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This assignment is given by our lecturer, Mr. Zaharul of the subject Asset & Property Management. The authors group consists of 3 people Richard Lau Lik Yao, Ong Hend Ley and Faris. The authors are required to choose a Hotel among the YTL Hotel and to conduct a survey on Maintenance department which includes all the Tools and Equipment. The authors have decided to select The Majestic Malacca for this assignment. Throughout the assignment, the authors will be giving analysis of the equipments on the advantages and disadvantages. Whether is it reliable or should there be any other improvement could be made. Besides that, the authors will discuss and give some recommendation on Inventory Management, Preventive Maintenance, Remedial Maintenance and Metric Report which The Majestic Malacca is been using since opening.

Asset & Property Management

Asset & Property Management is about the operation of a property or a building. In this subject it is about how to run a business operation with proper maintenance and care on the equipment and machine. To have the operation run well there are few factors that must be consider, which will be the maintaining process, financial issues, insurance, licensing and contract.

Hotel Overview

The Majestic Malacca was originally commissioned to accommodate a growing Chinese tycoon family, Mr Leong Long Man. He constructed the mansion at the beginning of the 20s and it was completed two years later in 1929. After 26 years, in 1955 the mansion was transformed into a hotel and it was called Majestic by Mr. Lim Heng Fang. Since then, the hotel has becoming a major pit stop at Jalan Bunga Raya. The Hotel attracts global travelers, merchants and dignitaries and is called a meeting place for the British residents of Malacca. In 2006, YTL Hotels & Resorts took over the property and restored it back as the First Classic Hotel of YTL Hotel & Resorts. The Majestic Malacca was reborn in January 2008. The Majestic Malacca is located at an ideal area facing the Malacca River whereby is a walking distant to any of the appealing places like the Stadthuys and Jonker Street. It is also located approximately 2 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur, 3 hours from Singapore and 6 hours from Penang. The brand new Majestic Malacca runs 2 Suites, 9 Twin Deluxe and 43 King Deluxe rooms, total of 54 rooms. There are 3 Dining Outlet in The Majestic Malacca, which are The Mansion, The Lobby and The Bar. ( [1] )

The Survey

On 13th Oct 2010, the authors step into the journey of The Majestic Malacca for further understanding on Maintenance operation. The authors met 2 maintenance duty mans En Amirrudin and En Ariffin to show the authors around at the back-of-house of The Majestic Malacca and explain to the authors on how the equipments function and also some further details. However, mainly all the equipment and tools are in contract based and there will be people from outsource doing servicing from time to time. On the other hand for the license, Fire Alarm System is done by license based from the Jabatan Bomba Malaysia. Finally, it took the authors approximately 3 hours to finish the tour around the hotel. Therefore, the authors will explain in details on the differences of maintenance equipment and system in The Majestic Malacca. .

Generator Set

In Majestic Malacca almost 99% of the equipment and system are manage by outsource contractors. One of it is the generator, which it's the main machine that is a must have in every hotel. The generator will take into action just within 3 second after an electrical failure occur in the hotel, the generator will just take over as the main power supply throughout the hotel. This generator running period will give the staff enough of time to do some necessary actions such as back up the system, safely shut down a computer system and the list go on.

Water Plumbing

In The Majestic Malacca their water supply is supplied by SAM (Syarikat Air Malacca). In The Majestic Malacca, the Piping System is separated into a few areas which will be the main supplied, the storage tank and hot water system. On the other hand, The Majestic Malacca they also have a separate water filtration system for the pool. This is to remain the water circulation cleanliness of the pool by insert chlorine into the system.

Sewage System

In The Majestic Malacca there are 2 different sewage systems. The first system is the main sewage system from the guest room which will directly pump out from the hotel, and the second sewage system is from the back-of-house of the hotel which will be store and pump out by using bench process.


Elevator plays an important part in a hotel. This will give the convenient, to allow the guest to move around easily in each floor. In The Majestic Malacca there are 10 floors, that is why elevator is a compulsory machine for the hotel. There are 2 elevators in The Majestic Malacca, that are managed by outsource supplier.

Television Room

Television room is one of the important systems in The Majestic Malacca, because it provides more than 15 channels to every guest room. In the contain of this assignment, the authors will explain more in detail about this system.

