A Call From The Future English Language Essay

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Kyle was a victim of fear. Time is his fear. He was watching T.V. His parents told him to watch the news. He hated the news, but he followed his parents' orders. He was having dinner; he didn't mind the food. There was breaking news. "We have found out that a man has been claiming he's from the future! Yes! This is astonishing! The man is running to see his family and friends," spoke the news anchor.

Kyle was flummoxed! Maybe if he met the man, he would know all about the things in the future! Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Kyle went to open the door, still daydreaming about the man in the future. He opened the door. There was a homeless man. He wore the same shirt and pants and hat like Kyle's. Brown hair, blue eyes, freckles sort like Kyle's. The man looked surprised. He looked like as if he knew Kyle. Kyle called his parents. His dad asked him who he was. "My name is Kyle. Kyle Smith! I'm your son. From the future! Please let me come in," replied the man. Kyle and his parents were laughing because that would just be crazy. "Mom, your name is Sarah and dad, your name is John! I really am from the future! I'm Kyle, born in June 12th, 1998!" replied the man. Kyle's parents' laughter turned into astonishment. They looked pale as is they saw a ghost. He is actually from the future!! "…Ok 'son', where would you be staying. How about you stay with us for a while, I suppose?" said Kyle's dad in shock. "Awesome! I'll stay in my room!" rushed the future-Kyle.

Imagine living with yourself from the future! Kyle went up to his room to meet his future self. "…Uh hi," spoke Kyle, "umm…how did you time-travel here?" "Uh you know a time-machine I suppose" said the man from the future. There was something odd about him. He may look like him, know the stuff like him but he just doesn't seem to be him. It was very odd and peculiar. "Ok, I guess we better go to sleep now" replied the future-self. "One more question" said Kyle, "Why did you come here?" But the man went to sleep.

Kyle too, went to sleep thinking and wondering about all these questions that jogged his mind. He woke up in the morning to that midsummer breeze. His future-self was in the washroom. He left his wallet at his bed. Kyle went to look at it. He opened it up: cash, credit cards and other stuff. But there's something peculiar about the wallet. The money looked like the present. His credit card expires a year from now. And the most odd and peculiar thing is that his ID card has the initials of R.G.! Kyle's initials were K.S.! The man came out and Kyle put his wallet back. "Can you tell me why you are here?" replied Kyle. "Ok, ok," said the future-self, "you see I turned out really bad in the future. I got outta track and my life is messed up. I didn't work hard or studied. Now I'm a failure!" replied the man.

Kyle knew he was lying. He had to prove his parents that he's not from the future, but how? Suddenly, Kyle`s phone started ringing. "Hello?" said Kyle. "Kyle, I'm from the future. That man living with you is a fraud." spoke someone on the phone. "Who are you, how can I trust you?" spoke Kyle flummoxed. "If you don't believe me, then see for yourself, there's company called Motivation Corporation. They are behind all of this." spoke the anonymous voice that then hung up.

Why was there a phone call from someone claiming they're from the future? And why is there a fake man who acts like he's Kyle in the future?

There's only one way to find out. He's never had an adventure before. That phone call was sort of like a calling. He found the location of the Headquarters. Kyle rode his bike there. He parked his bike at the back of the building. There was a sign that said 'Authorized Personnel's only'. He didn't care. He went inside. Kyle saw a pile of letters on a table. He opened a letter and it said: (Go to page 5)

Kyle was flummoxed. He saw people on computers planning how the future self will look like, people putting make-up on the actors and saw people looking over data of kids! Kyle's parents used fear against him!

One of the employees saw Kyle. Suddenly everyone was running after him. No one wanted any kid to know their evil, sinister plan. Kyle ran and ran. He found a door and went inside it. It was dark and he stepped in some kind of chamber. His back pressed a button. He can feel himself getting frozen. His body was numb. He read the sign: cryogenic chamber. He was going to be trapped for a bunch years!! The employees couldn't find Kyle. But he was trapped. He saw the reflection of a light, and it had the number 1000. He found out he was going to be trapped for a 1000 years! His family, friends, his life; all gone! And there he lay, frozen. But time as you know, went on, and on, and on.

After 1000 years, the chamber opened. There was laser beam, cracking open the ice. Kyle saw people taking him. They put him in some sort of a device to warm him up. After a few hours, a man came up him. "Welcome to 3012," spoke the man. Kyle was speechless. "Your name is Kyle Smith, I believe" replied the man. "Yes, but how do you know my name?" spoke Kyle frightened. "Archives," said the man. "Normally, a lot of scientists freeze themselves in cryogenic chambers. But we only let the chosen ones out. You are the chosen one, Kyle." said the man. "Why me? I'm just a 14-year old kid who fears mostly anything!" cried Kyle. "We all fear something Kyle, but we need courage. Courage isn`t the absence of fear but the triumph over it." replied the man. "Triumph over what?" said Kyle? "Ever since 2000, Motivation Corporation was built; it kept persuading people and the whole world by fear. Like the idea of using future-selves, propaganda and more sinister ideas that shocked the world. Robert Grayson is the leader of this evil business." spoke the man. And then Kyle remembered 3000 years ago. The ID card of his so called 'future self'. His initials were R.G. (Robert Grayson). "But its 3000 years. How could he live for 3000 years." said Kyle confused. "When you went missing, your so called 'future self' led the company and used your incident as a way to promote the idea to motivate with fear. He knew you would find a way to stop the company, so he froze himself too to stop you." said the man.

