Academic Writing Class For Adults English Language Essay

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The five senses helps in capturing the different aspects of the environment that one is in. This is then transmitted to the brain that perceives the stimuli thus and derives meaning out of our perception. The art of expressing these ideas through putting letters, numbers and symbols to form words and in extension sentences that meaning have been assigned to, is my obsession. I love writing because it gives me the ease to which I express out the ideas in my brain that is pregnant with thoughts and ideas. Writing helps in communication and for my case I can either use the different forms of writing e.g. expository, narrative, descriptive, imaginative and persuasive to drain out my pregnant brain.

Writing in general has different rules regarding the usage of grammar, spelling and punctuating and I have, of late come to master this in my writing abilities. My initial mastery of the language had proven to be inadequate to my desires to further sharpen my skills in relation to writing. It's for this reason that being admitted to the adult writing class of the SNL comes in handy as it will offer me more learning opportunities that will result into the further development of my writing skills. Writing generally requires one to keep in mind the audience that is being addressed, the purpose of the writing and the content inherent within the writing. Formal writings do require one to be formal and avoid the conversational writing skill of the informal writing. The tone to be used in writing depends with whether you are writing for the sixth grade pupils or writing for the college level students. The tone can either be harsh or polite and this depends on the on the message that is being conveyed or on the intended end effect that I would like to generate from the audience. In my experience with the writing of essays and research papers, the content is mostly succinct, with a clear tone and a formal language that entails the use of referencing to acknowledge, to the owner, information that is originally not mine. This is a general standard that I adhere to and is part of the international and standardized system of referencing for research materials and essays that borders heavily on borrowed material.

The standards include the American Psychology Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Turibian and the Chicago style. This referencing acts not only as a source to the subsequent readers to be able to redo the work, but also aides them to be able to perform the research and verify the authenticity of the work done. This is mainly done out of secondary materials and revision draft that pertain to a particle subject. This is a task I normally undertake with slight difficulties as it sometimes entails writing of ones original work. This involves an exhaustive task of formulating original thoughts and printing them on paper. This first draft are generally poor in quality but there subsequent revisions, refines them. I normally engage in extensive revision of my first draft so as to form a clear and continuous flow of the contents to prevent the fragmentation of the flow of the idea. This is carried out to correlate the paper details to the central theme of the paper while keeping the grammar, vocabulary and the paragraph formatting in check. Although I generally consider myself to have mastered the usage of grammar and sentence formation in writing, some sort of tension and nervous befalls me when under some kind of a timed test. This initially was a problem to me but I later came to realize it is a normal phenomena and it's an aspect that can be controlled by calming down, arranging my thoughts in order and systematically tackling the question. The problem in writing was mainly due to the lack of frequent writing in the years after high school and the excessive use of slang. This had greatly impacted on my comprehension skills and had a negative impact when it came to my writing of grammar and wording that resulted in my comprehension work to be difficult to understand by secondary and third party readers. The undertaking of the SNL courses previous semester made me to earn the H-3-J competence test that has seen a marked improvement in my writing skills. Writing is a life long experience and to me, its improvement is part of the overall goal to further improve my writing. By engaging in online writing jobs and joining of a writing club, will propel me to another level of writing skill as they entail a daily writing of articles and essays.

This will naturally improve on my writing capabilities. The writing club is a social as well as an academic club that will help me to meet other people who share the same concerns with me in terms of the love of writing. These are people who are seeking ways to improve on their writing skills. These social meeting forum will bring an interface with skilled writers and prospective others hence formulating a scheme or environment that is conducive to sharing out of ideas on the ways of improvement of our writing skill. My previous undertaking on several online writing guides, the DePaul writing center and my detailed reading of the "complete idiots guide to writing well" by Laurie Rozakis (Alpha Books 2000) has catapulted me into making monumental strides in the field of writing. But my admission to the academic writing for adults in the DePaul University School of new learning is crucial as it's an immediate step in the fulfillment of this goal. I would therefore kindly request for a consideration of a place in the DePaul SNL, school of adult learning having successfully completed the H-3-J competence of the course.

In writing this paper I found it easy in giving my experience in the attempt to talk about my writing experience on paper. What I found hard concerned formulating the best way that I could write a persuasive write up hat could convince the best of the minds. Given an opportunity, there can't be something that I can fail to rewrite on the paper.