Fire Alarm System

The Fire Control Panel in The Majestic Malacca is located at the back-of-house. From the control panel, the duty man in charge is able to monitor the situation in the hotel if there are any fires happen. As a result, the duty man is able to locate which are the area is on fire and so on. The authors will also share how does the water plumbing system works for the water hose and the water sprinkler in the hotel.

Air Conditional

In Majestic Malacca the Air Conditional system is using a computerize semi-centralize air condition system. In the Majestic Malacca the semi-centralized air condition is unique and slightly different from other hotels, as there are 4 different compressors which supply to different floors.

Private Automatic Branch eXchange (PABX)

PABX system is used in The Majestic Malacca, it is to spread out the telephone communication throughout the hotel such as rooms and also the public areas.

2.0 Inventory Management

Nowadays, Inventory Management is very important to all business. It helps to manage the goods, raw materials and stocks in the premise. In addition, it also provide information to the upper management to make a more accurate and timely decision to run the operation. There are two (2) types of inventory system, which will be the Physical Inventory and Electronic Inventory. ( [2] )

2.1 Electronic Inventory

Electronic Inventory is a software similar to CMMS (Computerize Maintenance Management System). CMMS is use to help the maintenance department to records the operation information, such as work order, security, asset management and lastly the inventory management( [3] ) and normally this system is connected to the LAN (Local Area Network), where all the properties are connected. Example of Electronic Inventory uses in YTL Hotel is EMS (Engineering Management System). On the other hand, The Majestic Malacca is not using this EMS. The main reasons are, most of the machines and equipments are base on out sourcing so, in result they don't need to keep any records. Secondly, The Majestic Malacca is a smaller property compare to other properties and they don't need to hire just an employee to key in all the data. Therefore, the maintenance department is using Physical Inventory.

2.2 Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory is the traditional way of doing inventory. This method of inventory may need more man power to conduct, however it depend on the size of the property and types of business. There are five (5) types of Physical Inventory, which will be the Bulkhead-to-Bulkhead Inventory, Special Materiel Inventory, Spot Inventory, Velocity Inventory and Specific Commodity Inventory. Basically all these types of inventories were conducted in a physical counting way. ( [4] )

Among all these inventory methods, The Majestic Malacca is using Specific Commodity Inventory method, this inventory method is count by categorizing the material and stock. For example, Equipment and Tools - hammers, screw drivers, screws, nails, C-clamp and so on. In The Majestic Malacca, the Maintenance department doesn't keep much of materials and stocks in the store because most of the materials are out sourcing and they only purchase the materials when they needed, plus the department has a limited storage room. As a result, light bulbs are the most items they stored.

Why they used this method to conduct their inventory? For instance, chilli bulb, wall light bulb, incandescent bulb, halogen light bulb, spot light, fluorescent light bulb are been categorized as light bulb. So, how do they manage the light bulbs inventory? The maintenance will keep additional one (1) par of light bulbs in the store.

The Majestic Malacca maintenance style of duty is On-Call Method so, when ever there's a call from the Front Office or Housekeeping reporting defects on light bulb the duty man will immediately fix the problem. Based on the maintenance experience, there will be approximately 5 to 10 light bulbs defect in a day hence the inventory for light bulbs will be done it on monthly basis and this go same with the department ordering of light bulbs. The expenditure for light bulbs per month is around RM770.00 so; in one (1) year period the total expenditure for light bulbs will be RM9, 240.00 where it was the second highest after POMEC contract fees in year July 2009 till August 2010. This shows that the light bulb in The Majestic Malacca was not properly managed. ( [5] )

To avoid high expenditure on light bulbs, the authors suggest that the maintenance in The Majestic Malacca conduct a monitoring process on light bulbs and try to find out what is the main problem that causes the light bulb fuse then try to find the best way to solve this problem. For example, is the bulb fuse cause by different voltage from the supply and the bulb watt? Or maybe is just because of the life spending of the bulb or maybe the quality of the bulb. These are the things the maintenance needs to monitor for improvement and it may reduce the cost for purchasing light bulbs.

