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The description of a hybrid vehicle is a vehicle which receives its power from no less than two specific sources of power in any combination of two-or-more of the following: a system consisting of electric batteries or ultra-capacitors that recharges and subsequently-stores the energy for later delivery when-and-of it's needed and a typical fuel and air combustion chamber mechanism; a compressed air expanding actuator and a typical fuel and air combustion chamber mechanism; a bicycle powered by Human energy with either gas or electric assistance; or a combination of wind and electric power. The hybrid vehicles are a.k.a., “Hybrid-electric vehicles”.

Hybrid vehicles come in single, double or four wheel powered combinations. A simple, work-wheel barrow powered by Human muscles with assistance from a strong wind is considered a Hybrid vehicle, because of its dual power source. Also, a bicycle powered by Human energy and some form of tire contact source powered by an electric or fuel/air combustible engine is considered the same. As you can see, a Hybrid vehicle is “Hybrid,” simply because of its dual power and is simpler to understand than it at first appears. The same concept is applied to two and four wheel powered hybrid vehicles.

With the rising costs of fuel and the need to save energy, more-and-more people are increasingly-becoming more interested in Hybrid vehicles because of the fuel efficiency of these dual-powered vehicles. During the first half of 2008, sales of hybrid vehicles have gone-up and the higher prices have gone down. The reason behind the rise in sales is obviously related to the lower prices asked for the vehicles; however, a more esoteric reason is linked to the manufacturing of higher volumes and of a wider choice in models. As long as the current trend continues, we might all be so fortunate.

Within the hybrid vehicle market, the Toyota Prius appears to be one of the most popular hybrid vehicles of all. Its popularity has everything to do with its compact size and the company's cutting of prices related to select equipment on the models. In some cases, select equipment prices were cut by as much as half. Toyota's reasoning for cutting equipment prices had to do with replacement for incentives that were on the Prius. A plus of the price cutting is that it helped to balance the federal tax rebate of the Prius, which became lower in April of 2008.

The gap in fuel economy among the hybrids is as expected, wide. For example, the Toyota Prius hybrid, the thriftiest in fuel usage has a combined MPG rating of forty six miles per gallon, compared to one of the lowest in MPG ratings, the GMC Yukon Hybrid, which has a combined MPG rating of twenty one miles per gallon. That's a twenty five MPG difference. In those terms, a traveler could expectedly advance to four hundred and sixty miles in a Prius, versus two hundred and ten miles in a Yukon, per ten gallons of fuel. That's a huge difference!

Among the hybrids that's charged through an electrical receptacle, i.e., a plug in, the VentureOne Coupe appears to be amazingly priced (MSRP $18,000-$23,000) in comparison to its one hundred MPG fuel rating. If it wasn't for the compromising of driving time and limited traveling distance along with required charge time, this would be the ideal vehicle. As it is, this three wheeled hybrid vehicle offers the motorcycle experience with the luxury of being thirty times safer, and as a bonus, protected from the weather as well. The VentureOne is equipped with an airbag, driver restraint, protection from impact and bumpers.

Not surprisingly, with the ever increasing rise in oil prices, the resale values related to larger, non hybrid vehicles have dropped accordingly. On the other hand, resale values for the hybrids have gone up and without the aid of a gift for seeing into the future, the hybrids' resale values are expected to become considerably more attractive as oil prices rise even higher. That's unless we are loaded with money and do not have to figure the cost of a gallon of fuel in a personal budget. With most of us that is not the case, but dreams don't cost.

The lower prices for some hybrid vehicles and the cost effective fuel savings are wonderful, however, in comparison to the hybrids' standard twins, they are higher priced. Even considering tax credits and the amazing fuel savings involved, it takes longer for the hybrids to show a noticeable result in comparison to dollars spent for privilege of ownership, but there are exceptions. Having a clearer conscious for delivering lower fuel emissions into the atmosphere is surely a benefit, but in the end, it does take longer to pay many of these hybrid vehicles off, although many have considered it worth it.

