Will leadership styles leads to destruction or construction of a successful organisation


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Every successful organization on this earth needs successful managers and to be a successful manager in the organisation, the managers should posses some leadership styles or qualities. This can help in the productivity of the employees and the organisation. Hence this also helps in increasing profits, expansion and growth of the company. After the period of 1980's many organisations have recognised the styles or qualities of a manger to make their companies successful in the long run and make profits. Many managers often fail to assume that leadership styles are functions of personality rather than strategically alternatives. In spite of selecting one style that basically suits their personality; they should ask which style suits the demands of the particular situations. There are some basic leadership styles. Each explains its different emotional intelligence competencies, works best in particular situations and affects the organisation in Toto. These basic leadership styles are: The Coercive style, The Affiliative style, and The Coaching style.

Many managers mistakenly assume that leadership style sometimes makes the manager to adopt dictatorial qualities makes them aggressive and rigid in nature. This negative effect is mainly based on the premise that adopting the Coercive style can destroys the relationship among the other employees and exploits them from their work and leads inequalities among the workers and co-workers. However the Coercive style is a "Do what I say" approach of a manager. As such this style improves the productivity and competence qualities among the employees and inside the organisation. According to Goleman, "the coercive leadership style inhibits the organization's flexibility and dampens employee's motivation". For instance this kind of style helps in approaching can be very effective in a turnaround situation. It is also good for working with problematic employees.

Secondly, most of the people agree that this criticism is mainly based on the premise that adopting The Affiliative style leads to instability and inequality among the employees, hence some chaotic atmosphere prevails in the company. Some economists claim that it is the hallmark of the affiliative leader is a "people come first" attitude because this builds team harmony or increasing morale, which helps in getting managers to promote to the executive level. This type of style exclusively focuses on praise which allows poor performance to go uncorrected, that is it concentrates more on to good performance of the manager and put the company in successful fast growing lane. According Goleman states that, "the affiliative style lessens the pressure of instability and inequality among the employees of the organisation". For example, affiliative leaders rarely offer advice, which often leaves employees in a quandary.

Lastly, many of the employees of the organisation feels that The Coaching style do not focus on personal development but it is mainly based on the premise that adopting The Coaching style leads in increasing pressure on the managers psychologically, yet some support that this quality of style helps in overcome weakness and improve other qualities, and focus on more personal development than on immediate work related tasks.. According to Goleman states that, "the coaching style helps in able to switch among the authoritative, affiliative, democratic, and coaching styles". For example, it focuses more on personal development than on immediate work related tasks. The coaching style also helps in creating the best organisational climate and optimizes business performance.

In conclusion, every organisation is interdependent on successful managers and every successful manger should posses some qualities which helps the organisation to flourish. These qualities play a vital role in managers and organisations to sustain in the long run and earn enormous profits. Many managers often fail to assume that leadership styles are functions of personality rather than strategically alternatives. Leadership styles or qualities help in the productivity of the employees and the organisation. In fact there may be more than one leadership style for a manager to make successful organisation, but in order to make a successful organisation good manager should poses some important leadership styles or qualities like The Coercive style, The Affiliative style, and The Coaching style.


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