3.0 Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a process of monitoring, inspection and providing care to the machine and equipment before the machine or equipment occur problem and develop into major defects.( [6] ) Preventive maintenance can be divided into two (2) types which will be Planned Maintenance and Condition-Base Maintenance (CBM). The difference between these two (2) maintenance is the determination of time, when is the moment to perform it. ( [7] ) The objective for both these types of Preventive Maintenance is to reduce energy cost, reduce maintenance cost with less labour, to last long the life spend of the machines or and equipments, increase guests comfort and reduce guest complains and lastly to have the abilities turn it off when its not been use or on when there are any emergency.( [8] )

Planned Maintenance is similar to Schedule Maintenance, the function of it is to plan out the schedule on a particular machine or equipment for service. For example, this quote "Be Prepare" by Bandon Power, is like servicing the car before break down of the engine event there is no problem occur. In The Majestic Malacca, most of the machines and equipments are applying this maintenance method. For CBM method, it helps to alert an alarm to the people showing that the problem is going to happen soon and there must be action been taken. For example, when a car front light life spend is going off, the light will be dimmer than it should be and that shows the light bulb need to be fix. ( [9] ) In the report, the authors will further explain much detail about the methods of maintenance for each machine and equipment in The Majestic Malacca is been using.

In The Majestic Malacca, most of the machines and equipments are out sourcing and this Preventive Maintenance will be conducted by the contractor. The lists below are few of the parts that are managed via Preventive Maintenance:

3.1 Generator Set

3.2 Water Plumbing

3.3 Pool System

3.4 Elevator & Fire Alarm System

3.5 TV Room

3.1 Generator Set

In The Majestic Malacca there is only one (1) generator set located at the new building, first floor, on the left side of the building. The generator set is manufacture by Volvo and is running at 415kw (industrial supply) for 6 to 7 hours, if there is a power supply break down from TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) and it needs approximately 800 Litter of petrol to run. So, how does the maintenance apply preventive maintenance on this generator? First and foremost, this generator is out sourcing the contractor will check the generator in monthly basis with our qualified charge man from the YTL Hotel, En Shamsudin. On the other hand, the maintenance will check the generator room three (3) times in a day to make sure that there is no any defects. ( [10] ) For example, the level of moisture and the cleanliness in the generator room.

The advantages of out sourcing of this generator set are, the contractor know better on how to maintain the machine because the generator company have people from the expert field to help on the checking and the other advantage is The Majestic Malacca doesn't need to hire a person just to maintain the generator because it occur another salary and wages expenditure. From the POMEC statement, the authors are able to justify that there are no cost spend on the generator.

For the disadvantages, one (1) of it is the down time of the generator. So far in the history, since The Majestic Malacca open up in year 2007 the generator was not been used up till today. There were no power failure in the pass before, therefore the maintenance department not sure about the down time period. ( [11] )

3.2 Water Plumbing

The Majestic Malacca water supply comes from the SAM (Syarikat Air Melaka) and the water will be filter before storing in the water tank. The maintenance conducts preventive maintenance by checking the water supply and the high pressure motor pump everyday, three (3) times in a day. In routine, the duty man will start to operate the filtration manually to clean the water that supply directly from SAM, three (3) days once. This process will take around 30 minutes just to clean up the water, then it will store in the primary water tank before sending up to the storage tank.

In every water plumbing system, there are two (2) high pressure motor pumps, this is one (1) of the preventive maintenance method. From the authors understanding, Preventive Maintenance is to inspect and monitor before the problem occur. As a result, that is why there are two (2) motors in every water plumbing system. For example, if the water plumbing system only locates one (1) motor and when there is a breakdown of the motor take place the water supply will stop and it will cause lots of complain from the guests. Hence, to prevent this type of malfunction that is why there are two (2) motors in every water plumbing system and it will help before the guest starts to complain. In long run, the out source contractor will do a service every month on the motor pump. This principle also applies to hot and cold water supply, kitchen water supply and pool system as well.

After the water has been filtered and store in the primary tank, the motor pump will pump the water up to the storage tank where the tank is located on the roof top. Before, sending the water down to the guest room the water will be separated to two (2) different areas which will be the water heater and water cooler. The Preventive Maintenance applies to this area as well, by setting up two (2) motors pump at the water heater and water cooler section. However, for the kitchen, the water supply will directly come from the primary tank where there is another special filter just only to clean water for the kitchen use.

3.3 Pool System

The function of the pool system in The Majestic Malacca runs from the storage tank to another tank called, pool storage tank where it located at the basement of the hotel. This pool system in The Majestic Malacca is by out sourcing. Even is it by out sourcing the maintenance duty man also does inspection every day on the motor pump and also the pool filter, with a basis of three (3) times in a day. By doing inspection everyday on the pool system, it may maintain the cleanliness of the pool. For the out source contractor, the contractor will clean and insert chlorine into the pool system. This cleaning service will be done one (1) time in three (3) days and this cost around RM160.00 per month (RM1,920.00 per year). From the authors opinion, this cost can be eliminate because to conduct a pool cleaning is not a major task even a duty man can do it and the pool in The Majestic Malacca is not an olympic size pool.

