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In this project we would discuss the information technological system and its usage in the different levels of management, which plays a vital role in working of the company and for its growth, which is a basic need for every organization. A pair of tools, activities, and strategy such as coding, encoding, records communication, and advantages like information communication, feeds and retrievals, data analysis, designs and systems control and associated with equipments employed to collect, ongoing process, and present information and instructions. In broad terms, it also includes office mechanization, multimedia, and telecommunications. Here we are going to high light some information technological system used by the organization. We would also discuss about a company and its information system utilization and suggest security measures and high light on cloud computing within the company.

Introduction to information technology

Since past decades business has witnessed a marvelous improvement in the calculation and computing capability of computers, and also recent years, significant improvement have been made in informative communication capabilities. The combination of these two informative modes has proved power full information technology equipment that has radically changed the whole scenario of the globe towards the daily life and routine. People of today generation do not depend on their daily work without the use of technology. It has wide significant bang on innovation, inventions and development of society, civilization and economy. The force of technological innovation throughout the globe is drastically moving forward. So we can conclude that the use of this service sector is building in minds of people in today?s world as to simplify solve their problems with the help of information and technological services. Today every business, for there effective run and survival in the competitive market are lieved on the new technology and advancement of the business in the same manner.


Information technology has been defined by the Information Technology Association of America, or the ITAA as being the study, design, development, implementation support and/or management of any computer based information systems. This relates particularly to software applications and computer hardware. Information technology deals with using electronic computers and software to convert, store, protect, process, retrieve with security or transmit any information.


Requirement of information technology at each level of management It includes three levels namely higher, middle and lower level management. Higher level management is stratergic management like board of directors, chief executive. Middle level management is tactical management like departmental manager, functional manager.

Lower level management is operational management and they are foremen, supervisors, chief clerks.

Management is process which takes place at all levels in the organization, only managers are not the one who carries out this management process. Everyone in the organization the lower level and the middle level management also carry out their jobs in their profession. From the top to bottom levels every is involved in their assigned jobs supervisors, clerks, foremen and departmental managers, assistant managers, carry out work of their level.

Top/senior level management
  • Makes all the important and essential decisions in the organization. ?sets goals and maintain stability in human and financial resource management.

Information systems used by the management

Top level management:-

Top level management is the executive level management, it is involved in the decision making and preparing organizational structure and setting goals and implementation of policies and approach towards the goal and motto of the organization.

Middle level management:-

Middle-level management, are those individuals in the levels below top management. Middle level management job titles include: General Manager, Regional manager, and Divisional manager etc. these level management executives are responsible for caring out the aims set by the top level management. They work according to goals set by their department heads and other units in the organization

Lover level management

Transaction processing system

Transaction processing systems offer enterprises the means to rapidly process transactions to ensure the smooth flow of data and the progression of processes throughout the enterprise. Typically, a TPS will exhibit the following characteristics:

Enterprise application system:-

Enterprise function is computer based software which operates in all the area of the firm including the three levels of management and makes sure the application systems like MIS, DSS, TPS, and ESS work together efficiently in the change management.


BLUE DART is South Asia's leading integrated air express carrier and premium logistics-services provider. It has the most extensive domestic network covering over 13,880 locations, and service more than 220 countries and territories worldwide through its Sales alliance with DHL, the premier global brand name in express distribution services.

BLUEDART?S vision is to establish continuing excellence in delivery capabilities focused on the individual customer. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in quality services, they have evolved an infrastructure unique in the country today.

State-of-the-art technology, eventually developed , for Track and Trace, MIS, ERP, Customer Service, Space Control and Reservations.

Blue dart?s vast and unparalleled Domestic Network

Linked by some of the most advanced communications systems and positioned to offer a consistent, premium, standardized quality of service.

It?s Technology

Designed to enhance the reliability of our operations and process efficiency, and add value to the customer through time and cost savings.

Technology used by blue dart

Company has been continuosly associated with reliability and speed. One of the important reasons for this has been the extensive use of technology in all operations.

The technology used by your Company helps to track and trace every shipment Company has installed PAMA (Permanently Assigned Multiple Access) which is the latest in VSAT technology and which is revolutionising the world. This technology will substantially upgrade the existing systems in term of speed and accuracy of carrying data. Further, your Company has made available, at the major metros, the facility of voice over VSAT which will enable cost effective communications for the future.

Technology used by blue dart.

Executive support system: -

Executive Support System (ESS) is an reporting tool software that admits you to twist your organization's data into useful summarize reports. These reports are generally used by executive level management for quick access to reports coming from all company levels and departments such as billing, cost accounting, staffing, scheduling, and more.

The exact reporting tools and outcome of an Executive Support System completely depends on the ESS developer.

Offer packages which can be customized your organization's needs.

It enables tracking of shipment from to every tracking point till the delivery by using barcode and scanner technology, gives accurate information about the shipments.

SMART TM This is used for space and revenue management on blue dart aviation network, by this availability of space is obtained over the telephone.

Management information system

Management Information Systems (MIS) is the term given to the discipline focused on the integration of computer systems with the aims and objectives on an organization. MIS and business systems are especially useful in the spread of commerce statistics and the invention of information to be used as tools for decision making.

Decision support system:-

It is based on computerized information with skill based and decision making system and techniques.

  • Inventory of all our currents informative assets.
  • Comparing figures and project revenue.


The status of the shipment can be tracked using the mail of the company, the server will provide the status after certain security check measures by verifying certain information.

Many other facilities provided by the company like Pick up online ? this facility provides the added flexibility to customer to schedule pick up online.