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Is the total of the things that surround us and affect the presence of organisms on the surface of the earth Mtzmnp water and air, soil, minerals, climate, and the objects themselves can also be described as a set of regulations interlocking with each other to the degree of complexity that affect and determine our survival in this small world and that we deal with on a regular basis.

1- Types of environment:-

  1. physical environment (air - water - earth)
  2. biological environment (plants - animals - human)
  3. In the light of progress and the visual world and passes unnoticed by the day after day can be divided into three kinds of other related progress Brought about by human
  4. Natural environment, which also includes (air - water - earth)
  5. Social environment, a group of laws and regulations that govern the internal relations of the members of the institutions and political bodies and social
  6. Any industrial environment of man-made (villages - Farms - factories - networks)

2- Components of the environment:

This includes three types of

A - elements of live

- Elements of production such as plant

- Elements of consumption, such as human and animal

- Elements of analysis such as Alvtaraw bacteria along with some


B - non-living elements:- (air - water - the sun - soil)

C - life and activities:- that are practiced within the scope of the environment.

3-Definition of pollution: -

Is a change in the environment surrounding the living human-induced and daily activities leading to the emergence of some of the resources that do not fit with the place where the organism and lead to the Fifty.

Of the reason behind the pollution of the environment: -

Man is the main cause, the primary events in the process of pollution in the environment and the emergence of all pollutants Banoaa different industrial expansion and technological progress and the misuse of resources are all linked to human beings human being manufactured and multiply, and uses these materials.

4- Aaltlut levels: -

A - pollution is serious: - It is roaming the pollution that we can live with without being subjected to harm or risk as it does not affect the ecological balance and harmonic motion between the components of this balance.

B - Pollution risk: - the pollution, which shows a raised negative effect on humans and the environment in which they live and is linked to industrial activity in all its forms and gravity lies in the need to take preventive measures that protect the human fast from this pollution.

C - the devastating pollution: - It is pollution that occurs when the collapse of the environment and humans together and eliminate all forms of environmental balance, which is connected Balttoraltknulogi Fewer rights that he creates by the day and needs to fix this error for many years and great expense.

5- Types of pollution: -

  1. Air pollution: the air and the presence of substances harmful to the detriment of its human health in the first place and then the environment in which they live.
  2. Pollution waste: types of environmental pollution, waste and pollution, which include: Garbage - Radioactive Waste.
  3. Visual pollution: is the distortion of any landscape is felt by the human eye when viewed uneasy myself, and we can also be described as a kind of lack of artistic taste, or the disappearance of the aesthetic image of everything around us from the buildings ... To the roads ... Or sidewalks.
  4. Water pollution: water pollution includes pollution of fresh water first, second pollution of the marine environment.
  5. Noise pollution: noise pollution associated with noise or closely linked to urban and more developed places, especially places of industrial expansion in the use of machinery and means of modern technology.
  6. Contamination of soil (dry): The soil is a source of good and fruits, one of the most elements that harm human use in this environment. It is measured by not realize how important it is the primary source of food for him and his family, and the resulting lack of awareness and understanding of this fact neglect her.
  7. Food contamination: contamination of foods is increasing day after day is alarmingly even in developed countries with the highest levels of care and attention may be the result of one of the following reasons.

Questionnaire Results

The questionnaire was an interesting way to take a peak in young people's views in order to compare with the results of my research. I tried to maintain a balanced and representative sample, for example, I made sure that it is 20 and a questionnaire given to 10 male and 10 of the Alinathlki know what the thinking of groups of different sexual is.

1-Do you know the types of pollution?

a) Yes

b) No

This tell us the most people don't know the types of pollution

2-What isyour opinionin thehuman useofenvironment?

a) Very good

b) Good

c) bad

d) Very bad

This tells us the people don't agree the human use of environment and the use of environment is very bad.

3-Do you know what is measured by the amount of noise pollution?

a) Yes

b) No

This tell us allot of people don't know the measure of noise pollution this tell us also the people don't interested by the pollution.

4-Do you know the damage, noise pollution?

a) Yes

b) No

These tell us the people don't know the damage of noise pollution. If the people don't know the damage how they protect themselves

5-Is there a relationship between noise pollution and sound?

a) Yes

b) No

This tell us the people don't know the relationship between noise pollution and sound

Part II

The definition of noise pollution:

is the noise of the factions pollution numerous as they are classified as harmful to human health, animals, birds, plants and inanimate objects again, the problems of noise pollution increases day after day, especially in urban areas, "crowded", next to the mines, highways, airports , industrial areas and other areas there are movements by the construction and implementation of projects such as construction

another definition: the unwanted sounds and noise to hear is one of the most serious diseases of this age and affect the ability of students to absorb the lessons, as it shows a pregnant woman to be in turmoil and unstable neurological condition which affects the fetus.

