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It is one of the most leading IT company in India. The main focus of WIPRO is applying thoughts. It has been the most successful IT Company of India's corporate offices and multi nationals.

Wipro not only exist in India but exist all over the world. It does not exist only India but also being famous throughout global. It has an add- on like getting listen on the national stock exchange. Wipro has received numerous awards for its highly efficient performance and innovation.

With over two decades WIPRO has placed its logo on to the Indian market leads the IT industry.

(WIPRO case study)


In the year 1947, WIPRO started as a vegetable oil training company in Maharashtra. Later in 1975 when IBM was asked to leave India, Wipro began its field in information Technology. Sooner Wipro started to develop its own computers. Later in end of 1981 it finished product selling. In 1980 Wipro stepped in to software development and other software packages for their hardware customers. Since 1992 Wipro expanded considerably in US and by the year 2000 they got listed on Newyork stock exchange.

Eg : Wipro also deals the following in medical devices, hospitality, government ,consumer package goods.


Wipro is a whole Lents. Its highest priority to its functioning and its implementation of its distribution in an efficient manner including its quality and value.

Its distribution framework accrued essential for its high delivery of its products and services.

Technologies used for IT based services

Global Delivery Model

1. Wipro onsite functions

Most successful model in terms of accessibility to client. Perfect combination of one site and offshore model. This enables clients to have large working teams.

a) Clearly understand the clients requirements

b) Interactions with client directly for better ideas.

c) Planning and designing testing the outcome executing successfully for client

d) Enables maintenance supports

2. Wipro offsite functions

a) Detailed design of the onsite team figuring any requirements of specific technologies.

b) Development

c) Testing

d) Technical supports

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wipro's global deliveries

Lower risk, twenty four hour productivity, shortened lead time, less outsourcing, faster response.

Fixed Delivery Models

This model is entirely based on the utilisation of resources under the time availability factor. In every IT related issue a ticket is raised which has to be handled by the development centre. There for it ensures effective utilisation of resources with effective use of time and skill.


Wipro generally uses two main pricing techniques

1. Time and material

2. Fixed Price

Wipro charges its clients using the principle of work and time proportion. For this Wipro and its clients need to work out its fixed hourly rate for the cost calculation.

That is the number of hours worked by the employees is multiplied by the hourly rate.

Fixed Pricing Model

This does not calculate according to the time and work proportion; rather it deals with direct negotiations between supplier and customer. In simple words the fixed price is agreed by both the parties for the entire project.

Merchandising and Pricing

This includes technology to main category management, price and retailer suppier collaboration.


The main technology infrastructure services has very well organised Microsoft the delivers across system integration and consulting professional services across system integration and consulting professional services, and user computing and enterprise computing.

Other major technologies used by the group are application compatibility factor(ASF) which includes windows vista application migration, platform migration deployment. Wipro uses the best protection manager which helps in data protection. This data protection manager 2007 allows reliability, rapid backup and recovery. Delivery continuing data protection for Microsoft users. Infrastructure optimisation and Microsoft exchange are also used.



Any migration occurring change in Wipro can be managed by using a server migration which allows every single system get updated .Other services like active direction design and implementation ,domain consolidations middleware applications are used for configurations.


The everlasting Microsoft exchange 2003 still exist in Wipro. Other changes like conversation of lotus notes to exchange are done. This is the most common service used in most of the IT companies where messages are passed through multiple servers. This Microsoft exchange can be re designed, and managed through out.


Just like other IT forms Wipro also uses the storage device the' data protection manager' which enables data recovery backup solutions and production implementation. Wipro designs and implements its on backup solutions the data protection manager .almost everyday or weekend database is stored


Every computer used in Wipro are equally designed and implemented. That is the same operating system is used around every computer and any updation occurring will be affected to every single computer. Other services like Microsoft office are deployed. Migrations of user along with the data storage can be implemented. Wipro diploes a behaviour driver development that encourages mutual understanding between developers, quality assurance and non technical participants working in a project.


Basic services are used such as file and print service which enables file managing and usage of printer. Other services like clustering services, security services which enables security for all computers that is usage of antivirus. Windows sharing which allows users to use network sharing that is file sharing. Other services like terminal services, point services are also used


Just like security services, Wipro monitors and managers every single computer using a monitoring operating system. For this system a separate monitoring server is used. Other services like network management, security administration, threshold monitoring services. Other services like storage management and capacity are required in the company.


Virtualisation dramatically improves the availability and efficiency of the resources and applications involved in Wipro. Desktop virtualisation and server virtualisation are used in Wipro, that is multiple operating system can be run on a single computers which has windows, Linux and more. This in turn reduces capital cost by increasing energy efficiency and requires very less hardwires and increases your server to admin ratio.

Wipro often customised services that consist of centralised IT services desk. To ensure effective problem resolution Wipro uses;

1) Continues and on demand support.

2) Services level agreement-which refers to delivery of the serve in an allotted time.

3) Remote diagnoses and resolution.

Wipro provides infrastructure maintainers which includes hardwires like servers, network; software packages and system integration services.

Data and integration

The Microsoft unit at Wipro has build a complete and dedicated data and integration practice which enables the ever growing needs of an enterprise . Wipro as a group has highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to understand the issue and problems of the industry and is return offer a highly innovative quality solutions to their clients Wipro specialises in areas of BI /reporting bpm enterprise integration.

Services offering

Data in integration of Microsoft has service that address data and integration needs and help clients in to the collaboration of business functions. following are the few of the service offering

Data integration

Data integration MDM/CDI

BI: business analytics

Migration: Microsoft service partner oracle/Sybase /db2 to sql server 2005

Up gradation : SQR server 7.0 to 2005

Enterprise integration (SOA partner)

Value offered

Delivery assurance

A dedicated term with experienced specialists on experts with focus on delivery experts by means of recommendation and best practice

Dedicated coders

A team of highly technical and professional that promotes solutions for SOA reporting messaging and integration

Ms alliances

Global alliances with ms on early programs that to strengthen on building the latest product release and solutions

Next generation adaptation

Wipro dedicated COE to adapt the next generation technologies

Dedicated practice at Wipro

Aim to build the best dedicated products for global partners

Award winning implementation as share point

Wipro knowledge management portal , legal portal for UK customers

Key technologies

1. Windows module 5.0

2. Have communication server 2005

3. Knowledge network server

4. Business score card manager 2005

5. Map point 2006

6. Microsoft office shows point server 2007

7. Exchange server 2007

8. SQL server 2005

9. Office products one note 2007,outlook 2007 info path 2007

10. Windows work flow foundation


Wipro is a whole began with a strategic plan to brings out business outcomes which requires knowledge and convert the possibility of process and various technologies initiation and innovation has to brought up a bond is shared with the customers resulting in highly productive qualitative manner .Wipro indulges all business in a positive extended outlook that decades and analyse plans and excites the strategy to run the business Wipro partners energy team in energy step with excellent techniques and best use


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