The past, present and future, you can never run away from. Now the past cannot be changed. And now his present is the future. Kyle has to stop the man who ruined everything. All of a sudden a big crack opened from the wall. An army of robots rushed in. The man took Kyle away. He took Kyle away from the building. Kyle looked outside and saw a wasteland. "Why does this place look like a dump?" said Kyle surprised. "There is no innovation and creativity if there is fear." spoke the man. The man took him to a safe zone. It looked a bit futuristic. "I want to go back to my time, you must have a time machine!" said Kyle. "Yes but the only time machine is back in the lab which is now taken over by robots and Robert." replied the man. Kyle looked around and saw a telephone. "You guys still have telephones?" said Kyle. "This is no ordinary phone; this phone can call back to the past. I used it to call you. But you didn't believe me." Kyle got an idea; he will have to call himself from the past to persuade him to stop the man!

He dialed his cellphone number. Kyle in the past picked up the phone, "Hello?", "Uh hi, my name is Kyle; I'm you from the future. I know this sounds kind crazy," Kyle in the past hanged up. What will he do? He in the past won't believe him. He then thought that he needed a way to stop himself from going to Motivation Corp. He called his best friend. "Hi Kenny, right now I'm going to accidently freeze myself. I want you to stop me from doing that," said Kyle. "But you're at my house right now?" spoke Kenny astonished. "Good, so stop me from going to Motivation Corp!" said Kyle happily. "But I don't get it, who do I listen to? You on the phone, or you at my house?" said Kenny who hanged up. Kyle knew he was doomed. But something strange kept happening every time he called someone in the past. The future kept changing!

All of a sudden, an army of robots broke in to the safe place! Maybe because of what Kyle changed in the past, causing it to change the future. The scientist pulled out a weapon, more of a futuristic gun. It was a battle between a man and an army of robots. He was protecting Kyle. Kyle had no time; he needed a way to prevent him in the past from going to Motivation Corp. He got an idea! He dialed Kenny's number. "Kenny I don't have much time! Do you know when we were at summer camp and I got dog poo on my shoe?" shouted Kyle. "Yeah so?" replied Kenny. "I used your toothbrush to get it out!" said Kyle who hanged up. Kenny felt angry, and since Kyle in the past was still at his house, he decided to come forward with this. Kenny shouted at Kyle and started an argument. Due to that, he wasted Kyle's time meaning that he didn't go to Motivation Corp that day.

That change in the past was quickly changing the future. That means Kyle shouldn't be in the future. And now, Kyle's body was turning into dust. He was turning to dust! Everything seemed to be going back to the past. He was traveling back in time! As he was going through the different chronology leading to the future he could feel himself regrouped. He looked around at the setting. This looked familiar to him. He was behind the building of Motivation Corp. He took his phone and he took a picture of the business letter he found. He sent the image to his friends and quickly ran home.

His friends were at his house waiting angry because they too have future selves. Kyle and his friends devised a plan. Each kid went home and made lies up to prove the future-selves are fake. The kids also admitted that propaganda and fear won't make them a better person. Fear can be the best motivator, but it can't always take control of your life. Their parents realized what they did was wrong. And our hero Kyle learned a lesson and provided peace and prosperity to the kids who were a victim of lies and fear. This was message about time and how you use it. And all these little things that can mess it up like fear.

Kyle is outside, watching the sunset, dreaming about the future. He was laying there watching the cool, summer breeze sweeping pass him. Kyle was watching the green grass as it dancing with the wind. He wonders about time. Never paused, never rushed, and never slowed down. The beginning, middle and end of everything.

But suddenly there was a big crack in the sky! And dust blowing in the wind forming what seemed to look like a man! The man slowly approached Kyle. "Are you me from the future?" said Kyle in awe! The man said, "Yes".

Mr. & Mrs. Robinsons

231 Maple Valley Rd


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Robinsons:

Our sincerest thanks from Motivation Corporation. We acknowledge your gratitude for choosing us. Our contract is to ensure your child's success through the use of fear and propaganda. Our obligation is to use highly-trained actors to portray as your child's future selves. The future selves will induce and influence your child to prevent from going into the wrong path.

They will act that they've done drug abuse, lost focus or concentration, failed school and other persuading techniques that will make your child stay on task and be successful. Parents must follow the script and make sure the child watches the news that will inform the arrival of the future self. Our actors will know the same knowledge and memory of your child. Our actors will also look like your child from the 'future'. This is all a plan that is guaranteed to help your child stay on task. Sometimes fear is the best motivator!


Motivation Corporation