Achieving Good Grades While In College English Language Essay

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Being a college student is so much different than being a grade school student or even a high school student. In college you are not stuck in a single class room all day long being taught every subject in that one class room as you would be in grade school. There are no bells that ring throughout switching classes as there are in high school, so that means there are no reminders for you to know whether you are late or not. You will have to maintain a schedule, your own responsibilities, and your own school work as well as your study plan. The grades you get depend solely on what do yourself. Take control of your grades and think about excelling. You can do it if you set your mind to it.

I would like to inform you on some of the strategies that I have learned through my experience here at Mineral Area College.

Select the Right Course

Planning your college curriculum, at first you have a wide variety of choices available to you. There are some basic courses that you must take. Most of these types of courses consist of General studies such as Algebra, English both written and oral, Science, History, possibly a human development course and so on. Some of which have limited selections. For instance, at MAC, choosing your oral English course you has a slim choice of Public Speaking or Inter Personal Communications. Who wouldn't make the choice of Public Speaking with Instructor Timothy Gray? Right? I usually choose my courses by taking one or two of my more difficult studies and combining that with one or two of my easier studies within a semester.


I have learned to take no more than five courses each semester. Taking too many can cause a lot of stress. You want to be able to pass your classes so take it easy. Focus on one major degree plan. Don't get yourself caught up in switching degree plans throughout college. This can prolong your graduation date due to additional courses needed for other degree plans you may have switched to which can lead to frustration and cause your positive focus to become negative.



Unlike high school, you are not going to get sent to the principal's office for being unprepared for class. You surely will not have to worry about getting a pink slip for cutting class. Just not being present prepared or even just not paying attention in class you risk having a negative impact on your GPA by not having the information need to pass an exam. Every day that you are required to be in class you really should be there because each day you're not there I am sure you are missing a vital piece of information that you may have needed to gain points to achieve that good grade.

Study Study Study

In order to get into college you are required to have a high school diploma or a GED. So you made it past that. Earning that is an achievement in its self! Now it is time to set a tone for your future career and for your life for that matter. If you consider your study time to be one of your top priorities you would most likely tend to get A's in result have an outstanding GPA. Use your time wisely, find a good quite study place and avoid any type of distractions. One good example of distractions is facebook. In my opinion is one of the biggest distractions of all. You may also get in the habit of doing some research on the subject you are studying to help familiarize yourself with the information. When I say research I mean doing some research on the internet. Research information that is accurate. There is a lot of information on the internet that is not accurate. Beware of your research.


When your instructor is giving a lecture or is explaining some area of what is being learned it is worthwhile for you to take notes. One reason is often the information that is being introduced may be critical information that you may not find in your book but yet will be given on an exam. Now we all will come to a point and time were you will have to take a course that you think is just so boring and it is hard to focus in a class like that. Sometimes you tend to dose of or daydream. Well taking notes will also force you to pay attention and keep your mind from wandering off to things like what am I going to do tomorrow or what am I going to wear to the big bash happening tonight.


Homework is critical in gaining a good grade in college. Homework helps you learn what was taught during class. It also gives you a better understanding of the subject by reading and answering questions. You got to remember that homework is part of your grade and it is just as important as test because points add up. Another thing is to take advantage of any extra credit available. Doing so will show that you are committed to getting the best grade that you can and improve your GPA. Just put thought in your homework and do it to the best of your knowledge.


Getting good grades requires skill and it is something that really can't be taught. Having a strategic plan or some positive reinforcement can be helpful. One way to learn is by observing others like what good students and bad students do to get the grades they receive.


Have you ever taken a test that you thought well dang I really don't have to study for this test? It is multiple choice and I understood what the instructor was explaining all week only to make some bad mistake that it ended up affecting your grade. I am sure many students have gone through that here and there. Whether a test is true false, multiple choice, short essay etc. Preparation is key to any type of test being taken. You must remember even if a test seems as simple as multiple choice some of them questions may be a type of critical thinking question and not so much of direct questions such as a definition or so on. Don't have a poor attitude and be mentally and physically prepared. Have a good lunch or breakfast and study for your test.

To all of the students that are having anxiety about getting good grades in college wanting to excel and create a great career for your future. Don't let missed opportunities undermine your confidence and intelligence. Avoid peer pressure, distractions, and criticism. Every student is here for a reason whether you are an older student or a student that has just graduated high school. Mineral Area College accepted you as a student believing in you and your goals for your future. Knowing that you are ready to take that step to further your education and achieve that goal.

I maintain my good grades here at make and knowing that I have been on the dean's list for the past four semesters keeps me focused and positive about myself as a college student. I am in hopes that I can maintain it this semester and make the dean's list once again.( Hint Hint!!)

The most important thing that I have learned in earning good grades while in college is to be yourself and strive for success.