Emerging Technologies The Nanotechnology And Brain Gate Technology Engineering Essay

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Our human brain is still an area to be explored. It still is a mystery how it works and how well we can use it.

It is a known thing that all of us are not using the full abilities of brain. With technology backing us we can use our brain well, especially in the field of communication. All know that brain is the place where all thoughts are born. Most of us have a problem to deliver those thoughts to others. This paper eradicates such problems as we directly communicate with our thoughts.

In some situations, even the experts under pressure can't handle the situations. They sure have the solution but can't communicate with others. But by using the above idea present in this paper we can solve such situations with ease.


The Brain Gate is used to make our brain to receive signals from outside, and by converting it into electric signals so that our brain can understand it and vice versa. We accomplish this through Microprocessors.

The system currently consists of a chip implanted in the patient's brain that is linked by cables to a set of computers on a cart. The device translates the brain's intention to move into a signal that can be read by a computer; the computer then completes that action.


Over the past we had lot of persons trying to communicate with animals like monkeys and dolphins through some specially designed transmitters but the success rate is quite low.

Now scientists are trying to use the brain gate technology, where a single chip of 4mm2 of area is to be inserted in our brain. They even have tested it on monkeys and they hope for doing the same for us.

The drawbacks of the past and the present methods are quite clear to us.

We can not invest a huge amount to produce the specially designed signal transmitter that we used in the past. And also it is a one way communication where we can only send signals and can not receive.

The present technology helped a handless monkey being gifted with an artificial arm made of steel and the monkey was able to control it through the Brain Gate chip which was implanted into its brain.

The drawbacks of this technology are that it uses wires to transmit the signals from the chip to the particular receiver and the most dangerous thing is that we have to operate the chip into a persons head. Thus it will be very hard and risky to do that. The wires might cause damage to the brain.

If a failure occurs the chip may affect the functioning of brain. Again it is difficult for us to operate and remove the chip.


This paper describes a new approach to the brain gate technology. As it is hard to operate ourselves for the sake of fixing a chip, we can make the chip to go to the destination by itself.

The solution to this is to have a Nano robot which has the brain gate chip in it. Thus it will be easy as instead of going for breath taking operations, we will have to just guide the nano robot to go to its destination the Brain Cortex.

At present we have microprocessors which are available at the size ranging from millimeters to micromeres. Thus it will be easy for larger production and implanting them.


The brain gate has a transmitter and receiver in it. It uses wireless technology for signal transmission and receiving. For implanting it is passed into our blood stream. Through our blood stream it will go to the brain cortex and will get attached to the nerves by forming a link with them.

It has a high degree of intelligence being able to differentiate between the different orders (signals) passed to different organs. Also it is able to differentiate between order signals and normal Signals.

The power required is small and the nano robot itself produces the power from the blood stream movement. There is a small storage place where the nano robot can store the Acetyl colane, which is used to make the neural links.

The nano robot is programmed such that in case of a failure it will remove itself from the brain causing no harm to the person.

The Nano Brain Gate is a hollow, spherical medical nano robot exactly 1 micron in diameter. This nano machine is built of 18 billion precisely arranged structural atoms, and holds an additional 9 billion molecules when it can be loaded with fuel and acetyl colane. Inside, there are three hemispherical storage tanks two cycles acetyl colane storage and one for the Brain Gate chip. Each of these three main storage tanks is constructed of diamondoid honeycomb or a geodesic grid skeletal framework for maximum strength. Thick diamond bulkheads separate internal tankage volumes.


The nano robot once inserted into blood stream moves toward the destination by using the routing map. It gets linked with the nerves in the brain by using the Acetyl colane.

It sends a signal to us as soon as it starts to move in the blood stream. Thus we are able to track its movement. When it gets to the brain, it forms the neural links with the nerves in the cortex region.

It acts as a bypass way for external signals (digital) to brain (electric) and vice versa.

These surround a fourth, spherical ballast-water tank of smaller radius that occupies the center of the nano device. There are twelve pumping stations. The large square area in the middle of each station moistly contains molecular sorting rotors for transferring ballast water in and out of the nano robot. Each station has its own independent 0.3 - Pico watt power plant, plus a fuel tank, environmental glucose sensors, and glucose sorting rotors. Power is generated by combining glucose absorbed from the bloodstream with oxygen drawn from internal storage. Any one station acting alone can generate sufficient energy to power the entire Nano robot.

