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Food is the main requirement for human to retain survival in the population. Living in this modernization era, there are various types of food in the market. Multiple choices can be made to have a tasty meal. However some can be harmful. The food contents, labels, ingredients, and products manufacturers should be looked through specifically otherwise manipulation in food labeling will arise. Therefore, there is no doubt to conclude that food is an essential part for human development.

Fast food is of one the proof that evolution takes place in food industry. Fast food is dominating people all over the world regardless their countries. The rapid evolution of food causes many immediate served products to be produced. Back 70's and 80's era, the previous generation were very alert on the food they consumed. Herbs and spices are nutritious cooking ingredients during the ancient time. Most of the older generation lives longer because of having a healthy lifestyle. How do these fast food phenomenons occur? There must be an agent to stimulate and enhance people nowadays to try them. People have been manipulated through a stimulating agent called advertisement. Hence, people should be more cautious on what they eat.

In order to reduce the frequency of eating fast food some people suggest banning the fast food advertisements. This can be proven when Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) has taken a step by banning all the fast food advertisements from being aired on the television (Mirandah,P., 2008). According to Singh,D (2007), the Cabinet of Malaysia has approved a memorandum to ban fast food companies from sponsoring television shows for kids' programs. This is to ensure that people would not get influenced by the advertisements. This restriction helps the people to stay healthy and shows that government is responsible to protect people from being manipulated by the fast food advertisements. Hence, some people argue that banning fast food advertisement is the best option to overcome the risks in the future.

However there are some people who are still insist not to prohibit fast food advertisement by claiming that fast food companies provide the most profitable margin to the country and there is a question comes into people thoughts which is, whether fast food advertisements should be banned?

Fast food symbolizes a modern living which is currently arising in most of the societies. It gives a big impact to the nation and society itself. There are several reasons which strengthened this argument. Fast food advertisements should be banned because it encourages people to eat and consume unhealthy food frequently, which eventually causes the people to suffer from chronic diseases. Apart from that, instant food erodes the preservation of traditional delicacies. Not only shades the cuisines existence, fast food also slowly conquers the society mentality. In short, wise steps should be taken to overcome this so-called minor problem so that 'Say no to Fast food' thoughts will appear in people mind.

To sum up, these research findings are restricted in Malaysia. Why Malaysia has been chosen? There are several reasons and one of them is because it brings up a new aroma among Malaysians. Nowadays it is like a new way of eating habits among Malaysians. Therefore, an alert should be warned to the Malaysians so they would realize fast food is harmful.

First Argument

2.0 Fast food effects on people's health

Fast food advertisements are the root cause of people getting influenced and give indirect impacts to human body system. Needless to say, fast food becomes popular among Malaysians. It's just an easy way for people to avoid complex cooking. Do the Malaysians realize that a regular eating of fast food provide a great opportunity to get a death ticket quickly. Why do the Malaysians become so addicted on this immediate food? There is only one answer for this bonus question. The main reason is there is an addictive agent in the fast food known as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Therefore, fast food is hazardous to human body system due to its dangerous content and ingredients.

2.1 Fast food leads to obesity

Obesity is the scariest health problem among the people. Do you know how many Malaysians suffer from obesity? NutriWeb Malaysia (2009) stated that exactly 11.6% of Malaysians are obese. This indicates that obesity in Malaysia is under a worrying circumstance. The main factor contributes to obesity is fast food advertisements. Fast food advertisements are the most appealing influence for the people to get attracted on their catchphrases and by eating fast food obesity it increases the calories in our body causing the body to expand sideways. Some experts claim that fast food advertisements effects on childhood obesity. Ygoy.com (2008) noted that a person who consumes fast food twice per week, the chances of getting obesity is 50% than a normal person. In short, an obese person has a Body Mass Index (BMI) that exceeds the normal category.

On contrary, Lavelle,P (2004) justified that fast food is not the major factor leads to obesity, but obesity is due to lack of interest among the people on exercising. It also claims that banning fast food advertisements are impractical and ineffective. Some people argue that why obesity among Malaysians cannot be solved even though there are some televisions already ban them from being aired? There must some other factors cause obesity but not fast food advertisements. Hence, they concluded that fast food advertisements are not main factor caused obesity.

However, it could be refuted that this point is weak. Based on The Malaysian Insider (2010) it is proven that fast food advertisements show a high rating of audiences especially the children. It has been estimated that people watch fast food advertisements tens of thousands times per year. So it can be concluded that obesity among Malaysians is caused by fast food advertisements which appeals and attract people to try and taste it.

2.2 Fast food causes chronic diseases

Another significant impact of eating fast food is, it will cause untreatable diseases such as diabetes (Type 2). Malaysian Diabetes Association (2006) pointed out that more than 10% of Malaysian population is being diagnosed to have diabetes (Type 2). Another disease is, Hypertension which commonly occurs among the fast food consumers. This is because fast food contains high proportion of salt such as sodium chloride, sodium caseinate, etc (Anon, 2004). In addition, atherosclerosis is also one of the fast food diseases. It is a condition by which, a sudden heart attack or stroke will occur. It simply means, fast food is a silent killer which disrupts human body system. Therefore, the supporters clarified that chronic diseases are mainly caused by fast food.

However there are some people underestimate this point. According to BBC (2008) it is not hazardous if and only people know how to look after their health. It simply means that the oppositions are putting blame on people. Some of the people claim that fast food is not hazardous because even the fast food advertisements have been banned there is no decrease in diseases statistics. Hence, they claim that fast food is not dangerous as it has been cooked under the right steps.

Despite of all the porous point, it can be refuted that fast food is still the main factor of people getting chronic diseases. According to NutriWeb Malaysia, (2009), 7.9% women and 4.7% men in Malaysia who suffer from all kind of chronic diseases basically have imbalanced diet lifestyles. In other words, fast food revolution caused them to consume the food regularly. In short, the opposition point is unacceptable as it is clearly proven that fast food causes chronic diseases among Malaysians.

Therefore, health is considered as a significant in human body. So health should be looked after. Reduce the intake of fast food. In short, fast food should not be advertised as it attracts people especially the children. By consuming fast food, human lifespan becomes shorter in long terms effects of health. Hence, the supporters strongly remarked that prevention is better than cure. So, ban fast food advertisement and say no to fast food.