Saving gas is important and should be important to everyone. In that context, the Chevy Silverado hybrid promises a ten percent savings in fuel economy, as compared to the standard Chevy Silverado with no compromise in power for economy. By adhering to fuel saving principles along with the already economical fuel savings, people World wide could save millions of gallons of fuel each year if they would responsibly adjust their driving habits and conscious attempts at conservation. Here's a couple of important common sense, fuel saving tips everyone might want to consider: slow down and monitor vehicle tire pressure. Easy?

Many hybrid vehicles are designed and equipped to equal their standard counterparts in performance, while still beating them in the fuel efficiency department, and with lower hybrid emissions. In this comparison, the hybrids are unmatchable and even considering the higher prices on some hybrids, these are more than good reasons to buy and utilize the superior hybrid vehicles. For anyone considering on buying, but feeling uncertain because of the higher pricing of some hybrids, remember that in the long run the hybrids combine the best of both worlds with the least amount of worries in reference to the environmental degradation.

Changing your driving habits is a sure way to save money and the hybrid vehicles make it easier to do just that because of their already efficient and well thought out construction. Here are more tips on preserving gas and saving money: use the correct fuel; make sure the tires are inflated to proper levels; take care to maintain your vehicle correctly; slow down and enjoy; if at all possible, haul less weight; use less air conditioning; keep your windows closed as much as possible; idle your vehicle less; and finally, if you have a truck, keep the tailgate up.

Gas prices are still on the rise with no relief in sight. For most consumers, that's a big concern and therefore, incentive enough to look for any money saving solutions that they can find. Current fuel prices are a reality of contemporary life and have to be considered as such in order to continue with accustomed lifestyles. Along with that reality, there is zero regulation within the gasoline producing industry; however, all across the country states are not shy about taxing gasoline prices per gallon. Hybrid vehicles are a means of saving money because of their more affordable fuel consumption.

Hybrid vehicles offer a common sense solution to keeping more of that hard-earned cash in your wallet where it belongs because of their superior fuel efficiency compared to your standard vehicles, and with no subsidies for the money we spend on fuel for our vehicles, the same common sense allows us to assess the benefits of choosing a hybrid vehicle over a standard vehicle for that purpose. Hybrid vehicles are superior in cost effectiveness and match the standard vehicles for performance. If vehicles received blessings for their positive attributes like Humans do, then among vehicles, hybrids would be considered blessed.

Low exhaust emissions, great fuel economy and with performance to match the similar but standard vehicles, the hybrid vehicle is a one of a kind and more folks are paying attention, especially since gas prices are showing no signs of ending their climb. In that sense, the hybrid vehicles are like a breath of fresh air or a light at the end of the tunnel, figuratively speaking, within the dismal picture. To many who are tired and want nothing more than to save money when visiting the gas pumps, the hybrids should be seriously considered as a means of saving.

Hybrids are primarily less expensive and for sure, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than the standard vehicles. Consequently, the short term transaction, or sales outlook concerning the hybrids appears to be positive and it's forecasted that consumers will be purchasing select variations more than ever by summertime. Who would blame anyone for wanting such a vehicle as the hybrid, and who wouldn't join them in making the choice to purchase one if they could? According to Edmunds.com, a consumer analysis agency, increases in hybrid sales will become a reality as predicted, with help from the ever rising gas prices.

The sales outlook for hybrid vehicles in long term sales and demand is uncertain, especially for some of the yet to be introduced SUV hybrids. The analysts are not certain nor can they make an educated guess as to when the hybrid market will peak, but they are sure that the peak is not close at hand. A factor for the hesitation to predict is that hybrid manufacturers will be adding to the variety of US hybrids by 2009 and adding more within the next few years. If gas prices continue to inflate, more and more consumers might be tempted.

More and more people have learned to adore the hybrid vehicles because of their top fuel efficiency, low emissions and performance -- with performance reportedly being comparable to the standard counterparts. Everything about these vehicles appears to be excellent in terms of cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness and performance. Driving hybrids is not bad either, since they are reportedly comparable in every way to the standard vehicles, minus the added financial factor. People who have driven the hybrids could not believe that there was any difference between the standard vehicles in terms of handling and durability. They seem to be worthy.

