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Before I start, let me explain the situation of the story. Its based on a friend of mine actually and Im making this into a love story as I find it very romantic. To those that want to know the song, its incomplete by Back Street Boys. Now lets get on to the story!

"If you cared so much for her, why did you break up with her? What kind of a lover are you?" Alex muttered to himself as he laid on the bed with his face buried into his pillow. It has been 3 weeks since he told Grecia that he didn't want to be with her. But why is his heart aching to see her face again? Maybe it was never his fate to be with the beautiful lady. No matter if it's his fate or not, he could never blame Grecia for leaving him. She deserved with someone much better, a person that would never be afraid to admit his feelings to her, someone that could devote their life and love to her fully and that would never be him...

Grecia was lonely without Alex being around with her but she wouldn't admit that she missed him a lot. How could she ever feel happy with a person that never expressed his feelings to her and keep things bottled up?

Grecia sat alone in the park alone, watching other couples walked by, holding hands happily. One of the couples caught her attention though. Two of them, about her age, were sitting by the grass talking to one another, ignoring the rest of the world. They were in their own special place, loving one another with tender caresses. The two of them didn't care what anyone thought about them, they were in love and they tended to show the world. Grecia left the park and head home instead. It was too painful and depressing to be in the park...

"If he meant so much for you, why did you leave him? You know he's the type of person that kept all his feelings to himself. What kind of a lover are you? When he needs you the most, you blew it and your golden opportunity to go away. You broke his heart and it's eating up your heart as well" Her conscience told her. Just as she reached home, droplets of tears began to flow from her eyes. It didn't matter if anyone saw her crying because she was heartbroken. It was this time that she needs Alex the most, wishing he would be with her now and comfort her...

Empty spaces fill me up with holes,

Distant faces with no place left to go,

Without you within me I can't find no rest,

Where I'm going is anybody's guess,

Alex was in his brother's home Evert, watching him studying for his exam. It was afternoon and Evert would be busy with his studies for a long time. While waiting for him to complete before asking for advice, he used the spare time to do some thinking about his relationship with Grecia...

"Did I ever deserve Grecia‘s love? I never did what a boyfriend should do but yet she always tried her best to make me happy. All I ever did is make her suffer and cause her pain. I will not ask her to reconsider. This would be better for her anyway......."

"Hey little bro, are you feeling ok?" Evert asked unexpectedly while doing his homework. Evert's question dragged Alex out of his thoughts and he looked at his brother. Evert was always the one to know if his brother was upset or not but this time, Alex did not even masked his emotions from him as usual. Knowing that his brother was depressed, he gave his full attention to him...

"Mind telling me what happened to you?"

"I need your help to ask you something personal... In my life, I have never had cared anyone as much as I do to Grecia. Growing up, I was never thought about love or how to express my feelings, I only know how to suppress them. I don't know how to show my love to Grecia, how do I show to her that I care for her?" He looked at Evert as he listened intently.

"I knew there was something going on between Grecia and you... Now, have you told her how you felt? I'm sure of all people, she will understand about you the most."

"I tried, but- but she rejected me..." Alex paused, averting his gaze to his lap and continued. "It's my fault. I hid my feelings from her for a long time, afraid of rejection..."

"I see... I'm so sorry for you. But why did you fear that she would reject you? Though you might not admit it but Grecia has been your best friend and you meant everything to her. I've seen the way she looked at you when she thinks no one was watching her. I think she's just confused about your reluctance to tell her how you felt. She might have thought that you don't feel the way she feels about you.” Evert replied while looking at his miserable brother...

"How do I know if she loves me?"

"Believe me, she loves you a lot. But the question is, does she know how you felt about her?"

"I tried to tell her, but you know I was never good with conversation...."

"Of course you can't tell her. Love could never be put into words. You need to do something to make her know how you felt about her" Evert walked to his brother and handed him a piece of paper with a pen...

"What am I supposed to do with a paper and a pen?"

"Try writing to a letter about how you felt about Grecia instead. Take as much time as you want, I'm not going anywhere..." Evert said as he sat back on his chair while resumed his studying...

Alex blinked and looked at the blank piece of paper. What could he write to her that doesn't make him sound like a lovestruck fool? He closed his eyes while drummed the pen on the dining table just behind Evert. As a gentle gust of warm, summer night air breezed past him, he knew how to start writing his letter to his beloved...

To my dearest Grecia,

Would you have believed me if I told you that I missed seeing your beautiful face, the way your eyes glittered under the moonlight when you looked at me? I never meant to hurt you the way I did a few weeks ago though I knew from the beginning that I would. Every time I will spend my time in my brother's home when I'm lonely while looking at the one and only picture that I took with you. So many questions with no answers raced through my head and memories long since passed flash before my eyes. Even after 3 weeks, I can still remember your scent, your silky hair and the tone of your skin. Everything about you has been permanently attached to my mind. My heart is filled with guilt for every time I tried to tell you how I felt about you, I looked into your beautiful eyes and I was scared, scared that I would be rejected by you. That was why I would
try to keep our friendship from furthering. I am sorry for all the pain I have caused you but right now, I'm confused with the new emotions that you have given me and I need time to sort all these confusion out. But until that time comes, goodbye Grecia...

With All My Love,

With that written, Alex folded the letter and rubbed his temple with his fingers. He was tired but nothing that he did could take his mind off her, just like the pass 3 weeks...

I tried to go in like I never knew you.

I'm awake, but my world is half asleep.

I pray for this heart to be unbroken,

but without you all I'm goin' to be is,