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The Personal Professional Development report is targeted at aiming my growth and development on both personal and professional grounds implying to my most recent tenure as a student of the esteemed University Of Bedfordshire in the last accounting year. It mainly emphasizes on highlighting some very important past and also present aspects, opportunities, my future ambitions and my short -term and long term goals

The main aim of this report is to underline the impact that the University of Bedfordshire will have in my ongoing efforts to achieve my future goals. Having studied all the ten modules in my M.Sc. International Business and Management program, it assess me in order to manage at both national as well as international levels pertaining to the skills I have achieved due to the same.

Furthermore the report highlighted about some of important features which exhibit the fact that techniques and tools learnt in the last accounting year have helped me to understand how I can manage critical problems and situations even in international levels and the opportunities that arise after the completion of my degree.

Various factors in the report can enlighten upon the knowledge impaired by the University of Bedfordshire in the last accounting year. It shall put light upon some distinguished terms SOAR (Self Awareness, Opportunities, Aspiration, Result) and MAP (Motivation, Ability, and personality) which helped me in deciding my future and taking correct decisions for the same.

This report is all about my effort and tries to explain my aspirations and my achievement of successfully studying at the University of Bedfordshire and trying to achieve my short -term and long -term goals in the forthcoming future with the experience and growth that I have personally seen in myself in the last accounting year.


I would like to explain myself as a enough motivated at present since I have completed my master in International Relations and have qualified myself in the field of Business Administration studying and trying to discover more about International Business and Management from University of Bedfordshire United Kingdom.

I am a professional whose career has evolved right from softwares, accounting in various governmental and non-governmental bodies in India. I have been working part time in a multinational company in UK. I have tried to learn and experience most skills spread over different levels such as IT, sales, marketing, accountants and management in the most friendly and convenient manner with colleagues at all levels .

I have already addressed the advantages I have achieved during my tenure as student of the esteemed University Of Bedfordshire in the last accounting year. I am most certain about the fact that these achievements will enable me to successfully work and mange important situations in any international organisation and also further in trying to be a qualified PhD .I would love to believe that I am equipped with a qualification which will help me in attaining success at both self employed business as well as working for different respected organisations.

In the first semester I have studied five subjects Marketing Management, Financial Analysis, Business Data Analysis and Business Communication-I. I have understood these subjects have enlightened me with sharp skills like business, decision making, problem solving, estimation of profit and loss and identifying individuals as well as groups spread across various cultures and region.From previous year i learn how to use skills in a reflective manner.

I am a hardworking, critical thinking and problem solving person. These skills always help me in communicating, interacting and working with others. My passion towards my work always encourages me to fulfil my goals. My dedication always helps me in reducing the risk of not being success and to optimize the nearest goals. Sincerity and polite attitude for others always act as a tool for my personality.


My initial goal is to complete my masters with good grades and improve in skills. After completion of masters I will complete my PhD in logistic

At middle level I have kept goals that I have to cover in three to seven years of time. At that period I will work to gain more and more experience and will collect knowledge to start up my own business.

My final goal is to start my own business in logistic and supply .to achieve my final goal I have to follow my all steps in a consistent manner.

Self Awareness

Self awareness of an individual can be obtained through the evaluation and observation of person reaction and also through the thoughts whether it is negative or positive in different situation. (Griffin, 2010).

Self awareness is my personal capacity to analyze and evaluate my present situation with the help of past activities and also to identify the future goal for my career.

As I can say myself as a confident person with good interpersonal communication skill and critical thinking and also problem solving as well as creative thinking. I came to the University of Bedfordshire to do graduation and to increase my knowledge which could help my further future career. I meet different people belongs to different country, my positive attitude help me to maintain relationship with them. My confidence level helps me in presentation and to interact. Through johari window, I can identify myself in a boarder way. I also keep interest in reading newspaper, journal, article and also watching news and documentary which help me to keep update with the world activities. Also it enhances my communication skill in business world. Here I get a chance to learn about time management and how to work with team. I am able to develop such skill on me. My time management skill, knowledge and experiences help me in my professional life.