The hybrid vehicles seem to be an answer to our prayers, coming at just the right time. The US President reportedly made a comment concerning the present oil crisis by referring to it as our having an addiction that has to be satisfied, and if I'm not mistaken, he referred to the hybrid vehicles as some sort of detoxification mechanism for the said addiction. Any manufactured product has to be good for the president to become involved in any capacity. According to the stated benefits by hybrid owners, hybrids are, and not too soon, raising the standards for contemporary vehicles.

More pollution, excessive highway and street noise and emptier pockets currently add to Life's frustrations and worries. Our perception and stress levels can be affected by choosing to purchase a hybrid when it comes time. The hybrid vehicles do not contain a magical solution to the dilemma within their components, but the cleaner exhaust emissions, coupled with lowered spending because of a better MPG reality and equal performance to standard, but opposite in the positive points mentioned, concerning hybrids, sure make it seem like they do. In a way the hybrids are a dream come true, at the right time.

In reality, there are no serious compromises between switching from standard vehicles to hybrid vehicles, unless you consider the positive compromising of moving from heavier exhaust emissions and spending more money, to lighter, more environmentally friendly emissions and savings at the pump. There are no solutions to single passengers in each vehicle and people's not wanting to take public transportation, but if anything, the positive qualities of the hybrid vehicles will have a cause and effect on contemporary existence by making it better in the long run. It certainly appears that you cannot go wrong when buying a hybrid vehicle.

Reduced exhaust emissions and improved gas mileage are two particularly good reasons for the invention and production of the hybrid vehicle. From the heart, many owners of the hybrids have attested to those benefits along with others when reviewing the vehicles. Many owners have stated that the hybrids cannot be beat in another area which has not been mentioned, and that area is of performance. The hybrids reportedly equal standard vehicles of the same type and surpass some to an extent. Of all the pluses involved with owning a hybrid, increased peace of mind and satisfaction are other reported consequences.

To cite one combination of a hybrid vehicle, the gasoline and electric hybrid is a combination of a gas powered engine and electric power combined, to effectively balance each another other for an increase in mileage and to reduce the exhaust emissions. In the process, they accommodate and adjust for any faults that the other might have with many hybrids evincing equal performance capabilities to their standard counterparts. All this and peace of mind too, no wonder so many are scrambling to buy to such a degree that many dealers have had to place their buyers on a waiting list.

One reason behind the lighter hybrid vehicle's high performance level, although the engine is smaller, is because the smaller the engine the less weight and therefore, more power for the important things, and an important thing consists of more power with lower fuel consumption. Among the many benefits of owning and driving a hybrid, the power issue rules for many owners, however, coming in at a close second and third, but not necessarily in that order are the expected and delivered lighter exhaust emissions and cost effectiveness at the pump. People have raved about the hybrids after becoming an owner.

The result of a visit to the gas pumps and the satisfaction, or in this case, dissatisfaction, with the final price after handing the hard earned dollar over to the cashier, is usually the impetus that has caused most current hybrid vehicle owners to stop, think, and then purchase their hybrid vehicle. Folks have been overheard from East to West coast trumpeting their happiness, relief and satisfaction derived of owning and enjoying a hybrid vehicle. Many have changed non believers amongst their family members into believers by their obvious satisfaction, causing them to follow their lead and purchase a hybrid.

The hybrid vehicles have become so popular that most, if not all vehicle manufacturers have begun or committed to begin the manufacturing of hybrid vehicles. The more hybrid vehicles on the market the better, because as it stands, several companies that are currently producing and selling hybrids have ran out of the vehicles and have had to place eager customers on waiting lists, sometimes having them wait for months until their turn on the waiting list for the purchasing of a hybrid comes around. Who can blame the fortunate people who have discovered peace and more savings via hybrid ownership?