Noise - a kind of air pollution issues in the form of waves, where the word noise is derived from the expression Latin "NAUSES" and there are many definitions and different noise, for example, knows the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the noise as "the voice of others is required" The encyclopaedia of America defines as "sound unwanted ". Noise pollution depends on the extent of absorption of a person's ear to him because some of them noise tolerant of one another to varying degrees and depending also on psychological factors. And in another that any sound produced by the noise it is considered troublesome and that it was the legal point of view may be defined as pollution from the air Khatii wound to the right of physical individuals.

Type of noise pollution:-

But they differ from other types, there are three factors

Group I: reckless person (causing pollution)

Amlalthani: A tool or machine (not Boistthaaltlut)

Amlaii: A person-Than (the victim), a victim of a reckless neglect of a person.

*. The first person is using the machine incorrectly Vtaatholily machine evil cause severe damage to the second person in Haltakerrha.*

*. It is possible that Ikonalchks first is the cause of the noise without the use of any machine or tool, through the issuance of Bedalosoat Kabak, pop and the sharp cry and Aghannaepeshkl ugly .*

- Noise can either be * inside the house, represented by the votes of Ofradailp (screaming. Crying. Tiff) or be the result of machinery and electrical appliances (registered. Radio. Mckinpkhiatp. Washer. Hairdryer (Ciecoar). TV. Vacuum cleaner tool. Age and milling (mixer)

ontekon * outside the home Emtemthelpbosoat modes of transport and Elzimamir (cars. Buses. Trucks. Trains. Aircraft. Motorbikes. Tratir) and the voices of laboratories and Akhabz Alkadimpwalurashwamilit drilling and Abannaalbap roving and distributors of gas and diesel fuel and there are voices from the living and the sounds of wind, storms, thunder, volcanoes and earthquakes and the sounds of guns and explosions in the occupied country.

Types of noise pollution:-

Divided by Msdraltlut and Qoptoterh:

1 - chronic pollution: exposure is permanent and Mstmrlmsdraldaudhae sustained weakness may occur in the hearing.

2 - pollution is a temporary physiological damage: exposure to periods of Mahdodplmsdr Oomassadr noise, for example, exposure to fireworks and lead to infection of the middle ear may occur internal damage

3-Temporary pollution without damage: exposure for a limited period to the source of noise for example, street noise and crowded places, workshops and lead to temporary hearing loss due to normal after a while.

As measured by unit volume (dB), and all the sounds we hear every day that fall under the main levels measured in decibels and these levels are:

A - level 40-50 dB

And lead to effects and adverse reactions are concerned and the tension is affecting the cerebral cortex, leading to discomfort and psychological disorder and lack of harmony healthy.

B - Level 60-80 dB

Have bad effects on the nervous system and lead Glyalisabp severe pain in the head and lack the ability to work and see the bad dreams (nightmares).

C - Level 90-110 dB

Lead to a reduced intensity of the hearing and the disorders occur in the nervous system and cardiovascular system.

D - The highest level of 120 dB

Cause pain to your audio and serious repercussions on the cardiovascular system also leads to an inability to distinguish sounds and direction.

The effects of noise pollution:-

Know the noise sounds that are not comfortable to hear Rights, alienate them automatically for not accepting them. It sounds ragged irregular have no meaning, as well as high frequency vibration and lead to the eardrum strongly, in contrast to the melodies of music which is warmly her person and interact with them spiritually and feel happy to hear.

Studies show that noise pollution may cause reactions is balanced, Kalshrod mental, and inability to concentrate, high blood pressure, and excretion excess of certain glands, causing a rise in blood sugar, and the incidence of stomach ulcers, and headaches and fatigue and insomnia. According to some studies carried out by Austrian scientists that human life at least from 8 to 10 years in large cities compared with rural population because of noise pollution. In Los Angeles, studies have shown that blood pressure in school children located near the airport is higher than the school children away from him as to their speed in solving mathematical problems less, and when their failure to resolve the matter quickly throwing aside what they are not trying to re-solved. According to the results of some studies published in England, one in every four men and one out of every three women are suffering from diseases caused by noise. Complain that 16 million workers in the United States of noise in the factories where they work, and estimated the damage being inflicted on the workers and lead to absence from work at about 4 billion dollars annually.

