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University is an organization of higher education where people continue their education after college .the university award certificates such as diploma, degree qualification to prepare students for professions and careers.

Nowadays almost everyone believes that University education is essential not only to get ahead, but in many fields, just to get started. Education Citizens are the fundamental for every successful and progressive society, new ideas are usually based on what is already known and the Universities are responsible of that knowledge.

Generally, university education does offer some external benefits to society. Therefore, there is a justification for the government subsidising higher education such as universities. From my point of view, I believe that education should be free to ensure equality of opportunity. However, just because higher education is beneficial to society doesn't mean we are grateful to offer unlimited funding. Perhaps society would benefit if the government offered more free training so people could work more harder and make advantageous for the society as well as themselves.

Poverty, homelessness, unemployment; these are some of the worst aspects that effect our society. One possibility to improve this point is to ensure that our youth is to get a better higher education. The government need to be certain that everyone has equal opportunities and options. Post university education needs to be free to those who are qualified to receive it.

During free post university education, our society could provide a level of fairness in the educational system that would benefit those who are inhibited by the current system and the expensive unfairness. For the disadvantaged, obtaining full scholarships is an extremely difficult possibility. Where scholarships have failed because they only supported a handful of people, free post University education will succeed. The view of free post University education would mean that students would be able to concentrate and focus more upon their education. Instead of struggling to pay tuition fee, students can work towards learning and achieving more through their education. By allowing our youth with greater knowledge, they will gain the power to create an increasingly intellectual society. Free post university education would of course still require students to qualify to receive it and they would be judged exclusively upon their university performance.

Post university education as a free service would be beneficial to those who qualify to receive it and to our society as a whole. In a nation that possesses opportunity for everyone, the people should not be controlled from achieving a future that they deserve. The government owes it to the people to provide the people with the services which have the value.

Yet the reason for free university education can be found in globalization and its effect on knowledge. Deprived from any protection offered by national limitations and other local factors, all you are left with is the knowledge in your head. In case you haven't gathered a sufficient amount of it yet, any community that wants to stand a chance under the new circumstances, that are guiding our lives, should do whatever possible to ease our search for knowledge. Perhaps the best solution would be to make that quest free.

Educations, especially the kind you receive at university, is all about planning your own future and make your plans come true. This process should not be stuck and blocked. At least not by economic matters.

There are several arguments to suggest the government should provide university education free at the point of use, and make it available to everyone. Some people might argue that students should have the equal opportunities to get the higher education, regardless of the gender, colour, status, or academic background. Actually, I totally support the theory of equal opportunity. In my point of view, equal opportunity of education does not mean providing the same education to all students but providing the opportunities to eager and more able students to join university not for money but for education.

As a matter of fact, it is absolutely unjust to the students who invest a large mount of time and energy to study if the universities open their door to all the students, including the students who don't dedicate themselves to study. As a consequence, to those students who are qualified to receive it are discouraged to make more efforts, and eventually all the students will take it for granted that they deserve to go to a college or university without working hard.

Firstly, higher education is very expensive. So it would be a waste of money to send students who don't dedicate their time to college or university, those places should be for students who worked hard on studying. So university, certainly, should be available only to students who give time to study and deserve to have that opportunity.

The most important point is that not every student possesses the ability to do well in college or university. They must work hard and have that ability, impetuous to study. Moreover, not like at high school, a university want their students to be the best at their specialties. If a student doesn't have any specialties, higher education is definitely not his/her appropriate choice

Last but not least, higher education is not the only choice to master a subject. Students who can't go to a university can choose their own ways to be successful. To be successful depends most on your hard-working, not on your university.

Finally, those reasons make it the best choice to support students for higher education.

(Two thirds of vice-chancellors, speaking anonymously, said they needed to raise fees, suggesting levels of between £4,000 and £20,000 per year.)

I am completely behind the idea that university education should be free for those people who deserve to have that chance. I live in London where I pay my utilities expanses as well as my travel expenses. I have not being aware of the hardship of university where you support yourself all the way. I point out the example of a Single- parent student in today's society where their share of daily struggles and long- term disadvantages in universities with the issues of expensive day care, and financial struggles where they take long after long to support their routine daily life.

Another reason in support of my opinion is the very idea of free education itself. In elementary school as well as in high school, education is both compulsory and free. When it comes to university, the compulsory element is gone, as well free one. The first time in your life when you have almost absolute freedom in choosing what you want to study you are faced with difficulty, that for most people turns out to be beyond their powers to cope with.

In conclusion, I believe that government should help and support the young student who are dedicating to build their future rather than helping people who coming for university just to get money.