Ergonomic chairs in the workplace


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To: Leasa Steadman

As you requested I have researched ergonomic chairs, here are my findings.

Ergonomic chairs are very important pieces of office equipment that should never be overlooked. It is important for people who are seated for long periods of time performing repetitive tasks to be comfortable. This can decrease the chance of office related injury and increase productivity. Chairs should have several adjustable settings such as; backrest, chair seat options, and armrest options. The chair should also meet personal comfort needs and be versatile and adaptable. Add-on options and upgrade components should be available so you can customize the chair to fit a variety of people. Insuring all employees have chairs that fit their needs increases productivity and decreases time off work due to injuries. I have narrowed the choices of ergonomic chairs to two models; Herman Miller Embody Chair and HAG Capisco 8106.

The first, Herman Miller Embody Chair is designed with a back shaped like a spine. It adapts to your movements to keep your spine aligned. This chair has seven adjustable features allowing you to adjust the set depth so as to accommodate all leg lengths, seat height, adjustable arm width and height, tilt tension, and tilt limiter. This chair is designed to adjust to fit all body shapes, size, postures, and spinal curves. The Embody chair has many benefits; firstly, it is specifically designed for people who work at computers all day. The pixilated support creates a seat and back that adjusts to your every movement and evenly distributes your weight. Another benefit of the Embody chair is that it is made from 42% recycled content and 95% of the chair can be recycled at the end of its life. The Embody Chair comes with a 12 year warranty. This product is priced from $1,199.00 to $1,300 depending on fabric and frame choices. The Herman Miller Embody chair can be found at several retail stores in the GTA as well as online; availability depends on sock in the store or warehouse.

The second HAG Capisco 8106 chair was designed with a saddle seat that encourages a natural seated position. The Capisco 8106 has several adjustable features; including seat height, seat depth, backrest height, armrests and tilt resistance. It also has various lift ranges designed to support seated, sit to stand, and standing height working stations. This chair has many benefits to it. It comes in an array of textiles, and adapts well to a variety of working surfaces of different heights. The unique back design supports multiple sitting positions and encourages movement and variation, allowing you to work sitting forwards or sideways. The manufacture offers a 10 year structure and frame warranty. Pricing on this chair depends on your choice of textile and ranges from $1,038.00 to $1,774.00. This chair is available through the 2 day quick ship program depending on stock availability.

After conserving the features of both chairs I recommend Herman Miller's Embody chair. I feel this chair has the best value for its price. Furthermore this product was designed with the environment in mind. Lastly the saddle style seat of the HAG Capisco 8106 may be a difficult transition for some, which could cause problems that ergonomic chairs seek to prevent.


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Andrea Green February 18, 2010 C:\Users\Andrea\Documents\Office Administration Studies\Assingment 2\Ergonomic Chairs.docx

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