Two Wheeelers Dual Drive System Improved Fuel Efficiency Engineering Essay

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In recent years the Hybrid technology is the leading engineering science in the automotive industry and is mostly referred to as the vehicles of the modern epoch. The field of hybrid technology is comparatively an unexampled field of engineering in which extensive research is being carried out. A hybrid electric vehicle usually runs on one alternative source of energy or gasoline. These hybrid vehicles are very innovative, efficient at the same time at an affordable price. Most of the people think that front wheel drive in a two wheeler will be a failure conception. The concept behind this research is to attempt a coherent working model with electric motor drive as the front wheel drive thereby increasing fuel efficiency. In this project an electric motor and an internal combustion engine are mounted so that they can individually power the vehicle.

The paper's main aim is to review our understanding of dual drive system on two wheelers in which the alternative drive in the front wheel hub plays a key role. Installation of the electric drive component will really be a time consuming process because it has some alteration which is to be done initially to fit it in the drive.

"Battery powered electric vehicle are distinguished from fuel cell battery. In Battery powered electric vehicle fuel is directly or indirectly electricity itself" (Ayres McKenna, 1971). As the author clearly justifies that batteries used vehicles are distinguished completely form non battery vehicles. I strongly agree author's word as the battery powered vehicle has major advantages such as good reliability, simplicity and its ease of its recharging methods apart from the air pollution.

Electric vehicles do not burn gasoline in an engine instead they use electricity stored on batteries. Electric vehicles have an electric motor that turns the wheels and a battery to run the motor. In an electric vehicle, batteries and other energy storage devices are used to store the electricity that powers the electric motor in vehicle. The batteries can be lead acid batteries, like the batteries you find in flashlight or in regular gasoline cars, or they can be Ni-cad (nickel-cadmium) like the kind that runs portable video recorders that has good performance.

Ayres McKenna adds a point to this "option to recharge electrically is a valuable one, but manually recharging the battery every time is a draw back and a limitation to overcome if possible" (Ayres McKenna, 1971).As the author points out problems that every time recharging the battery will be a tough task but does not go into great detail as this is not the main focus of his study, In order to overcome this problem in this project specifically a dynamo will be attached to the front wheel drive which will generate enough power to recharge the battery while the vehicle was is in running condition. But this running model has its own limitations such as less motor rating and the throttle on the vehicles left hand side of the handle bar.

Review of Literature:

The principle of conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy by electromagnetic means was demonstrated by the British scientist Michael Faraday in 1821 and consisted of a free-hanging wire dipping into a pool of mercury.

An electric motor uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy, nearly always by the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors. The reverse process of using mechanical energy to produce electrical energy is accomplished by a generator or dynamo. Traction motors used on vehicles often perform both tasks.

To employ all these on to the project there will be so many resources that the project will sit on. So this project will intend totally in the form of quantitative analysis with a Structured Observation, face to face, telephonic interview with the suppliers of electric motor drive which will give a clear idea to obtain the recent information's and views about the project. This project mostly falls under the usage of primary data resources, along with the aid of secondary data resources and a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis that will be conducted on this project which will be very useful to successfully implement the dual drive system. Swot analysis will be very useful in the structured observation because it will help in analysing the threats of this project as people are not used to the front wheel drive.

This project was initially criticized by everyone that a front wheel drive would be a failure one in a two wheeler which provoked me to carry on eagerly with this project. With the help of quantitative analysis and structured primary sources the electric motor drive will be fitted successfully in the front wheels hub.

As the rider raises the throttle the hall sensor (position sensor) senses the position of the throttle and its angle and produces the desired voltage. As the position of the throttle is moved clockwise the voltage increases this voltage is fed into the controller and hence the speed of the vehicle increases. When the position of the throttle is moved anti-clockwise the voltage decreases this voltage is fed into the controller and hence the speed of the vehicle decreases. The vehicle will be tested upon with various load condition and thereby increasing the fuel efficiency from 38km to 70 km this will be a great achievement of this project.

"The vehicles attribute is the foremost in customers mind when contemplating a purchase, apart from cost and durability are its performance and economy".(John M.Miller,2004) As the author says people are keen in buying a vehicle that has good performance at a cheaper cost. This project will be a good platform for the automotive companies to implement the Dual Drive system in two wheelers which would help in increasing the fuel efficiency and reducing the emission.

Finally, the vehicle will be driven with both drives individually. The merit of the project includes an alternate drive that can be used in case of emergency and also the fuel consumption will be reduced while operating in motor drive with no smoke and noise. I feel further this project needs to be carried out on matters surrounding the motor rating in which the rating can be increased further so that speed of vehicle can be further increased. The Size of the battery can be further modified and made compact so it precisely fits inside the vehicle, the sealed lead acid battery can be replaced by cadmium battery so that the efficiency and life of the battery can be increased, and the same concept can be installed in higher CC engines. Further the charging of the battery while in running mode could be increased by using higher Horse power Engines.The new solution shall be encouraged by the public for future use of Electronic bikes which are pollution free.