3.4 Elevator and Fire Alarm System

How does the fire alarm system works in The Majestic Malacca? After from the tour at The Majestic Malacca, the authors have a better picture on how does the fire alarm system works. The authors was been showed from the fire water tank till all the way to the control panel, where it is located at the back-of-house. The water tank for the fire alarm system is different from the water supply for guest rooms and other place in the hotel, the water is supply direct from SAM (Syarikat Air Melaka) and the water will not go through any filtration. From the water tank the water is separated into three (3) areas, which are the fire hose, water sprinkle and the hose rail. And all the areas have two (2) motor pumps to run, same principle from water plumbing system for the reason of preventive maintenance.

The way of preventive maintenance apply on elevator and fire alarm system, is conducted by the JBM together with the out source contractor because they have the knowledge on all the parts. This preventive maintenance is conducted in monthly basis by the contractor and is given license by the JBM in yearly basis.

For the out sourcing contractor, the contractor will visit The Majestic Malacca every month to inspect all the fire alarm system and equipments. The contractor will start off by checking all the fire extinguishers then continue with the alarm siren, this is just a half inspection. For a full inspection, the JBM will check the entire fire alarm system in The Majestic Malacca. The JBM will start inspection from the fire water tank to all the hose and to all the smoke detector in the building and lastly the elevator.

Then the authors were allowed to the room floor, to have a look on the flow switch, water sprinkle and the smoke detector. How does the maintenance prevent the smoke detector to get malfunction? For example, from the author experience the out source contractor and the JBM (Jabatan Bomba Malaka) will conduct the inspection in monthly basis, by infusing some smoke at the smoke detector and see whether is there any alert sign at the control panel.

Therefore, if The Majestic Malacca fire system is qualifies then only the JBM will approve the license to The Majestic Malacca or the other way around.

3.5 TV Room

The TV Room in The Majestic Malacca is located at the roof top of the building, it received channels from two (2) media companies which is Astro (out source) and an internal supply (which the maintenance duty man can't provide the information, due to P&C). ( [12] ) The maintenance duty man will monitor the temperature of the TV Room, three (3) times in a day due to its location because the there are more than 40 decoders in that tiny room. If the TV Room is not been monitor, there might have a chance of starting off the fire in the room. So, this is a preventive maintenance method to prevent any problem occur before it happen.

4.0 Remedial / Corrective Maintenance

Remedial Maintenance is also known as Corrective Maintenance. This type of maintenance happens when there are some failures or breakdowns of machines and equipments. It is not schedule maintenance, when there are any problems occur the maintenance duty man must attend to the problem immediately. For example, when room attendant report bulb fuse in the guest room the maintenance duty man must change a new light bulb immediately, this is to avoid any guest complain. According to the maintenance duty man that the authors interviewed, there are few remedial maintenance are been conduct in the past at The Majestic Malacca. Below are list of sections that the maintenance duty man apply the remedial maintenance.

4.1 PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange)

4.2 Sewage System

4.3 Air Condition

4.1 PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange)

PABX is a telephone system used in a business environment, it connect multiple telephone line and distribute to multiple telephone line in a private company. This PABX System not only connected to telephone but also fax machines, credit card machines and internet modems. For this PABX System, it automatically connects to where the caller wants. On the other hand, it is different from a Key System where the caller needs to key in manually to connect to another telephone. ( [13] )

So what happened in The Majestic Malacca was, there was a PABX break down five (5) months ago around end of June. When this break down happened, the entire hotel experience a communication breaks down including the internet and The Majestic Malacca loss lots of business on that day. So, the maintenance duty man call the contractor immediately and around evening time the PABX was fixed. Therefore, this was an unforeseeable situation that the maintenance duty man must act on that spot to settle the problem.

4.2 Sewage System

There are two (2) Sewage Systems in The Majestic Malacca, one (1) is the main sewage and the other one (1) is indoor sewage. The main sewage runs from the guest rooms out to the main sewage where it located out side of the building. This sewage will be collected every month by Indah Water. However, the indoor sewage runs from the employee locker room to indoor sewage where it located at the basement of the hotel. The indoor sewage system operates by using a floating motor pump, when the sewage arise and touches the float it will automatically start pump out the sewage to the main sewage.

