Heat Ventilation And Air Conditioning System Engineering Essay

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In hospitality industries providing a safe, comfortable environment for our guest and employees are the few concerns. To create a comfortable environment for the guest and employees we would need to have a great system where it can provide good ventilation and temperature.

The system we chosen for the hotel rooms come with various features which could effectively cut down on the energy consumption. With the latest technology the controller would be equipped with an advanced eco-mode system so that guests can play their part in protecting the environment.

Heating & Cooling System

Outdoor Unit

Brand: Diakin (Centralized Systems)

Model & Type: UWYP Series Air Cooled water chillers

Cost: US$12000/++ (Refer to Appendix)R-407C: UWYP Series R-22: UWY Series

UWYP series are energy-saving, equipped with air-cooled heat pump system units which are an economical way to provide a reliable supply of hot and cold water. Highly efficient and compact since no cooling tower is required, they are suitable for hotel building air-conditioning. Maintenance of the system are simple and high performance parts are been use in the system to provide a reliable system. This unit will be place on the roof top where it would save up space and keep the noise level of the unit down to the minimum while on operation.

UWYP would be running as a centralized system, supplying to the hotel and the system is capable in providing both hot and cool water to the indoor package unit where guest would get to adjust their temperature according to the season of the country.

Indoor Unit

Package unit are chosen to supply the hotel because they are well hidden either in HVAC room or on top of the ceiling. Maintenance for the unit is much easier as compared to PTAC which require frequent service when it's used frequently.

Location: Lobby & Corridor Area

Brand, Model & Type: Daikin, FVY (P) J, Water-Cooled Package Air-Conditioner

Cost: US$6000/++ (Refer to Appendix)http://www.daikin.com/global_ac/products/commercial/package/images/outline/m_02.jpg

FVY would provide improved operational efficiency plus lower noise emission and vibration as they are using a low-vibration scroll compressor. Using this system for the big hotel lobby would be cost efficient as we would only need one unit to supply the area instead of installing one unit at every corner of the hotel lobby. The system would be fitted in a HVAC room where ducting would be connected and air would be supply to each different area of the hotel lobby.

Location: Hotel Guest Room

Brand, Model & Type: Daikin, FDBG60AVE, Package Unit Duct-Connected Series Air-Conditioners

Cost: US$2000/++(Refer to Appendix)

Branch piping kitLow-Static Pressure Type

FDBG60AVE which operate quietly would be suitable for hotel room as it would not disturb guest when it is running. System would be able to heat and cool up the room easily due to its large BTU. Moreover, the system itself is compact and quiet, has almost no effect on a room's appearance as it would be installed above the ceiling where duct would be connected to supply air into the room. Using this separate system guest would be able to control the temperature according to their own preference.


Brand: Daikin

Model: VKM-GAM

Cost: US$1500/++ (Refer to Appendix)

VKM-GAM would ventilate and recovers heat energy lost through ventilation. It holds down room temperature changes caused by ventilation, thereby maintaining a high-air-quality environment for the guest. Guest checking in the room would not feel warm, cool, humid and etc. The model below is equipped with DX-coil and humidifier which recovers heat energy lost through ventilations and curbs room temperature changes by ventilation, thereby conserving energy and reducing the load on the air conditioning system. Furthermore, it can be interlocked to the indoor system and automatically switches over ventilation mode by the centralised remote controller or system.

Image of HRV with DX-coil and humidifier


Connection Diagram

Night Free Cooling Operation

During night time, when temperature are lower outside the night-time free cooling operation reduces the cooling load when air conditioners are turned on in the morning. It also alleviates feelings of discomfort in the morning caused by heat accumulated during the night. This would be effective for an empty unoccupied room where air-conditioner can be turn off while maintaining the room temperature.

With this technology, the empty room accumulated heart is discharged at night. This reduces the air conditioning load the next day thereby increasing efficiency. Illustrations showing how the function discharges the heat at night and reduces the air condoning load the next day.

Supply & Return


Cost: US$1/++ per square meter (Refer to Appendix)

Duct would be used for the indoor unit air as the package units are hidden up the ceiling. It would be used to direct air supply to hotel lobby and rooms.

General Rules for duct design:

Air should be conveyed as directly as possible to save space, power and material.

Sudden changes in directions should be avoided. When not possible avoid sudden changes, tuming vanes should be used to reduce pressure loss.

Air velocities should be within permissible limits to reduce noise and vibration

Duct material should be as smooth as possible to reduce frictional losses. ws-lw45ovalstackwsduct

Grilles and Diffusers

Cost: US$15/++ (Refer to Appendix)

Grills and diffusers would be installed at the room-end of a piece of duct. Grills are perforated coverings like screens that may be used on both the supply and return ducts in the hotel. Diffusers which are only used only on the supply ducts and provides even air flow, less breezy and quieter would be used in the hotel lobby and corridors. http://img.hisupplier.com/var/userImages/old/chenqinjing/chenqinjing$122121049.jpghttp://image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00UeCQbyhFkHcA/Grilles-Double-Deflection-Supply-Grille.jpg




Cost: US$60/++ (Per Piece) (Refer to Appendix)

Mechanical activated charcoal paper filters would be used to remove pollutants or odours in the air so as to maintain a fresh and clean air supply. Activated charcoal filter would traps odours, cleaning chemicals and cigarette smoke in the filter effectively.