Although I have a degree still I feel I have a lot thing remain to learn to establish my own business in global market. I need to give continue to learn or to improve my skill, knowledge.


Motivation is the ability of each individual that can change behaviour. Motivation is a devotion to learn and to do hard work to achieve future goal. Motivation can be intrinsic and extrinsic.

As (Deci and Ryan, 1985) give definition of motivation in Self- Determination theory. It describes about intrinsic and extrinsic factor of motivation. Internal motivation is an internal wants and desire to do or perform a task. External motivation influences by outside, environment to do something. Studying in UK University is my internal desire but my internal desire is influence by external factor that is objective and target of my future career. I already have chosen my future career which is my own business. Study in the UK University is a motivation for me to strengthen my career and also to go ahead in my future. The knowledge which I gain here helps me in making future strategy. I am quite influenced by internal and external factor of UK.

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of needs Theory, people always give first priority to psychological needs which includes food, warmth, water, rest. After that safety, esteem and finally self actualization need. I think safety and psychological needs are basic needs which can be fulfilling in my professional career period. For me self actualization need is comes in second.

I always try to influence myself in a positive way and my wants; desire as well as all experiences gain in UK whether it is internal or external always motivates me to go ahead for my future career. The practical education technique of UK motivates me for further study in overseas country. My objectives is doing Phd in overseas country and established own logistic business.


Ability can be defined as a power or capacity of an individual to perform any kind of job or to act whether it is mentally, morally, physically, socially or financially. Ability can be gained from outer environment or it can be self which help me to execute my job successfully. Ability plays a role of identification of each individual. My ability is my identification among other.

This subject International Business and Management help me to enhance my ability, career and knowledge to achieve my future goal. I learnt here how to think critically, how to evaluate and also how to perform in front of other. I become more confident. Now I analyse myself as a confident and able candidate to compete with other. The education which I get from this University is a power for me to achieve my target and to enhance myself as a confident, educated person. After completion of my study I will able to apply for the managerial post to gain experiences of business world and also I can keep continue on my education towards Phd. Moreover I am able to express my knowledge in a practical way to compete or to perform in a positive way to achieve my target in global business. However I am confident but still I have to develop my ability.


Personality helps to identify the person through the characteristic, nature, quality which is influence by human behaviour, emotion, thought, feeling and attitude.

I would like to explain myself as a smart, self motivated, energetic, confident and active with good interpersonal communication skill. My personality is straight going typed person. I am educated and able to interact with different situation according to the place or person. I never feel hesitation to express my feeling in front of anyone. After coming to UK I found myself as a confident personal that can able to identify their future goal and have a capacity of achieving it. The main challenging thing in my life is my objectives.


A person with negative attitude always finds difficulty in every opportunity, but a person with positive attitude always finds opportunity in the difficulties ( Winston Churchill).

Opportunity helps us to identify all possible options of our future. Opportunity awareness always gives an idea of upcoming opportunities in the specific field.Oppoutunities always comes in every bodies life we always have to prepare for grab it. In the last year my best opportunity was to get admission in university of Bedfordshire. after arriving in united kingdom my first opportunity was arrived in January I called for an interview but unfortunately I got failure got second opportunity in march at that time also I got unsuccessful but I was able to clear my first round. Finally I got succeed in April and got the job. At this university I got an opportunity to identify myself.


Aspiration is the desires and goals of each individual which motivates them to obtain it. Every individual have certain dreams and ambition, for completion of those dreams they work hard.

Firstly I want to hold my degree with good grades. I will take admission in oxford or Cambridge University to complete my PhD. For doctorate I have already selected my topic which is logistics. This research is not only for my knowledge but also useful for me to get success in my future. Also, help to start my own business. Secondly I want to gain experience in the particular field and this can be achieved by applying a job in a multinational company. For this I have already made my future plan where I want to work. Now I am developing my skills to fulfil their requirements. I will work there for three to four years to get all knowledge from the ground level. At this position I am able to maximize my knowledge and experience in logistic field. This is also provides me a challenging environment to complete all my industrial goals. Finally I will move towards my main destination of starting my own business. This destination is will cover in seven years from now and then I will work for my company to expand it.

