Academic Communication For Successful Tertiary Study English Language Essay


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Academic communication is necessary to achieve success at tertiary study, so every student needs to develop academic communication skills. The main purpose of this essay is to identify and analyze the attributes a student needs to achieve success at tertiary study, and write an essay plan. This essay will firstly explain academic communication. Following this, it will look at communication skills needed for successful tertiary study, such as academic writing, interpersonal communication, and study skills. Finally, it will discuss how to write an essay starting with an efficient plan.

The strongest skill students should master to complete daily requirements is communication. Hay and Bochner provide recommendations on accomplishing tertiary assignments in a way assisting students to make the grade, and every aspect for successful university communication and study, which is valuable for novice university students (2006). According to Scevak (2007), making the Grade offers an integrated coverage of academic communication skills needed to succeed in university study and could be a main nominee for including the reading summarizing of course outlines.

Students have to become learners, with capabilities of mastering how to ask questions, how to learn, and communicate ideas if they want to obtain the real benefit of the university education (Levy and Campbell, 2008). Communication needs students to define the messages, aim at the audiences, choose communication modes, and plan communication programs, establish good relations with the media, and maximize the exposure of messages.

Communication skills

Communication skills are regarded more significant than both computer skills and technical knowledge. There are three stages to improve communication skills. First, master how to switch worries into confidence; second, identify primary sensory channels and improve sensory alertness; third, study how to establish association fast.

Academic writing

Students should learn academic writing style, case studies, reports, paraphrasing and referencing. Writing task is a primary part of learn needs at university. Academic writing skill offers practical information on how to deal with various categories of writing tasks.

Interpersonal communication

Effective interpersonal communication is necessary to social interaction, and the establishing and maintenance of all relations (Matin et al., 2010). Interpersonal communication includes confidence in meetings, oral presentations, and so on. It is stressful to speak in front of lots of people for most students. The criteria for a good presentation are as follows: an explicit introduction, body and conclusion; making the purpose clear; keeping eye contact; the capability to deal with questions, and awareness of time.

Study skills

Study skills include critical thinking, exam preparation and techniques, listening and reading skills, group work, time management, and tutorial participation (Curtin Business School). The better way to prepare for the exams is to learn throughout the whole semester. Students planning the assignments and working consistently usually are more successful, and sustain more balanced lives than that less organized.

Essay plan

It is necessary that students should take time to plan before starting to write.


There are four key approaches to write essays (Curtin Business School). First, analyze the questions; second, think over what we have already known about the topic chosen; third, refer background information and reduce the reading which is appropriate for the topic; forth, emphasize on significant quotes to cooperate. To write an essay plan, we need to analyze essay questions, undertake appropriate research, plan an appropriate structure and response, find references and bibliography, and better to consult a teacher to help with the plan.

Essay question

When students are preparing an essay plan, the very first thing is to think carefully overt the question. It is necessary for students to read through and recognize accurately what the question is. The better approach to do so is to search critical words.

Appropriate research

Following this, it is significant to make a decision on how to carry through the research. Students should reference the critical contents for the topic discussed and make use of quotes to in favor of the views made in essay. The better way is to refer to the references giving viewpoints on improving the research.

Essay structure

Students should make adjustment in writing style to that which is required in universities where they study. Students need to plan what they want to write in introduction, present the primary views in every paragraph, and conclude at last.

The introduction has to start through explaining the readers to the topic, widely and more emphasized as it goes on. Students should show the purpose of the essay, and what the essay is about. The final part needs to make a thesis statement, present the reader what the essay will include and how it will be shown.

In the body of the essay, students need to show every aspects emerging in the thesis statement. Every paragraph need to include a primary point, which needs to be clearly shown in a sentence, generally the first or the last sentence in the paragraph. The remaining of the paragraph needs to offer support, such as giving examples. Additionally, the students should offer advice for conquering these problems in the essay.

The conclusion needs to integrate the primary views have been made in the essay, which is just re-state them. It is important that there is no new information included in the conclusion. At the same time, there is no need to meticulously show further on the standpoints. Students need to spend time in concluding to ensure that it summarizes the essay. In addition, academic references can assist to show how much research has been done, and the capability is essential to other work.


In conclusion, academic communication is necessary to achieve success at tertiary study, and it is necessary for students to take time to plan before writing. The strongest skill students should master to complete daily requirements is communication. To write an essay plan, students need to analyze essay questions, undertake appropriate research, plan an appropriate structure, find references and bibliography, and consult a teacher to help with the plan.

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