* Noise and Sound

Sound waves are considered unwanted noise because the human ear is very sensitive and tolerant as possible that the sound waves that the frequency ranges between 20 degrees to 2000 degrees Hertz. I want to point out here that not all sounds are detectable by the human ear, where there are two types of sound:

- External audio

- Inner voice

Outer Sound: The sound that exceeds the frequency range 15 Hz almost any post-upper limit of the meeting or the meeting, which has a natural frequency is too high to provoke a sense of the meeting or the meeting.

- Audio External: is the sound that issues the reluctance of under 16 degree Hertz which it is below average the lowest of the meeting or the meeting of natural and which is known commonly as vibration. Make it clear Here's an example that some Indian cities large which is one of the city's most noisy (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Calcutta), where the rate of noise by more than 45 degrees Hertz according to a report the World Health Organization "WHO" with the decision that the rate of global noise is as follows:

- From 25-40 acceptable in residential areas

- From 30-60 acceptable in commercial areas

- From 40-60 acceptable in industrial areas

- From 30-40 accepted in school districts

- From 20-35 in acceptable areas hospitals

Note: The measured intensity of the sound unit (dB)

Sources of noise pollution

Different means of transport such as cars, buses and other means of transport that fill the streets, especially aircraft of various types, and this source is the largest percentage among others.

Construction, construction and public services

various household appliances, radio and television, stereos and other devices from different source and this is dangerous in that it is close to us and with us in our lives almost daily.

Noise resulting from the different industries

the main sources of noise.

1. Human action in the voices coming from the plant, machinery and transportation, and electric devices, loudspeakers, horns and loud music. Environmental noise disturbing that citizens are exposed to come from Klux cars and loudspeakers and loud voices for television and cassette are all affecting the mental and neurological health of man and cause him anxiety and stress, which is a violation of human comfort and the right to enjoy the calm.

Protection and how to control noise pollution

Growing interest in noise pollution, where there were many sources, and increased risks to humans, especially where he works on the defects of some members within the human body that requires preventive action of the most important.

Casuarinas trees help reduce noise

  1. Ongoing reform of the machines that are found in factories and this step could reduce the noise or be executed.
  2. Strict control on industries and modify operations to control noise during the issuance and renewal of work permits.
  3. Issuance of the necessary legislation and applied firmly to prevent the use of car alarms and control of their engines and stop the exporting of high voices.
  4. Plants are the most important ways to absorb the noise, especially impulsive noise. The cultivation of trees such as Casuarina, Banyan, with India and Neem along roads or streets, help reduce the high noise in cities and towns.
  5. Prevent the use of amplifiers and recording devices in the city's streets, cafes and public places, for example, from 10 pm until 5 am.
  6. Awareness through various media statement the dangers of this pollution on human health so that one realizes that the voice space is not the property personally.
  7. Keep schools and hospitals noise sources.
  8. Removal of airports and cities and other populated areas a minimum distance of 30 km.
  9. You must be rail lines and highways away from residential areas as possible.
  10. periodic disclosure of the cars, because Awadamha from one of the major factors causing pollution.


To the specialists of doctors, engineers, biologists, lawyers and workers in the environmental protection associations and others interested in environmental matters should hasten to participate in contributing to environmental protection, preservation and study of environmental problems in the real and the search for appropriate technologies to avoid similar problems or more serious in the future is not important to lamenting over the fate of the environment by throwing the blame on others, but must seek to change current trends and to address past mistakes by improving the means of dealing with environmental problems and means that must be followed in the noise pollution mitigation Almkhatralbiiip caused by factories and transportation cooperation between the professions and industries to improve environmental conditions is necessary and required

That industrialized countries like Japan that follow environmental policy commits Japanese industries using new technology and a renewed testimony to the need for environmental planning has provided Tokyo Japanese in the 1990-year plan per cent the next to achieve comprehensive development and meet the pollution of the environment's future as that the media environment that occupies a niche across all ports and does its intended role in environmental matters and the transfer of multi-issue conflict between environment and development to the issue of integration is not a collision and the development of programs that interest is classified according to the priorities of scientific standards indicate the extent of damage and the possibility and costs of treatment and expected duration.