Apart from this I want to work for the blind people. At present there are so many blind institutions which are facing lack of all resources. In my future I will donate a part of my income to this institution for the career development of those people.

At this university I got so many opportunities to learn about various things and this gave me a clear vision for my career. With the guidance of tutors I am able to make my own path which encourages me to complete my aspirations.

My Action Plan

My main long-term goal : To be achieved by:

To Start my own Business Within 10 years

My Short-term goal: To be achieved by:

Degree with good grades, communication Within 6 months

Action Steps: How am I going to achieve this?

My initial goal can be achieved by the hard work and dedication for studies. I had applied various steps to do this first I gave online exams to evaluate myself. On the basis of the result i always works on my weakest section.by the repetition of this process I can get better results. This exercise not only enhances my knowledge but also increases confidence, ability to solve problem and also make me capable enough to deal with professionally. After that I ask my friends to evaluate me .once this process is completed I can aware of my actual strength and weaknesses. This model helps me a lot to judge accurately. Every time when I re-evaluate this it gives better results and this encourages me complete my aim.

Task/stages involved

Resources/people who can help


Time management

Time management diary

6 months

Self reflection



Working with cultural diversity

Colleagues and peer

1 year

Exercise leadership

Work place

More than 1 year


Result is defined as the outcome when a student enters from one country to other. For me study pattern of here is totally different from my country. It takes a lot of time for me to get involved in it that is why sometimes I made mistakes as well. This process of learning again and again is a chance to identify the mistake and help to minimize it. Once we develop these skills there is only need to polish them.

In this previous year journey I have noticed several changes on me. Time management is the best thing among them. Before arriving here I was not aware how to organise our time. But here I come to know the value of precious time. Apart from this punctuality, sincerity, professional skills, confidence and self motivation is the best changes I had observed.

When I arrived here I was not good in English I face so many problem in understanding the ascents. I always made so many grammatical errors while talking. Now my English has improved a lot still I have some problem with grammar and I am still learning to improve.


Finally I would like to conclude my previous life journey with this year's journey of masters in International Business with University of Bedfordshire. This is the best period of my life I got so many changes in my life professionally and personally. I gained so many skills while studying time management, group work, effective communication , punctuality and effective communicaton.iam confident that, will the help of these skills I will be able to fulfil my desires and objectives. Apart from this I come to know about the various cultures their ethics, moral values and beliefs. In this multicultural environment I have learned various valuable things from different peoples and traditions. This boosts up my inner confidence and gave me flexibility to work in any part of the world.

As I explained about short term goals my major focus is to complete my studies and get admission in abroad University. After this I want to gain experience through the job. In my top ten designated companies for which I am preparing myself. Then after with my all experience, personal and professional skills I will start my business.

What do I hope to achieve

To fulfil my dreams and desire first I have to make clear vision of goal. If my goals are consistent and I am desperately working to achieve that, then nothing in this world can separate me to achieve. Goals are something that a person wants to achieve in their future. After getting degree I will work for the company in managerial level for experience. I keep continuity on study. Finally I will established my own business and I know I can achieve my target through me hard work, knowledge and experiences.

What would be the outcomes?

After completing my masters from the university of bedfordshire . i will be more organised in personal and professional life.my masters always help me in identifying my target. The skills such as problem solving, planning, decision making will help me to get an admission and complete my PHD from well reputated university.it aslo help in getting good job in an international organisation .i will be able to start my own business and able to expand it.

Furthermore, experience and knowledge gained from tutors and friends will always guide me to take right decision.i will be able to accept challenges at every corner of life.finally the time management is the best gift from university that will always help me to become a sucessful man.