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Everywhere you look you see soda drinkers. There are many people on a daily basis drinking soda at restaurants while eating their food. Many people enjoying a cold soda on a hot summer day. People like to drink sodas while watching movies, with friends and family. People all over the world are drinking sodas every minute of the day you can almost go anywhere and see them with a can of soda in their hand. It would be interesting to know if these people understood the health risks with drinking soda. A soda drinker should be aware of four major health risks: Type 2 Diabetes, caffeine, bone, and tooth decay.

Most cases of type 2 diabetes are acquired by too much sugar intake from drinking soda. If there is too much sugar, it overloads the body. Then the insulin can't keep up and causes diabetic Nephropathy. This is a kidney disease with no early symptoms, but leads to kidney failure. Another Complication of type 2 diabetes is Atherosclerosis. It causes coronary artery disease, strokes and heart attack. Other types of complications are Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Neuropathy. Diabetic Retinopathy is a type of eye disease that has no early symptoms. Diabetic Neuropathy is a nerve disease that affects your internal organs. These complications should prove to any soda drinker that their health is at risk.

Another health risk soda drinkers should understand is the effects of caffeine on the body. When dependent on a drug like caffeine, you upset the normal balance of the neurochemistry in the brain. If your adrenal glands do not react to the stimulation of caffeine, it could mean that you are headed for a physical breakdown due to adrenal exhaustion. When you get into a state of sympathetic alert, your digestive system turns off because your blood is now sent preferentially to your muscles, lungs, and heart. When caffeine is stopped it causes withdrawals signs and symptoms. Twenty to thirty percent of American adults consume more than five hundred milligrams of caffeine per day - twice the amount doctors consider a large drug dose. These effects of caffeine should make soda drinkers curb their daily intakes of soft drinks.

A third health risk of a soda drinker is bone decay. A study suggests that girls who drink more sodas are very prone to breaking bones. In a " Tufts University study a women who drinks three 12 ounces colas a day had five percent bone density less than the women who drink less than a serving a day." If you are a female, this information would be important to know for your future bone density results.

Finally, tooth decay is another health risk for soda drinkers. Sugar in the soda reacts with the bacteria in your mouth to form an acid called carbolic acid through carbonation. These acids will cause tooth enamel to create cavities and tooth decay. The acid forming nature of soda pop is a threat to teeth and enamel. The teeth are alkaline in nature due to calcium, the most alkalizing mineral in the body. Because soda is greatly acidic, it corrodes the teeth and enamel. The research has shown that people drinking soft drinks may be the cause of kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, Heart diseases and chronic liver disease. One can of soda pop greatly lowers your alkalinity. With this information people should consider the choices they make. Healthy? Or consider the alternatives. There is only one life to live, so choose a healthy one.


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