Project design approach for prototype

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As stated before the ability of any nation to manufacture is essential but to deploy that ability in a certain nation is the trick as every nation defers from one another, so in order to enhance EGYPT ability to manufacture (i.e. provide a better cheaper design for a CNC milling machine).

A new approach is needed that approach is based upon a simple survey under taken by the group working on this project. The results of that survey were mainly based upon the industrial facilities existing in Cairo, EGYPT. These results showed that any machine tool required for the Egyptian industrial society could be one of the following: Turning, Drilling, Shaping, Milling, and Grinding.

So the first step was to pick up the operation over which this thesis will focus on. Milling can include in its operation: Drilling, Shaping, and Grinding. And might contain Turning under certain conditions. So milling was chosen. And this result might be verified by the fact that 90% of the working machine tools in the field of traditional CNC machines are either Milling or Turning Centers.

Now we will compare different configuration milling machines

Case. 1: A Universal Milling Machine.

Case. 2: A regular CNC milling machine.

Case. 3: A gantry CNC milling machine.

Case. 1: A regular milling machine

From Cost P.O.V.: Cost is high because of the usage of large material to build the bulky parts of the machine tool might be as high as a CNC Milling Machine.

From Design P.O.V.: Design level might be considered low compared with the design required in both the regular CNC machine and our machine.

From Accuracy P.O.V.: Accuracy is very low compared to the other two cases but could be difficulty approached with the use of very skilled labor and with high cost.

Case. 2: A regular CNC machine

From Cost P.O.V.: Cost is much higher because of the usage of both large material amounts with high machining grade as will as the cost of the motion control equipments.

From Design P.O.V.: Design is better than the first case for every part is designed to enhance the entire machining operation.

From Accuracy P.O.V.: Attained accuracy is very high due to perfect guide ways assisted by ball screws along with feed back control.

Case. 3: A gantry CNC milling machine

From Cost P.O.V.: Cost is mush less than the later case and might be less that the first case as the entire machine is only build from a metal sheet and some Bars.

From Design P.O.V.: Design is much sophisticated than the first and the second case as the design is optimized to hold the predetermined forces as a light weight structure.

From Accuracy P.O.V.: Accuracy is for sure less than the second case but higher than the first case as there is no feedback control technique employed.

Discussion of results:

For Case. 1:

a. The machine referred in study is a Universal Milling Machine.

b. Our results don't imply that the use of that machine is not appropriate but we only mean that each application requires a certain machine and also each goal.

c. The cost is very high in EGYPT as almost all of them is imported but not made in EGYPT but there maintenance and overhauling is available domestically.

For Case. 2:

a. The Machine referred in the study is A three axis CNC milling machine Vertical Column type.

b. The usage of this type of machines in any workshop requires a great deal of money so most of the manufacturers comprises between money and accuracy.

c. The cost is definitely much higher as there is almost no one building or even providing maintenance for these machines in EGYPT.

For Case. 3:

a. The Machine referred in the study is gantry CNC milling machine.

b. The usage of this machine is aimed to workshops who would like to get both cheap machining with good accuracy.

c. The cost is very low as of the innovative design of putting the entire axis moving over each other rather than independent from each other as in the regular design of any CNC machine.