Using the charcoal filter would allow guest to enjoy their room without any odours or smoke smell which was left over by the previous guest http://microwaveglasstrays.com/shop/images/jx81b.jpg

Heating & Cooling System Controller

Location : Facilities Department (Air-Conditioning Management System )

Brand: Daikin

Cost: US$40000/++ (Depending on Set-Up) (Refer to Appendix)

The network system would be manage d and operated in an appropriate manner by the facilities engineer. Promoting the systemization of control management not only improves efficiency, but also represents a number of possibilities in terms of convenience. The system itself would allow the facilities department to better track their service interval, breakdown unit and temperature set in the property. http://www.daikin.com/global_ac/products/network_solution/i_touch/features/web/images/web02.gif

The controller below will be connected to the air conditionings which are linked to a central computer where it can be controlled elsewhere and malfunction reports can be reported to a mobile phone, tablets or any other device. It can also be linked up to the agent where troubleshooting would be much easier as they could see what is wrong with the unit. http://www.daikin.com/global_ac/products/network_solution/i_touch/images/index01.jpg


This unit above would be connected in each level where housekeeper in-charge of the level would better monitor the HVAC system. If there's any alert housekeeper would be able to check with the facilities department on the downtime and action taken.

Brand: Lennox

Location: Guest Room

Model : iComfort Wi-Fi

Cost: U$230/++ (Refer to Appendix)

The controller would be place in each guest room where they can synchronise their gadget upon check-in and they will get to set their room temperature and play their part to save energy from anywhere, using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. During a hot day, guest would be able to pre-on the air-conditioner unit using their gadget before they are heading back to their room.

Moreover, the system have remote access, along with live weather forecast and automatic updates offers a level of convenience that goes degrees beyond what's possible with a standard thermostat. Save energy from anywhere. icomfort WI-FI. See the Video

Features of iComfort Wi-Fi

Remote Access

Cloud connectivity lets guest adjust temperature and play their part by control energy costs from anywhere.


Guest can program their schedule into the system so that the HVAC will turn on whenever as scheduled.

Simple Touchscreen Interface

It acts like the product we use every day. Guest just touch where they want to start and they have instant and easy access to many innovative possibilities of the device.

Weather -On-Demand

Provides the forecast right on the screen. One touch guest would be able to see the 5 day forecast.

Alerts and Reminders

Sent to the network system linked to the facilities department if there's a problem with the system or maintenance is required.

Customizable Skins

Allow us to cover and protect the thermostat with our choice of any artwork, It would nicely blend in with the room design.

Electrical Systems


Brand: Phillips (LED)

Cost: US$15-$40/++

A hotel room is somewhere guests call their home, if only for one night. They should feel comfortable and at ease at all times, with the option to work productively, relax or be entertained. Lighting lets them alter the mood as often as they require.

The hotel would be using Light Emitting Diodes for the room as they are highly efficient, save energy, low operating cost, very little heat is generated and they have a lives excess of 50000 hours.

Below would be a few selections which were chosen for our room.

eW Cove QLX Powercore

• High quality and quantity of white or solid colour light

• Wall/ceiling glow effects, wall washing, and indirect lighting

• Guaranteed uniformity and consistency of hue and colour


• 80% energy saving

• Complete design concept

• Dimmable for scene setting


• Wide range, and wide choices

• Dimmable

• Up to 80% energy saving vs halogen

Dynalite controls

• Create the perfect ambience for the activity

• Consistent user interface for all ambient functions

• Energy savings without concession to guest experiences

iW Cove MX Powercore

• High performance tunable white light

• Create different ambiences during the day

• Continuous streams of light in curves/complex geometries


• Scene setting: warm and cool white, dimmable spot

• Up to 80% energy saving (vs. 50W halogen lamp)

• Less maintenance costs due to long lifetime

Even though LED initial cost is higher as compared to other type of lamps but expected payback time would be 9months though their yearly energy savings.

Lighting Controlling Operation

Programmable Lighting Control System

Brand: Philips

Model: Philips Dynalite Control System

Often found in public spaces in hotels and, on a smaller scale, in restaurants to provide present lighting designs to achieve certain effects. The system will be linked up to the facilities department where they would programme and control the lights on and off at present times or depending on the weather. During a sunny day where natural light will shine into the lobby and room lights can be switch off or dim so as to save up energy cost.

Occupancy Sensors

Brand: Philips

Model: OccuSwtich

Cost: US$20/++

OccuSwitch Wireless Occupancy Sensor is an advance wireless system that automatically turns lights off when the room is unoccupied, saving energy and helping to create a more sustainable environment.