Basically, the maintenance duty man will check the sewage everyday, three (3) times in a day. The authors could say that, the maintenance department didn't practice preventive maintenance on this system because there was only one (1) motor pump located at the indoor sewage system. And what happened last three (3) months during the night was, the motor pump break down and cause an over flow of sewage at the basement of the hotel. Without any hesitation, the maintenance duty man and the team went and pump the sewage out. This is a remedial maintenance that happened to the sewage system in The Majestic Malacca.

Finally, the hotel bought two (2) new motor pumps to replace the old one. One (1) is for the replacement and the other one (1) is for standby as preventive maintenance.

4.3 Air Condition System

For A/C System in The Majestic Malacca, is run by using computerize semi-centralize system. For example, the out door compressors are divided into few groups. It is separated into 4 sections, Basement and Ground floor (Compressor A), 1st and 2nd floor (Compressor B), 3rd, 4th and 5th (Compressor C) floor, 6th, 7th and 8th (Compressor D)and lastly 9th and 10th floor (Compressor E). For the out sourcing part, the contractor will do the servicing once a month (Preventive Maintenance).

So what was the remedial maintenance that happened on the air condition in The Majestic Malacca? When every time there are any calls from either the room attendants or the front office department, the maintenance duty man will immediately fixed the problem. Normally, the duty man will check the power current first, to see whether it's a power break down or maybe is just a blockage at the air filter. Then the duty man will take action on it, by switching back the power supply or remove the air filter.

On the other hand, there was another issue where the corner room is not cold. So what happened was, The Majestic Malacca guest rooms that located at the left and right side of the new building always have complains about the air condition is not cold either not working. The reason of why the corner rooms were always warm is there's an additional window in all the corner room. Therefore, there will be additional sun light coming from outside which causes the room warmer.

As a result, the maintenance duty man starts doing measurement on the room temperature (see appendix p. x) and the maintenance department came out an idea, which is by drawing in cool air from the corridor air condition system (see appendix p. xi). The contractor and the maintenance, work hand-to-hand to fix the problem by building an additional air way from the corridor to the corner room. At the beginning, the maintenance cut down the ceiling and the contractor start putting up the new air way from the corridor air condition system to the corner room. Hence, there will be additional air coming from the corridor to the room that makes it much cooler than before this is part of Schedule Maintenance.

Finally, the out source contractor took approximately one (1) month to finish up the modification, which cost a big bomb to the hotel, RM160,000.00. However, by doing the modification even it's costly but still is worth it in long run and now there were lesser guests complain about the room temperature.( [14] )

5.0 Report & Metric

5.1 POMEC Report

The Majestic Malacca


Total Room in Hotel


Room Available


Room Sold


Room Occupancy


Average Rate


Rm Rev Per Available Room (Rev)


Payroll & Related Expenses


Salaries & Wages

Contract Labor

Employee Meals

Human Resources

Employee Benefit

Total Payroll & Related Expenses

Other Expenses



Uniform, Laundry & Dry Cleaning



Supplies, Printing & Stationery



Travel Expenses



Engineering Tools & Supplies



Telephone Equipment



Furniture & Furnishing



Floor & wall



Curtains Draperies & awnings



Painting & Decorating



Electrical & Mech. Equipment



Plumbing & Heating



Repair & Maintenance



Guest room accessories



Air Cond & Refrigeration



Office & Other Equipment



Lifts & Elevators









Fire Extinguisher & Blanket



Vehicle Equipment



Swimming Pool



POMEC Contract



Kitchen Equipment



Sports & Leisure Equipment



TV & Audio visual



Contract Services






Electric Bulbs






Total Other Expenses



Total Prop Oper. Expenses



Replacement Reserve



Energy Cost


Electricity -TMM



Fuel Oil



Fuel Gas









Electrical Inspection



Total Energy Cost



As per the POMEC Report given by The Majestic Malacca, the total cost for the year 2009 - 2010 was RM 505, 452. 00. The total cost is divided into two (2) parts which will be the total expenditure cost, RM 54,852.00 and the total energy cost, RM 450, 600. 00. In the report, the authors can see that POMEC contract was the highest expenditure among all the expenditure cost, at RM 11, 400. 00 and the electric light bulb come on second, at RM 9, 240.00. For the energy cost, electricity was the highest, at RM 408, 000. 00 and fuel gas come in second, at RM 21, 960. 00.

