An Overview Of Subsequent Fume Scrubber Engineering Essay

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Mounting pollution of the environment anticipated to the speedy augment in environmental health and government regulations, the surroundings are very perilous for the species on earth to endure, therefore to enhance the environmental conditions the subsequent fume scrubber were utilized. Scrubbers are intended to proficiently extravagance and eliminate toxic fumes from the business generating toxic gases which bring about reduction in ozone layer and green house effect.

Scrubbers are miniature in volume and can be positioned where appropriate. Making use of a distinctive tube surrounded by a tube propose, it has been build from plastic acid and alkali resistant material that permits it designate efficiently indulged and eliminate up to 95% of fumes gases.

It specifications comprise of: -

  • 4 nozzles

  • 152cm height of the scrubber

  • 2litres/min scrubbing liquid flow

  • 12.7cm tube OD

Scrubbers are significantly utilized in industrial furnaces, hotel, chemicals process plant, textile mills, boilers, foundry and cement plants. In addition, they are operated in air pollution monitoring equipments, allied industries and vacuum packing. Scrubbers have evident advantages which consist of: -

  • Low pressure depletion and least energy necessity

  • Easy flexibility and high turn down

  • Maintenance free and noiseless operation

  • No man power required

However scrubbers also have certain disadvantages which pursue as: -

  • Attain more space

  • Costly

  • It is not a readymade temperature

Therefore, a preliminary report was carried in order to determine the operations of fume scrubber, ways of improving its design in an effective costly method. Also, its components involve in functioning and its applications.


The aims of this thesis are to present an impression of practical standards functional in the existing invention of scrubbers for livestock manoeuvre, and at hand consequences commencing exploration on one-stage scrubbers pertained and preliminary results. Also, the thesis will contain the way of introducing stage two of my individual project.

Fume scrubber:-

Corresponding to the most recent stage, diverse amount of research has been conducted which comprises of components of fume scrubber as well has categories of scrubber's for instance vertical venture fume scrubber. Furthermore, the amount of data gathered so far helps in doing reasonably fair amount of work regarding the calculations yet at the final stage hasn't been achieved. Besides, a Gantt chart was produced which demonstrates start and finish dates of the fatal elements and review elements of the project as well as comprises of work breakdown structure.

It is an air pollution control device that utilizes an excessive energy liquid spray in order to eradicate aerosol and gaseous pollutants commencing an air stream. However, the gases are removed in two ways which pursue as: -

  • By absorption

  • Chemical reaction

Gases are discharge from the combustion process is conceded by means of tank enclosing a lime substance acknowledged as limestone slurry which can confine and counteract the sulfur dioxide.

Reference: -Kingston University (Internet), available at:





A development of pollution manipulates technology. Its substantial principle in originating a wet scrubber intends to utilize a liquid for immersion that propose a piercing solubility of the pollutant in the gas stream that is being treated as well as maximum gas-liquid contact surface. Whilst mutually both conditions are encountered, resulting in promptly disperse of the pollutant out of the gas phase and absorption into the liquid phase.

Wet scrubber is operated to scrub various pollutants for instance air and dust particles. The operation of wet scrubbing involves contact of particulate matter along with the scrubbing solution for instance water, complex solutions of reagents that particularly aim for firm compounds. In addition to it, in order to enhance the removal efficiency of pollutants, it can be done in two ways which pursue as: -

  • Enlarging residence time in the scrubber

  • Increasing the surface area of the scrubber's solution using spray nozzle, packed towers.

Reference: - Wang, Lawrence k, Pereira, Norman L & Hung, Yung TSE. (2004) Air Pollution Control Engineering (Volume1): Wet Scrubber. USA: Human Press Inc


Dry scrubbers comprises of a chemical insertion zone followed by way of a reaction zone where the pollutant in the gas essence treated counters with the alkali. Dry scrubbing involves two standard processes which are at present utilized in industries. Firstly, a dry absorption which introduces powered alkali absorption agent addicted to polluted gas stream. Secondly, semidry; this instills resolute slurry into the polluted gas stream and eliminates the liquid by means of evaporation, parting the vigorous, dry alkali absorption agent. Both the process mention above eradicates alkali agent with an electrostatic precipitator.

Reference: - Wang, Lawrence k, Pereira, Norman L & Hung, Yung TSE. (2004) Air Pollution Control Engineering (Volume1): Dry Scrubber. USA: Human Press Inc

Component of Fume Scrubber:-









It comprises of combination of numerous chemical purposes for scrubbing procedure and water feed in the role of put in for the unnecessary elements to mend downwards which has been set away through outlet port. It is utilized to permit efficient utilization of the regent.


In order to circulate the chemical which has been sprayed via nozzle into the scrubbing tank from the recirculating tank a Recirculating pump is employed.


It is defined as forward curve blade fans which gives off low pressure and consign supplementary amount of air. Furthermore, centrifugal fan facilitates to bypass the polluted air via liquid nozzle drenched by nozzle.


The inner of the tank is enveloped in the midst of acid proof for instance acid brick and it is a location where scrubbing development takes place. Scrubbing tank break free toxic material and gases from air.


Perform as a filter which eliminates the globules and dirt elements.


Blower a component which purposes an essential function is utilized for the extraction and release of the air.


Its function is to accumulate all the polluted gases and dispatch all the gases to the scrubbing tank.



The figure above shows the operation of the Wet type Vertical Fume Scrubber. In this the contaminated air is entering from down as shown this is because of the blower. Here the blower is used for the suction of contaminated air and discharge of almost pure air. The air which is sucked is passed through scrubbing tank where scrubbing process is carried out. In this the air is passed through packing media and water or chemical fluid (liquid used for magnifying the chemical) is sprayed from the spray nozzle from the top with the help of recirculating pump. When the dust in the polluted air gets in contact with the water the dust becomes heavy and due to the gravitational force settles down in the recirculating tank. And when the chemical in the polluted air gets in contact with the chemical fluid the chemical becomes magnified and then the pure air is passed through mist eliminator so that further any vapour left is collected and pure air is discharged from the outlet.