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In this report it will discuss about what Plagiarism is and also how it can cause problems for people who are in education. In this assignment I have write about plagiarism and also explain that it is about nothing and that it is just a lot of fuss. Plagiarism is not a lot of fuss over nothing but on the other hand it is not fair because people are cheating and succeeding without having to produce their own work. As you start to study GCSE, A Levels and also when you start doing a Degree you are warned about copying others work by using books and internet source. Colleges and University regard this as a serious offence and the reason for that is because the student will not learn anything if they just start copying and pasting everything. "Plagiarism is a serious offence and will always result in imposition of a penalty" (Mantex, 2007). The problem is some people do not understand what Plagiarism means or don't bother about it and no wonder they say it is all about nothing. In this report it will talk about the meaning of Plagiarism, the problem it can cause and more information about how it can affect someone in education.

Definition of Plagiarism is known as theft of another person's work or their ideas. It usually occurs when someone steals some words from another author's book. So if someone just copied of someone else's work instead of doing their own work is know as copying and this is not accepted by college's and universities as they regard this as a serious offence and also they always have some very strict penalties for anyone who is found guilty of copying work. Plagiarism usually occurs when the author fails to do any of the following tasks.

"Insert in-text citations or notes where they are required" (Hinckley 2005)

Either forgot to attach a Bibliography at the end of the essay

Has not Cite Accurately

So you must make sure that you do not just buy essays and then hand them into the tutor and claiming that it is all in your own words. Some people make a fool out of them self because they do not even read their essay to see whether it makes sense, or does it even answer the question that they were asked by their tutor. It is not a good idea by just simply downloading or copying pictures, photographs, or diagrams without acknowledging your sources because your tutor will investigate your report from beginning to the end by using a software which can check whether you copied or not. Some people find it hard because they say "Oh I thought my tutor said we are allowed to look at other peoples ideas and that is why I copied it", well your tutor does not just say simply copy and paste it, what colleges and university's are looking for is that are you good at discussing other people's ideas and will they be able to put it in their own words. Sometimes you are asked to express your own arguments and opinions in your own words. So therefore people are confused whether we are allowed to copy text from internet. It is sometimes difficult to combine them in a way which it does not break the rules so that you don't be penalised for plagiarism.

The main fuss is that how much are you allowed to copy when it comes to expressing your argument, well the solution is that you are allowed to copy as many quotes as you want, but make sure you produce a bibliography and show where you got all the information from.

But if you decide to copy everything and don't write anything in your own words then obviously you will be plagiarised for it, there is no point of copying it and then making a big fuss about plagiarism saying that they have plagiarised you for nothing but you are to blame for your self.

Plagiarism can affect you in many ways so if you are guilty then the college or university will make sure that they either don't mark your coursework or just simple disqualify you. Sometimes they even refuse to give you a grade for the course by just copying other people's work. So if you are caught copying then there a different ways which the university or college will punish you for it. They might either send a letter to your house showing your parents that you been cheating, or they might hold a meeting within the school and if your lucky enough to lie in the meeting then you won't be disqualified for copying in your coursework and make sure that you don't do it again. Copying someone's work might not be a big thing but if you were to copy other sources such as images which are copyright protected then the owner could get you into big trouble for this and you might even be charged with a fine or prosecuted.

Now I'm going to talk about how to avoid plagiarism. The best way to avoid it is by is to make sure that you always put quotes in quotation marks and indent quotes of significant length so that they stand out from the rest of the text. It is very important the student always acknowledge the source within the text and in full with in the bibliography at the end of the essay. "By producing a bibliography is a proof showing that you have actually done some research" (De Montfort University, 2007) and also you are claiming that it is all in your own words but you have referenced it. As you might know colleges and universities always look for bibliographies in an essay, if they don't see any reference then they will have doubts that you either not researched or you just copied and pasted. Students must always try to ask tutor for clarification if you they are unsure of an assignment.

People think Plagiarism is a lot of fuss over nothing but they make fuss over nothing them self. Plagiarism is done to help make it fair for everyone and to see how good a person is at researching and trying to produce information. Some students don't like the idea of this and then start copying from the internet and other sources. By citing all material which has been used in the essay will not only avoid plagiarism but it will also help to develop further skills in researching.

Universities now use software which is called Turnitin. This software compares the students work with a huge database of journal articles, ready made essays which are from the internet and the work which has been produced by other students. Universities expect students to find information and write a report by them selves in their own words not just simply copying and pasting every word.


In the report it has clearly given the definition of the word "Plagiarism". My report includes the problems when someone is caught copying and claiming that it is their own work. As far as I know the authors are allowed to use quotes from other peoples work to support their idea in essays. "These conventions allow you to use other people's work to illustrate and support your own arguments" (Mantex, 2007), but the author must be honest about it. The author must show which parts is their own work, and which of the parts belong to the other authors which they have copied from.

Let's go back to the introduction the assignment was about people saying Plagiarism is a lot of fuss about nothing. Plagiarism is about many things and it is very important that people understand the meaning of Plagiarism. Students must not copy and paste others work as this is not fair on the other person. So for example if one of your friends spent two weeks on a coursework and you then just copy and paste everything, if you then gained a higher grade than your friend would your friend be happy?, Obviously not. The main reason why Plagiarism is a lot of fuss is that too many people take advantage of the internet and books today. People just simply copy and paste quotes which they don't understand and has no link with their coursework. Overall it is best not to just copy and paste the information but most importantly the student must try to reference it. By producing a bibliography it will show you have done some good research.