All living creatures in nature

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     All living creatures living in harmony in their fields is called the natural environment. All living creatures in nature are in interaction with other entities. Alive and inanimate beings have a substance exchange and harmony with each other. All plants in forests, animals and microscopic living things live in an interaction. If creature species disappear in the nature, the other living species will be affected negatively. For example, with destruction of forests, woodland species will disappear and this will cause a big environmental destruction. For that reason, governments should take significant precautions to prevent environmental destruction. Governments could prevent environmental destruction in three ways.

Firstly, governments should develop new policies, plans and programs about the protection of water resources to prevent environmental destruction. Since all living creatures need water for continuing their lives. For example, biochemical events occurring in the cell requires water. Therefore, if water resources are damaged, all these creatures will be affected negatively. For this reason, governments should take two important precautions to prevent water resources. The first precaution to prevent water is that mixing heavy metal, oil and detergents with water should be banned by governments. Since these substances destroy many water creatures. For example, mercury which is a heavy metal has the effect of poison in water and it destroys many water creatures. The second precaution is that mixing water resources with sewage must be prevented and sewage must be purified by purification plants. Since, 0.003% of the water on the earth is appropriate to drink.

Secondly, government should take measures, make restrictions with the help of various laws and develop reducing air pollution policies about air pollution to prevent environmental destruction. Air is an indispensable requirement for living creatures. When air is polluted, it causes some problems. For example, polluted air causes the weakening of the body's defense mechanisms. Also air pollution can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis. Therefore,governments should prevent Industrial establishments' harmful gases which are released into the air. Moreover, governments must increase the number of green areas and the forest fires must be prevented. Because, forests significantly reduce the amount of air pollution. Furthermore, governments should universalize public transport services in big cities. If people are using public transport instead of private cars, the rate of air pollution will significantly decrease. Also, governments should universalize natural gas, geothermal energy and solar energy. Intensive use of fossil fuels increases acid rain. However, natural gas, geothermal energy and solar energy do not have bad effect on nature and they do not cause environmental destruction.

Lastly, governments should take measures about soil pollution which is another reason for environmental destruction. If the soil pollution is not prevented, many creature species will vanish because soil is a source of nutrients and life for all living creatures. Therefore, governments should take some precautions to prevent this environmental destruction. One of the precautions is that governments should take necessary measurement to protect productive agricultural areas from setting industrial area and settlement. For example, when factories throw their industrial waste into soil, this causes various destructions in the nature and if productive agricultural areas is used for setting industrial areas and settlements, production of nutritious will be damaged that is the source of food will be destructed. The other precaution is that using the nuclear energy should be used in conscious way and controlled by governments. Nuclear energy is a big destructive energy and it can destruct a big natural area which contains nuclear energy plants, if they are not controlled. For example, with the explosion of cernobil nuclear power plant,where many people living near Black Sea died their lifes. For that reason, for using nuclear power, governments should take precautions to prevent its harmful effects. for example, these plants can be used far from settlement areas. By this way, the effect of nuclear energy plants on people can be reduced.

In conlusion, enviroment provides proper living conditions for all creatures and these creatures living in harmony in their habitants. There are three major steps that are applied by goverment to stop the environmental destruction such as preventing air, soil and water from pollution.If these sources are polluted, these cause environmental destruction.