Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying In University English Language Essay


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Students choosing studying master degree in a University have a number of advantages, at same time they will meet some problems. This essay will around four questions and talk about my study life in Bangor University, through these four questions it will analysis the characteristic of my motivation, learning approaches. To find out what kind of problems will I meet in the group works and what should be avoid meeting these problems, and how to deal with them. First, this essay will analysis the motivations of choosing the master degree in Bangor University and it will combine the point of views of motivations to study from other researchers. Second, it will discuss the learning approach which I used to study. Third, this essay will summarize some problems or issues which we will meet in our group work. Finally, I will find out the effective method to deal with these problems and discuss how to avoid or decrease them as much as possible.

Motivated to study in Bangor University

In our normal life, study is not only for find a good job, but also have a numbers of reasons, that is study motivation. Generally, motivation can drive students get more power to do the action in order to close their goals, therefore, motivation as a people's behavior existed in our life. I choose study Master Degree in Bangor University that because I feel Bangor University will bring me the information which I need and want to know, for example, the motivation to study in Bangor University can promote me to continue my academic learning everyday and it can make me to prepare my exam regularly in order to pass my examination successful, that bring me nearer to my final target.

Figure 1

Through this figure (1), it is shows three steps for Maslow's hierarchy pyramid according to these steps I will analysis form the basic needs to self-fulfillment needs. First step is basic need, it is include safety needs(security, safety)and physiological needs(food, water, warmth, rest) these two sections all contained people lowest level of demand, that mean the first thing people need in their life it is only the material demand. Second step is psychological needs. this part is more high-ranking than "basic need". That includes esteem needs (prestige and feeling of accomplishment) that contains some mental and immaterial demand from external power. Third step is self-fulfillment (achieving one's full potential including creative activities) and esteem needs (prestige and feeling of accomplishment) that is the highest level, it all about the self-enhancement.

As far as I am concerned, for the first step, I realized the environment of Bangor University satisfied my anticipation; here is suit for students to study. It is satisfied my material demand and Bangor is the most safety city in UK. For the second step, knowing new friends and having group work with other countries student satisfied my belongingness and love needs, during studying time, my classmate may friendly and respect you, it can lead you have a sense of self-worth. The last step was based on the front two steps in order to create personal study motivation. That can make you have more power to study in Bangor University. As Sergi(2004) supported that people choose a particular action and continued with it at last, they will try their best to do it ,that is motivation behavior.

Bangor University possesses a long history and it was a part of second biggest federal University of Wales. Now, Bangor University has 10000 students and 2000 staffs. It has the top teaching quality and learning environment. Therefore, study master degree in Bangor University satisfied all conditions of my ideal studying places. Faye (2008) claimed that through the three basic psychological required (particular goals, values, and behaviors), study environment issues could influences the "integration" and "organization" of students. Martin (2008) also pointed out ambient environment effects may affect students' academic achievement, a numbers of factors impacted their motivation to study, that include nature of University education background, he also claimed that the culture and structure also can influences student's motivation. That means University life is a platform for student stepping into society, students need to make a decision in their different life contributions.

For instances, in my experiences, I was study in Glasgow which is a florescent and fashion metropolis, there are filled with several intense emotions and temptations, plenty of students towards thus enticement, they are hardly to control themselves to doing well in University. Therefore, I choose continue my master degree in Bangor University, the reason is the learning environment is suit for study and this city do not have such complicated society background. It is benefit to have academic research.

Owing to English is not my native language; therefore, foreign language learning is the second biggest motivation for me to study in Bangor University.

This University has a number of foreigner students, everybody using English as first language here, improve my English skills will achieve my personal target therefore, it can improve my self-actualization.

Therefore, study motivation is a step from basic motivation to top motivation. That depend on the choices from students, different people have different motivation to study. However, in a world, all motivations are connected students personality and expectation.

Learning approaches

Approaches to learning are separated into three different parts; they are deep, surface, and strategic learning approach. The characteristic of deep approach learning is focus on the material that will cost long time to take a broad view and relate ideas; they always relate new ideas to previous knowledge and tend to read, always study beyond the course requirements. The characteristic of surface approach learning is try to learn in order to repeat they have learned, make use of rote learning, focus on the few view and collect the main points, tend to stick closely to the course requirements. The characteristic of strategic approach to learning is intended to obtain high grades, always use previous exam paper to predict questions.

Marton(1997) demonstrated normally students have two definitely different approaches to learning, they are surface and deep approach.

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