The Internal Department Communication

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1) Executive Summary:-

1.1) Objectives:-The objectives are used to analysis the situation and conditions of Clean Corp and what are the lacking of their services. Some of them customer complaints. Staff satisfaction, internal training programmers', internal department communication and learning process is not so easy for new staff members. After researching with questionnaire internal and external resources of the companies, I have found that they have very few complaints from customers but their staff member who newly joined the organization is not so satisfied. Like, I have joined this organization few months ago and I am still struggling to handle some situations.

1.2) Critical Actions:-

Plan starts with the thinks about future and present situation first; I identified core purpose, values and strategy for the company. Then I mentioned basic problems of company and give some suggestions that how to solve it. And in what way it will benefit the company, the feedback from questionnaire helped a lot to identifying the problem and finding the better solutions to increase the revenue and customers for the company.

2) Introduction:-

2.1) Setting for the project:-

The setting of the project is quiet appropriate according to the topic of the project. This project includes the information of all business problems that I have selected. As in first part I was told to investigate about the any company or organization. In which I am working and to look at the problems the particular selected business have. As I am currently working in Clean Corp commercial cleaning company. It is a franchisee based business. I work under Jay & Tina Commercial Cleaning services LTD. This assignment is related to my first assignment. In first assignment I selected and pointed out the problems. And now in this assignment I have to discuss about that problems. I have to list out the methods I used to carry out my research and also list out the specific solutions to that problem.

2.2) Problems, opportunity or research questions:-

There were many problems which I founded after completing my research. Some of them were:- Culture, Waste, Motivation, Putting pressure. I have identified various problems in different departments of the organization. These are the basic problems are which are affecting the organization:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of organizational structure
  • Accountability
  • Lack of authority and responsibility

2.3) Value of Research for the organization:-

The research carried out was very helpful. With the help of research the organization made some wonderful changes in their management styles. The management principles used were:- Fayol's fundamental principles of management, Swot analysis, Risk analysis, PEST, Porters 5 Forces, BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Deming wheel.

2.4) Aim and Purpose of the study:-

The main purpose of the all this research is to mentioned and find companies problems and their solutions, and how they can increase their staff and customer satisfaction. The aim of the study was to select any business and identified the business problems in that business. The purpose behind carrying out this study was that firstly to identify problems and then to find possible solutions. The solutions of the problems should be related to management, which should be helpful for the organization.

3) Methodology:-

3.1) Research process used to gather primary data:-

Later than recognizing the problems of this organization I researched different things to determine these problems. After that I chosen an ideal option for this research project which includes, a questionnaire based on organizations problems and used SWOT analysis to gather the relevant information for strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of this organization. I make use of scientific study gathering data that includes, categorize the technique of doing work-in order to get the most important data connected with performance of employees I have researched on the working style of this company.

Time managing- My survey went through the consumption and management of time to get the primary data.

Use of new studies- To gain information about the performance I made use of many experimental and new studies. Like -how the different areas in organization