Nano robot in brain cortex region


1. Brain-Machine Interface:

The nano brain gate can receive signals from the machines around the person and convey them to the person and similarly can convey his commands (thoughts) to the machines around him, provided the machines have a receiver as well as a transmitter. The brain gate converts the

Digital signal into electric signal and the electric signal into digital signal.

The transmitter has a encoder and the receiver has a decoder which are programmed earlier for the commands.

For example for all the machines two commands are the same and the are On and Off. By this application the physically challenged will be more beneficial as they can easily operate the machines in their house without any help.

The receivers are programmed such that they will obey only the commands from a particular brain gate and can't be hacked. The range of Brain gate control is constrained to a particular value based upon the needs.

By this brain machine interface we can control the machines in the Power plants especially Nuclear and Thermal from a remote place.

It also reduces the need for an alarm circuit as the alarm signal is directly fed to person who is in charge either he is awake or asleep. It reduces the fear of disasters which normally occurs as the alarm is not responded by the person in charge. In nuclear power plants the person can directly communicate and control machines which reduce the human power.

Thus the brain machine interface saves human power in places where it is hazardous for humans.

2. Brain-Brain Interface:

We always wanted others to understand our feelings. Even though we communicate through languages and hand signs, the receiver may not understand what is being said actually. The Brain Gate technology overcomes these drawbacks because the signal passed is from our brain and received and sent to brain of another person.

This might revolutionize the field of communication, once we can implant a brain gate in every person. Then there will be no need of languages and most of the communications technology now exists will be beaten. The communication will go to a next level where all of the people even the dumb people can communicate with us with no difficulty.

With improvement in technology we can extend the brain gate range from earth to astronauts or from here we can control the machines in outer space even without going there.

3. Human life saver:

The most amusing application of the nano brain gate is human life saving. During times of natural calamities it is hard to detect people who are living but can not be seen by eyes, say under some rumble. We have some advanced technologies to detect them, but their life depends upon how quick the authorities take action.

By using the nano brain gate, we use a small flying nano robot which has an infrared sensor and a camera to detect people. It will be sending signals to us for locating it. Once a living person is detected the authority chief who has the Nano brain gate, will track the nano robot and will know the exact position of the person and can take immediate action.

4. Brain tumor removal:

The hardest operation is the removal of the tumor (blood clot) in brain as it needs experience and high attention. For such cases we have to insert a nano brain gate and a group of nano robots which have to be capable of breaking the clots into smaller and carrying them back outside. Here the nano brain gate controls all the nano robots by guiding them to the location of the clot which is located before inserting them into the patient's body. Number of nano robots we need to insert depends on the clot size we are handling and the size is measured using the present technology. Similarly we can use the nano robots to remove the clots not only in brain but also in any parts.

We can also help the people who are paralyzed, as we can remove the clot in the brain gradually by a small number of robots as it is difficult as well as dangerous to get inside brain.

Thus that will help the people to regain the lost control of their paralyzed organs.

We can also prevent the leakage of blood, by monitoring the activities of the brain and we can take necessary steps to avoid high blood pressure.

In future, if we are going to implant a nano brain gate in every person's brain we can have an additional nano robot, which is specifically designed for monitoring the brain and is controlled by the nano brain gate. Also if either the nano brain gate or the nano robot or both of them fail the damaged one will come out of our body. If nano brain gate comes out, obviously the nano robot has to come out. By doing this the future men will be free from all brain diseases.


With developing technology we had always made the impossible into the possible. Nanotechnology seems to be a promising one that we can combine it with any technology that is existence now and can have better uses.

For example we have DLNA technology now but not used anywhere. If we combine the Nano Brain Gate with it we may provide a chance for the physically challenged to control their organs; the problem in most cases of the physically challenged are that the commands (signals) from the brain are not reaching the respective organs.

By using the DLNA-Nano Brain Gate we can have a receiver as a router to the organ. The work of receiver is simple, to collect the commands from the brain (nano brain gate chip) and just to deliver them to the organs, which makes them to work as the normal ones.