At the expenditure cost, the POMEC stand the highest is because most of the machines and equipments are out sourcing. Due to the size of the hotel, why doesn't the hotel hire a skillful and knowledgeable employee to control the machines and equipments so that the POMEC contract cost can be cut down by changing it to salary to an employee. For the light bulbs, the cost is the second highest among all the expenditure. Every month, averagely the hotel spends around RM 770. 00 for light bulbs but there were no records or metric to determine that there were lots of bulb fuse in the past. So, the authors were not sure on how the maintenance budget their cost for light bulbs. There is another cost in the report is not relevant to what the maintenance has told us, is the generator servicing part. The maintenance duty man said that the contractor for generator set will do the servicing every month but in the POMEC report there were no cost incurred at the generator set column. Even in the contract service column there were no cost incurred too.

6.0 Recommendation & Discussion

6.1 Advantages of out sourcing

In general, the authors feel that most of the machines and equipments needed a skillful person or specialize company to handle all the machines and equipments. For example, generator set, motor pump, fire alarm system and air condition system which The Majestic Malacca needed assistant from the out source contractor. Through out sourcing, it also will cut down the responsibilities of the internal maintenance and fully put the contractor in charge of everything. On the other hand, the authors suggest that there are some parts in the hotel can be done internally and not by out sourcing. For example, the pool system which the hotel could save the money on this part of the system, same goes to the air condition service part. For the human resources part, the hotel can save up on the employee cost for the reason that no need to hire specialize or qualify people just to standby on the site.( [15] )

6.2 Disadvantages of out sourcing

After the authors' discussion, the authors feel that the most disadvantages is about the cost because the hotel need to spend a big amount of money for out sourcing. Maybe the price can be reduced or the inspection schedule can cut down, example the generator because it doesn't function most of the time. Secondly, is about emergency time which it is very time consuming for the contractor to reach the site immediately. Lastly, by the help from out sourcing sometimes there will be some misunderstanding between two (2) parties such as, renewing contract, lack of communication, poor quality and delay of service.( [16] )

7.0 Conclusion

After the authors have gone through the interview and the tour in The Majestic Malacca, which guided by En Amirrudin and En Arrifin. This tour has given the authors a clearer picture of how the property is being maintained, from the generator set, water plumbing system, pool system, elevator and fire alarm system, TV room, PABX, sewage system and air conditioned system in the property. Hence, the authors would like to share what have been learned in the report.

The Majestic Malacca did not practice CMMS or EMS for inventory, but on the other hand The Majestic Malacca is using Physical Inventory as the property is smaller than other YTL Hotels. To be specific, the maintenance department is using Specific Commodity Inventory, where the inventory is divided into categorizing the materials and stocks.

The authors also being exposed to the types of maintenance used in The Majestic Malacca which is the Preventive Maintenance. This is due to its cost saving method, which fixing it before it need to be fixed. Remedial Maintenance also plays an important part in The Majestic Malacca, as to act immediately when there is any problem occurred.

Based on the POMEC report given by The Majestic Malacca, it clearly shows that most of the expenses are spend on the POMAC contracts, engineering tools & supplies, swimming pool service and elevators service, in the total of RM 22, 680 per year. Apparently, most of the machines and equipments are being outsourced. As a result to reduce the cost, the authors suggested that there are some parts in the hotel that can be done internally and not by out sourcing. Why spend more if the duty man can do it? This issue can be avoided and all the unnecessary cost can be abolished. For example things such as pool maintenance, can be done by The Majestic Malacca duty man just by providing the duty mans some training. In return, The Majestic Malacca can spend or developed in other areas of the hotel.

This same goes to other machines and equipments like air condition system, TV system and so on around the hotel, whereby all the machines and equipments have been out source to the contractor since opening. Again, to send the maintenance duty man for equipment training can help out in long term period and the hotel will not rely on out sourcing anymore. By doing this, it will shows a big improvement on the costing part.

Through out the reports, the authors have learned the inventory method in The Majestic Malacca, types of maintenance and suggested few ideas to improve. Moreover, if The Majestic Malacca followed what have been suggested, it completely will helps in increasing the hotel revenue.