Longmen Nuclear Power Plants Engineering Essay

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Do you know that about one-fifth of the countrys electricity is derived from nuclear power plant. Taiwan first began to have the thought of building Nuclear Power Plants in 1970, because of the problem of lacking petroleum. First Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan was built during 1979, and followed by NPP2 and NPP3. After these three Nuclear Power Plants were built, they provide Taiwan cheaper electricity and better economics. Three Nuclear Power Plants have been providing electricity for many years; in 1980s; Taiwan began to make plans for building Nuclear Power Plant 4 in Longmen. The real start of building Nuclear Power Plant 4 began in 1999, because construction has been stopped many times, and progress was not continuous. Although many people think that Nuclear Power Plant 4 might bring huge and serious problem to Taiwan because of safety, but NPP4 in Longmen can be successfully built and it's safe when stricter requirements are met. 

Before the Nuclear Power Plant was built, Taiwan was using thermal power to provide electricity. Although Taiwan got natural resource such as coal, but Taiwan doesn't have petroleum to provide thermal power, so Taiwan have been using imported resources to provide for electricity. Toward Taiwan's economy, that was definitely not a good idea, for having a stable and more amounts of electricity providers and better saving in Economics, Taiwan decided to use Nuclear Power Plants instead.  

"The nuclear energy in a pound of uranium is three million times the energy released in burning a pound of coal." (Max W. Carbon, Emeritus Professor of Nuclear Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison). Nuclear power has more benefits than other energy sources such as oil, coal, and hydroelectricity. Nuclear energy is an emission-free energy source; it does not burn anything to produce electricity. Nuclear power plants are very cheap to run and safety measures have improved since the accidents in the 20th century. Nuclear power plants do not burn fossil fuels, so they do not produce carbon dioxide which is the major contributor to global warming which plants creates a clean air power generator. Burning fossil fuels will pollute the environment with the substance such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides that cause acid rain. Small amount of uranium, which was produce from nuclear plants, can release large amount of energy.

Nuclear power also provides and protects aquatic life conservation. Water from nuclear power plants contain no harmful substance and is in the standards temperature to protect aquatic life. Nuclear power plants also provide land and habitat preservation. They required only small amounts of land for operation compare with any other energy sources. And because the areas around nuclear plants and their cooling ponds are very clean, they often developed wetland to provide for wildlife to nest around.

From the economic, points of view nuclear power plants play a good role. Nuclear power plants provide lower cost, with a stable price, nuclear power plants is a major national energy source. The cost of nuclear power plants wont effect Taiwan's economy compare to any other energy resources. Let's make an example: Fossil fuel has a limit amount but people kept using it continuously, which might cause a serious problem of lacking fossil fuel in next 40 year, which nuclear power plants can provide unlimited amount of energy to the country. In Taiwan, nuclear power plants are 3 times less expensive than coal and 4 times less expensive than fossil fuel. Using Nuclear power plants can save up to 4 hundred billions NT of coal taxes.

The major problem that concerns Taiwanese is the safety problems of nuclear power plants 4. Despite popular belief, nuclear power plants is very safe, it has safety provision such as Fuel Pellet, Fuel rod and cooling down system. If the factories got stricter safety requirement, nuclear power plants should be the safest energy source than any other energy sources. Accidents of nuclear power plants were slightly lower than any other kinds of energy resources. According to WEC (World Energy Council), from 1970s to 1992s, there are two major accidents of nuclear power plants, which only 31 people lost their life in these 2 accidents. From 1969s to 1996s, there were 1,943 accidents came from other energy source such as fossil fuel and coal. 

Another major reason to build nuclear power plants 4 is that the first 3 nuclear power plants have been working for a very long time, to reduce its working amount, and to extend the first 3 nuclear power plants' life, nuclear power plants 4 is definitely necessary for Taiwan's electricity. 

In conclusion, everything has its risk, not everything is 100% safe, nuclear power plants 4 also got radiation problems but it's risk is very small and nuclear power plants can prevent energy crisis. Building Nuclear power plants 4 is not the only choice of energy resource that Taiwan can choose, but its stability, reliability and ways that improve economic and environment are definitely a better solution for Taiwan.

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