reason that it had a few week to do the report and I did not start to do anything. Therefore, I will plan to do the report after 6 weeks. At the first week, I plan to find out the research again, re-read again, and write down the point that I would like to present in the report and other. For the second to third week, I tried to write the report. For the fourth week, I thought that I should keep reading, improve and checking the content of the report. The last two weeks, I will write the reflective and re-check again about the structure, format and grammar of the whole report. However, I plan to finish the report at two â€" three days before submit date. Fortunately, I tried to follow the plan by step to step that I have plan to do my report. Sometime I did not have any ideas to write my dissertation. I called my friend for some idea but it was not always that I got a good idea. So, I need to take a rest for awhile in order to think carefully and then I could move on. However, but there was so many times that I got a body stress. It is not just the brain stress but also my body stress had occurred during doing the dissertation. Can you imagine for sitting in front of the computer for a long time and thinking what to write the dissertation. So, I relieved my body stress by find a really comfortable place to sit. Close my eyes. Relax my body into the chair. Let myself allow my whole body to sink into the chair. Feel how well the chair holds up. I don't have to make any effort to hold myself up because the chair does it all. Feel my arms on the chair. Let myself feel the effortlessness of just resting them where they are. Feel my hands at the end of my arms just resting also. Feel how they did not have to move at all because my body just resting. Moreover, my head lean back against the chair. After that, bring my awareness into the central part of my body. Let it goes down from my head to throat. Let it stay there. Finally, I just gently bring my attention to whatever feel and when I feel ready to stop, gradually bring my attention back to the room and open my eyes. Keep doing my dissertation again.

For the fifth week, that was about the structure or format of my report because after the 6 weeks I have forgotten anything about the format of AMP in the first week after finish the examination for the group meeting. Therefore, I needed to keep find out the hand book of AMP to start reading again. After that I will write down the structure of report such as cover sheet, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, main body, discussions, recommendation, conclusion, references, bibliography and appendices. I will use tree diagram to specific what I should like to write under the topic and each part of structure. For example, my topic is “what are the benefits of International Report Standards since their adopting at the beginning of the 21st century?” I use tree diagram to write under the part of introduction, I would like to write about the situation during 2000 until present, what is going before using International Report Standards and other. For the main body, I would like to concern about the benefit of International Report Standards and maybe I will specific in deep about transparency or a different point. The discussion and recommendation, it will depend on the journal and information to support and the main focus on the main body. In the conclusion, I will write about the result of whole report. I think tree diagram is help me to think in the flow and easy for start write the report and my brain will be think in step by step and I will have a few mistake. After I write down the structure and tree diagram, it will help me easy to start to do my report.

For the sixth week, it was about the knowledge of International Report Standard because I think I did not have much knowledge to understand about the international Report Standard. There are many standard such as Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) in United States of America, The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) in United Kingdom and other. Furthermore, differences countries have using differences standard and regulation. Then I needed to find out more information and knowledge by reading more and find the news about the International Report Standard. After I have read more, I would understand better about the differences among standard and benefits of International Report Standard. It made me interested in my topic more and more. Additionally, I would like to do my best because that is a final report for me. I want to get a good grade. In other hand, it will help me to bring for using in the further for the job.

For the last week, it was about the format of reference which I did not know what differences between appendices and bibliography. I remembered that in the first week for group discussion some tutor suggests to set up the format of reference in the Microsoft word, it will make its easy and save time. However, I did not know how to set up so that I will do in by manual. Some reference that I would like to put in the report I cannot find it but I am lucky because before I doing the report I have take note for the references in the hand book but it will take more time to put it in the format and arrange follow the alphabet. According to Education Ask (2010), appendix is the information that I would like to put more and make reader understand about the report such as chart, questionnaire, and other. Bibliography is the file of photo or picture about the particular subject. It will make me more understand what difference between appendices and bibliography are. I will use appendices and bibliography to right way. However, I will have a few dates before submit to re-check about the grammar, format, content, references, executive summary and other.

Lessons for future project

Planning is the most important thing before doing anything. It helps for management a project and other.

Understood well in your topic before doing it and well prepare of the information before next meeting.

If your mind is blank, you should take a break, rest a bit of time in order to think carefully. Then you will come up with the new idea.

To improve my ability to do work which have a limit of time

Acknowledge the group work problem, and try to protect it.


Applied Management Project is a final project of Master Degree. It is very high value for me to learn many things from doing this report. I try to do my best on the main report. However, some information is difficult to find out but it was teach me to do not give up. Therefore, I have selected the best resource that I can found to put on my report. I think that university must be provide more tutors to enough from the major and give more time to advice student about the project. The university should be provided some advice in the middle period to discuss because in the first week no one starts to do this report so they do not to ask something from tutors. However, this report will change my behavior to be more responsible and time management and other. It will help me to be more careful about the detail and reduce the mistake. During this project I meet many stressed for doing dissertation but I will learn how to handle with this situation. I get to rid with my stressed by go outside to take a rest, talk with my family to get more idea and see the newspaper. Especially, thank you very much to my family and my boyfriend because they helped me a lot in this report and with the best suggestion of doing this dissertation and motivate me. This report cannot finish without them.