Benefits Of Working As A Freelance Writer

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This article supports a theory that explains the Benefits of working as a freelance writer. "what do you mean by the freelance writer?" it is discussed in the first paragraph. Meaning of freelance writing, scope of the freelance writing are also covered in this paper. Like each and every field freelance writing also has some pros and cons, which are also taken into account in this piece of work. "how can a freelance writer avoid those risks?", you will also find this point there and finally I have put some benefits other than the main benefits, which I feel, this field contains.


Meaning of freelance Writer

A freelance writer is a writer who is not committed to a particular company. Freelance writers are self-employed professionals, generally work from home and they are responsible for generating their own work. Writing and editing industries have become very popular for freelance work during the last few years. Now a day it has become a huge market. Freelance writing is being seen as a primary career option by many professionals. Due to which competition has enhanced greatly in this domain. In the early age freelance writers may have considered as inexperienced and unskilled by the people, but the image of freelance writers has changed in the modern era. As now they are considered as highly skilled and educated professionals who are able to provide expert guidance and solution in very short period.


Opportunities Provided by Freelance Writing

This job provides a lot of opportunities for good writers. The present market is very open and if you have ability to write you can prove yourself in this field. Presently, there are many companies in the market which are providing good opportunities to skilled and capable writers and a writer can earn a fair amount by using his capability and knowledge.  This field provides a great opportunity to work with flexibility and freedom. Here, you need not to report to anyone like you have to; when you work in a firm i.e. you are your own boss but to be a successful freelance writer a proper amalgamation of self discipline, commitment and consistency is required. This gives you the prospect to prefer your own decisions to work in the way you want and also provides the option, when and from where you want to work. (Galbraith, 13)


This field gives you the choice to select for whom you want to work and enables you to refuse the job whenever you want. You also have the option to work with more than one employer so that if one of the companies for which you are working is experiencing financial problems and is not able to pay much, you will not be directly affected by this. This could be a great disadvantage when you are a permanent employee of a company. In short, as a freelance writer, your financial growth is independent of company's growth.

Depending upon the capability, freelance writers can earn more on hour basis than the permanent writers of same level. They also have opportunity to come onboard and can negotiate for higher rates. Usually, companies don't have any problem to pay more to freelance writers as employing them greatly reduce the tax burden on the employer as freelance writer has to pay their own tax contrary to the permanent writers of the company.

Another great advantage being a freelance writer is that you can earn a lot by doing extra work. Working as a permanent employee and having a boss, extra work doesn't pay or a very little to you but in case of freelance writer all the money for extra work will come into your pocket.


Risks involved in Freelance writing

By reading above points it seems that freelance writing is very beneficial, isn't it? But like other professions, it is also not free from risks. Now we will focus on those risks.

Freelance writing requires working for many hours in front of computer without any disturbance because of which the freelance writer may feel loneliness and this may lead to lack of motivation and depression which in turn can result in diminution in productivity.

It is not necessary that work will always be available for freelance writer. There is not that much job security in this field. So, a freelance writer must be able to cope with his financial conditions. In present market, there are many fake companies which claim to give you a good pay for work but after taking your services they do not pay.

Being a freelance writer you cannot have the additional benefits like health insurance, pensions etc.

Sometimes there can be situation when you have to make corrections in you assignments according to client's demand. In such a case, sometimes there is a possibility that you may have to work in odd timings. It is good to be your own boss but it also means that you have to find your own clients and work which sometimes can be frustrating and hard work. Another drawback is that you have to make your own schedule which some people may find very difficult to make for themselves.


How to outweigh possible risks

From my point of view, working as a freelance writer definitely has more benefits as compare to risks. Every field contains certain risks, but strong will and dedications towards work is required to overcome these risks.

Like people say that freelance writing may lead you towards loneliness and finally depression. But being motivated is essential to keep yourself disciplined, to keep your work on track and manage you time.

Risk of the job security can be compensated by high-quality work i.e. if your work would be excellent; then there will always be a work for you because freelance writing market is very vast and writer can work with more than one company. Definitely there are some fake companies in this field, but a little carefulness and attentiveness can reduce the risk of being cheated by such companies.

Now we can say that freelance writing is not that much risky as it seems. Although the fact that there are some risks in Freelance writing cannot be denied but they seems very small as compared to the benefits in this field.


Benefits I expect for me personally

First and the foremost benefit of being a freelance writer is that I can use my knowledge and skills to earn good money but this is not the only benefit that I have chosen freelance writing as my career. There are also other benefits like it gives me immense pleasure in writing and it will also enhance my awareness and understanding about different topics.

One benefit is that working in such type of environment will provide you opportunity to interact with different people. So it will help me to know about different cultures and people across the world.

Since a freelance writer has to work on different subjects, it will give me the job satisfaction and enhance my knowledge. And last but not the least, being a freelance writer, you can take vacation whenever you want.

I think if a writer has essential ability, talent, dedication, passion, self-discipline, will power and objective, he can become a successful freelance writer and nothing can stand in his way.


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