Visualising Dreams in a Real Sense Using Matlab


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The challenging techniques that involve the training of categorization problems related to brain signals is complex particularly when it is related to biological data involvement. Performance of nervous system is an important factor as it is the most critical and delicate human part, numerous algorithms put forward to make the system more efficient. This project gives the thought of human-physical system facilitates to reveal activities of nervous system signals , which is also known as epistemology stands for the basis of neural networks as the hypothesis of information, understanding , the information or facts and figures obtained via dreams and transfer information signals to video functions and applications in real time.

In this project an application is designed in which the data of EEG signals is extracted using MATLAB which will trace electrical movements all along the scalp and computes voltage oscillations of the output results which are observed due to ionic current surges within the neurons of the mind. The research on this thesis concludes too that the human brain does not have any information of the natural composition of the physical world.

It implements a new technique known as Dreams In Real which identifies human actions in dreams using image processing techniques by extracting generated spike from the neuron signals. Every generated spike is assigned images in database that describes the action taken place at that particular movement in dream. Which is then compared with stored images of data base. After identifying the action a video stream will run showing the dream of the man in MATLAB.

Chapter 1


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”. Harriet Tubman[1]

  1. Introduction

Neural Networks are most demanding and complex techniques that are applied in several applications and covering almost every aspect of life such as medicine, geology, engineering, chemistry, physics, the most focused area nowadays is machine learning the mind of human in controlled using machines but how about controlling dreams and making the human work according to their dream as genius people watch dreams and intelligence is to shape them in real life the idea of making this technique named as dreams come true is made successful using MATLAB.

In fact, there are a number of neural problems in forecasting or classification of networks as the neural signals and a way multifarious and are differentiated by several unwanted features like local minimum, flat spots and plateaus, saddle point, long and narrow ravines. Dealing with such a complex human part is critical and constitute an important factor that is training of neural network and making the performance better and accurate.

1.1.1 Aims

The thesis is aimed at the expansion, realization and achievement of algorithm used to inspect dreams in REM sleep with appropriate training schemes, with the aim of prevailing the downside of the existing training algorithms. This new proposed technique is tested over several different beings in REM sleep and with acquired fine tuned signal of the sleep the signals are applied to different threshold vales to overcome several biological problems as well as to overcome the consequences of existing downside approaches. The key goals of the thesis is to improve the learning ,making it speedy and classifying different groups with defined results in real and to converge them all in an application.

1.1.2 Thesis Structure:

The proposed research is about visualizing dream in real sense by detecting the mind signals to compute electromagnetic movements from the scalp of the brain and provides a visual display based on that activity. It has recently gained attention with the growing number of people with Autism Spectrum Conditions (a psychological state, present since near the beginning of infancy, described by means of immense obscurity in exchange a few words or corresponding to people and developing associations in the company of various people and in speaking language and nonfigurative thoughts)who have difficulties in mind reading. A dream visualizing is a step closer to reality after discovering a way of translating people's thoughts into words.

Engineering aspect: A complete software module for analyzing dreams of various people by monitoring mind signals with respect to predefined thresholds and translating to video.

Research aspect: Designing algorithms for extracting information of sleeping people in the form of images through mind reading machine.

TITLE: “Visualizing dreams in real sense or Dreams come true using Matlab.”

1.1.3 Statement Of The Problem:

1. The purpose of this research is to examine blind people.

2. Sleep related problems play important role in human disorders that often can be interpreted at night while sleeping and action can be taking accordingly to treat these problems.

3. Several depression patients remain untreated as their depression cannot be treated with medication they hold some severe issued that can be resolved naturally but majority of them with severe illness of depression can get better treatment with prescribed dosages. Although Medications and psychotherapies have the treatments of people suffering a killing disease depression even then these methodologies have adverse effects also so this research covers the aim of treating such patients as well.

1.1.4 Background And History:

1. Human beings can see images and dreams and their dreams reflects similar images they see in their daily life but what about those who cannot see by birth or after birth they were deprive by the sense of sight, even these individuals have dreams that are just as vibrant as normal individuals who are blessed apart of this their dreams consist of all emotions and senses like sound, smell, touch and feelings. The imagination of sight blessed person is not that strong rather difficult but the extreme need of sleep for human body make it possible feel all virtually substantial conditions, by visualizing their dreams we can learn what they want, what they are doing what they do what are their concerns and then controlling these signals we can make them do what they actually want .

2. A sound sleep is also a gift of GOD, because many of the disorders and diseases are directly or indirectly related to the need of sleep. Mental stress, memory loss, remain dizzy, eye sight disorders, BP, asthma and many other are related to sleep ,some of them may occur due to hormonal changes in body but to make hormones work properly sound sleep is required.

3. The major and complicated disease of brain is depression ,a depressed person act differently as compared to normal and his everyday life activities are affected due to this illness ,in case it is not cured at time can exceed to death even, MRI is the fastest growing technology to overcome the disease related to mind ,the images can somehow show how strong is the depression and what can be the possible causes of depression but how when it occurred is hard to evaluate but when you are in sleep the depressed person often sees what he is afraid of or what has affected him strongly so your emotions are translated by your dreams.

1.1.5 Justification Of The Problem:

Dream visualizing research is expanding and becoming a center of attention. By this research we can know that how dreams greatly influences our social life and waking hours and it gives a complete understanding of brain using a simple application that is based on MATLAB. This is an Innovative technique, in which image processing, assist to identify how particular states of brain function in sleep and in what way unusual actions and disorders has impact on us and how they can be controlled. Understanding these factors that has severe impact on our lives will lead us to improve and control our emotions and can introduce new therapies to overcome mental disorders.

1.1.6 Theoretical Framework:

Thesis will present the idea of biophysical mechanism used to demonstrate functions of neural networks this is also called as epistemology referred to as the theory of knowledge, the knowledge or data acquired by the dreams and convert data in to real time video applications. The study also determines that the human brain does not have any information of the natural composition of the physical world. This thesis will implement a new technique known as Dreams In Real which identifies human actions in dreams using image processing techniques.

1.1.7 Methodology:

Thesis will perform data acquisition, the data is extracted using MATLAB which will trace electrical movements all along the scalp and measures voltage fluctuations of outcome that is result of ionic current flows inside the neurons of the brain, by extracting generated spike from the neuron signals Every generated spike is assigned images in database that describes the action taken place at that particular movement in dream which is then compared with stored images of data base. After identifying the action a video stream will run showing the dream of the man in MATLAB.

1.1.8 Objective:

Basic technical requirements of thesis:

1. A detailed description of basic parameters that are used to monitor functions with their threshold values.

2. Designing algorithms for extracting useful information from the people by monitoring mind signals.

3. Creating a database of the generated spikes of people and assigning the defined peak certain images.

4. Creating algorithm for comparing the acquired data with the database and play video accordingly.

5. Performing the complete module validation on Matlab.

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