Ergonomic Desks in the workplace

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In your response to your request that I research ergonomic desks, the following are my findings. Ergonomic desks allow the person to work well while doing office duties without strain while completing tasks. Buyers should know that while purchasing office furniture it is imperative that the employee's are in mind because they are the ones who eventually have to deal with the workload of a demanding company or business.

There have been studies of back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome due to sitting around for long periods of time the use of ergomomic desks reduces these factors thus allowing better posture and less pain for workers. The products shown below display a wide range of necessary functions for allowing this not to happen, with moving desks and comfier surroundings allows employees to better adjust to working for long periods of time.

This is important to the office surrounding simply for the fact that if you have happy workers less issues arise later on down the line and everyone will be more willing to work. rather than complain about working situation or leave a company because they are not up to the ever changing standards of technology.






Ergonomic Computer Desk,72 Lft, 72 Rght, 30 D, Stride Adj Leg, X


o “All leg types are height adjustable, pick the style you prefer

o Advanced ergonomic desk design with enhanced neutral reach zone.

o Height adjustable from 26-32

o Lifetime warranty for workmanship and materials

o Above desk shelves and file pedestals not included

o Ship freight only

“Single-base design provides an effective L shaped station while eliminating the need for both the corner desk component and a return desk. This increases leg clearance under the desk and reduces the cost. Fully Height Adjustable. You may add an adjustable keyboard arm for above and below desk adjustments. because of it's easy height adjustability and designer looks. The special cut out provides up to thirty percent extra work area when compared to a rectangular type of desk.


Ships to Canada and the United States

Workrite Sonoma Premium Dual Surface Equal Corner Bi-Level Workcenter (Height-Adjustable) - SPXXXXXXB

* Workcenter Surface: 42-48" x 42-48" x 24-30"

* Corner Shaped Workcenter

* Includes a dual arm keyboard support that adjusts above and below the rear surface

* Engineered to allow for maximum height variation and superior strength

* Exceptional height range, from a low of 24.25" to a high of 51.5", accomodating people who range from the 5th to 95th percentile in height

* The high performance electric actuator is shrouded in durable, high quality aluminum extrusions that provide excellent strength and rigidity, along with whisper-quiet operation

* Worksurface adjusts at 1.7" per second, with a lifting capacity of 225 lbs

* 3 stage electric lift height adjustment from touch of a button. The control panel has a digital readout that indicates the height position “

The Sonoma Series Premium workcenters have been designed to meet the highest standards of functional and ergonomic performance. They are engineered for maximum sit-to-stand flexibility and are easily configured to fit any office work environment. The Premium series offers the luxury of electrical height adjustment, accomplished simply by the touch of a button. The Dual Surface Workcenter is bi-level and can be adjusted for perfect ergonomic positioning of the monitor and keyboard/writing surface”


Ships to Canada

Ships in 2- 3 weeks

Product 1 Product 2

Ergonomic Computer Desk,72 Lft, 72 Rght, 30 D, Stride Adj Leg, XWorkrite Ergonomics SPXXXXXXB - Sonoma Premium Dual Surface Equal Corner Bi-Level Workcenter (Height-Adjustable)