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My professional experiences in the field of information technology have made me acutely aware of technologys power to both build and sustain a competitive advantage. This awareness has been a factor to my growth and a tremendous influence on my pursuit of an MBA. Since I began leading organizations in college, I have thought of attending MBA school, but what was imperative to this thought process was the factor of timing. Following my experiences, I am now at the level where I know I can contribute to the class as well as seize the opportunities presented to me in business school. My portfolio is enhanced by my consulting and international

experiences, but will be increasingly enriched by the invaluable skills I can take into the marketplace following an MBA.

Infosys has provided me exposure and has allowed me to gain valuable leadership, business and people management skills. However, I realize that my ability to effect change is limited to technology-based improvements and does not always impact the individuals' lives. At that point I was challenged to re-explore my interest in management consulting. After two years, technology consulting has equipped me with a solid grounding to tackle business issues at broad, technology strategic levels. Every day I take a steady step closer to my goal with the experiences and lessons gained from work and life. Yet, I feel that my progress is gradual and somewhat linear. In this respect, I believe that the MBA experience, at this point of time in my career, is the best available catalyst to propel me towards my aspiration.

My experiences at Infosys were even more valuable to my career and sparked a passion that I was unaware I possessed, that of consulting. My first project in US was about dealing with a utilities client and managing the information architecture of an online website. That experience made me think on what consulting means, for me consulting was about leveraging my technical expertise to device strategies and execute them. It opened a new horizon of learning

and gave me a new dimension to take a look at the impact technology has not only digital presence of an organization but also on individual’s lives of the end user.

MBA would facilitate my transition from Technology Consulting to Strategy Consulting. I would leverage my experience and passion for technology while strengthening hard quantitative, analytical, communication and leadership skills to succeed in a role with strategic responsibilities. Some people apply because they want to have a Masters degree in order to stay competitive in the tough job market, where getting a job is an achievement. But apart from that, I want to pursue MBA so that I can become a better me, or a better version of myself, to have new life experiences, to make new friends from all around the world, from different backgrounds, to form lifelong bonds and extensive professional networks.

To achieve my goals, I must continue to develop an intellectual yet actionable understanding of the intricacies, operations and global strategies of companies at a level that exceeds my future

competition. A top MBA will provide me with the foundation for this level of business acumen, broadening and enlightening my perspective on the rapidly evolving global business environment.

To make my dream a reality, I plan to start off in a consulting position within the first three to five years after achieving my MBA. Ideally, I will start my journey at McKinsey & Company in order to develop a solid and well-rounded consulting foundation. McKinsey's far-reaching ambitious and pioneering perspective will offer me the best environment to sharpen my consulting skills and broaden my experience. With these tools, I will be equipped to develop my

own perspective and theories.

Why School XXX?

Kenan-Flagler offers not only a well-rounded, world-class business education but

also the ideal concentration in Investment Management that I seek. This focus

will provide me with a level of breadth and depth of the investment management

industry unmatched by other top business schools.

Additionally, Kenan-Flagler's Investment Club will permit me to hone my skills

by managing real money, without any micro-management from the wings. My

conversations with Professor Jennifer Conrad, Investment Management


Advisory Board member Gregg Ireland and students such as Travis Robins have

reinforced and solidified my burning desire to be a part of this club.

Finally, my visit to Kenan-Flagler in April of this year allowed me to meet

faculty and representative students who impressed me with both accomplishments

and attitudes.

These bright, dynamic, good-natured people are exactly the type

of individuals whom I want in and around my future, industry-leading

international hedge fund team. They are the mentors, peers and colleagues with

whom I hope to develop life-long relationships. When one is a 'sword-swallower',

trusting those closest to you is very, very important.

Motivation for pursuing an MBA at Kellogg

I mainly have three reasons that strongly motivate me to pursue an MBA at


-Kellogg's unique culture: the marketing material I've reviewed and the feedback

from Kellogg graduates has made me feel that Kellogg is the right place for me.

Kellogg's stress on team work and community as well as the high degree of


involvement both in curricular and extra-curricular activities coincide with my

views of an ideal learning environment. Moreover, the extreme excitement and

passion that current students such as Ruben Lupiaqez and Cezary Jarzabek or

alumni such as Manuel Arias (KG'94 1Y) transmit when talking about the program

and their experiences at Kellogg, make the MBA program really stand out.

-Educational and personal development: the Kellogg MBA is the optimal way to

enhance and complete my educational background. I hope to explore the fields of

Management & Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship and, in doing

so, take advantage of the international and widely experienced faculty. In

addition, Kellogg's stress on extra-curricular activities, such as sports or

professional clubs, is very important to me and will allow me to share my

experiences with my fellow students. I strongly believe that a good portion of

our learning is done outside the classroom and I hope to take part in the



-International focus: the outstanding group of students that I will find, with

different backgrounds and cultures, will give me the chance to familiarize


with a wide variety of world views. I hope to use these different perspectives


order to learn how to look at problems from a different angle. Moreover, the

original and practical focus of the International Business Major combined with

activities such as the Global Initiatives in Management or the possibility to

develop my language proficiency in German match my needs and expectations.

Kellogg offers a challenging yet collegial environment and emphasizes team-work

which is exactly what I am looking for. I believe that such an environment is

highly conducive to learning and to the uninhibited exchange of ideas and

knowledge. During my visit to the school, I experienced this environment

first-hand through my interactions with current students, who were very

enthusiastic about answering all my questions. Sam Jones, co-chair of PEEK and

Sudheer Patel, co-chair of KEMC, explained the scope of activities and provided

insightful details about their respective clubs. Susheel Undhyu, a married

student himself, highlighted the active involvement of spouses and partners in

Kellogg activities through the Joint Ventures club. I was also pleasantly

surprised to learn about the unique provision under which spouses are able to

audit courses in the school. This will help my wife develop a strong sense of

belonging in the Kellogg community which is really important for both of us.

Kelloggs MBA program is an ideal match for both my personality as well as my

career goals. I am confident that my experiences and abilities, combined with an

MBA from a renowned institution like Kellogg, will accelerate my career and

enable me to realize my dream of building a successful venture.

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