What is meant by the term Communication Management

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Communication Management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of organisation within an organisation, and between organisations; it also includes the organisation and dissemination of new communication directives connected with an organisation, network, or communications technology. (Tripathi, 2009)

However, what is management? How to manage?

Management is including planning, organising, leading and controlling. Managers should use these features to manage their employees. Moreover, managers should depend on their employees' characteristics to set up goal and offer tasks to them.

Aim of Communication Management Project

The aims of Communication Management project are through the group work to build up the team work and train up leadership skill. Furthermore, it helps us improving the communication skill with our group mates.

This essay would be divided in 3 parts, the 1st part is my role - Advertising and Public Relations Manager, the 2nd part is our group culture and managing this group, and the 3rd part is self - learning.

My role - Advertising and Public Relations Manager

I am an Advertising &PR manager in the group; respond to the promotions of the Reader's Digest, such as the promotion boost, advertisement design, Press Conference of the Reader's Digest and PR event which could draw the general public's awareness.

Difficulties are facing

As Reader's Digest is an informative magazine, it includes a lot of useful information in different categories, health, travel, global problem, more and more. When creating the promotions that is very difficult to me, because of I need to considerate of the image of the magazine, as well as there are a few magazines advertised on others magazines or newspaper. This is a quite difficult question to me.


We have divided into 3 sub-groups, Isaac and I respond to the promotion and place of 4P. We need to considerate the placing of our magazine. How to expand our retailer shops and what companies we should co-operate with. These questions are quite difficult to make the decision. Sometimes, we cannot realize which places should we be placed. I tried to call 7-eleven to get the most accuracy price of "上架費", the interesting thing is when I call the hotline, the respondent of that department asked me which magazine we are, I told her Reader's Digest in English, then she is seemly not understand, and ask me where we are selling.


We only advertise on a few places, we mainly focus on the MTR, such as MTR - train body, promotion boost. Though we have a MTR rate-card, I still very confused on their price, I cannot easy to understand what they are mentioned in the rate-card.

For the Press Conference and the PR event - Top Brand Election in Hong Kong, I pretend as the employee of the Reader's Digest, and call the shopping malls, which are THE ONE and Isquare, and the hotels. They give me the details of the floor plan and the rate card. That is quite practical experience, if I will be a PR in the future; I also need to communicate with them.

Managing group mates

All of us came from different colleges and having different background. All of us having different advantages and disadvantages, being a hidden leader of this group, I try to manage them by different management theories I had been learnt before.

I have using different management theories to manage my group mates, such as Maslow's Needs Hierarchy, Theory X and Theory Y by McGregor, expectation theory.

At the beginning, I have assumed they are employees of Theory X; they need lots of rules to restrict them to work, ensure that they can hand in their work on time and no excuse of late and absent. When I realize them more, I try to use Maslow's Needs Hierarchy to motivate them to work and McGregor's Theory Y to assign some tasks to them.

As I think that they simply want to finish the Bachelor degree only, I have spared some time of the meeting to talk about after this year what is our target and my expectation to them. I would like to encourage them to think about their future and put more and more effort on the project.

Features of My group mates

Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Leadership Model could briefly explain my group mates' features in the first 6 meeting.








Able and Willing

Able and Unwilling

Unable and Willing

Unable and unwilling






Follower Readiness

The above table could be easily to explain their features. Eliza is R1, when I assigned her tasks; she could finish the tasks in short period of time and high quality work.

Winnie is R2, I think she could finish her task in a better way, however, she might be too busy, and she could finish those tasks in short time, the works were low quality, such as grammar mistakes and incorrect formatting. After we had 360 - Degree Feedback, she is improving her working attitude and her performance.

Isaac and Heidi are R3. They might not have enough skills, such as Heidi did not know how to make content page, but she still tries to work on. On the other hand, Isaac has always made a lot of grammar mistakes; he still works hard on his task.

Bonnie is R4, she is unable and unwilling to finish her tasks. During the meeting, she was not concentrated on what we were discussed, moreover, she absent the class and meeting. Moreover, her English is not good at all, when she wrote the PAC, we had found lots of mistakes and some "strange sentence". We asked her to correct by herself, however, she told us her English grammar was not good, she might not correct them. Moreover, she was not willing to do a lot of project work, she was always complaint that would be increased her workload.

After a few weeks, I talked with her on phone; she had explained what happened lately, such as relationship with friends, working problem. She promised me she would performance well in the "later" meeting and work. And now, Bonnie is become to R3: unable and willing.


My characteristic is care others feeling, I try to realize them more. I had called or send short message (SMS) to them when I have time. To realize them what they are thinking and give them support, let them know he/ she is not alone, I will try to solve their problem or give them some opinions when they are facing difficulties.


During group meeting and the group work, we have misunderstanding between our group mates. We have a short meeting which is about 360 - Degree Feedback, in that meeting; we talked about the feeling of co-operated with our group mates. Since that meeting, I can realize them more. I think that is effective to co-operate with them.


Besides, the award in our agreement, I also praise them when they are willing to discuss during the meeting which make them to keep on. In order to send emails to commend them.

Moreover, I have assigned them the work which is a bit higher than they could do. They might get the enthusiastic in the project as well as feel important in our group.

Group Culture


Our group culture is friendly. We are always having fun during the meeting. Especially, Isaac and Heidi always make some fun during the meeting, such as they are telling the jokes, creating some interesting ideas. Such as Heidi said our punishment of late submission should dress as a rabbit lady. Moreover, as Heidi is living in Siu Sai Wan, we call her rich girl. Eliza and I always give Heidi new name. And Isaac pretend some Hong Kong Pop Star, such as Bosco Wong, Andy Lau, we offer him a platform to him showing off himself. Bonnie and Winnie are quiet. But sometimes they give us funny ideas which make all of us laugh.

Task Oriented and assigned

We are also task oriented. We came from different background. 6 of us studied at different colleges. When we are co-operate first assignment, I found that our working style are very different. When manages different background group mates, I have different expectation to them.

Thus, I set different degree target to them. For example, I set the easiest goal to Bonnie, as Bonnie studied Fashion Design two years ago, she could not handle lots and lots of paper work. Thus, I have set the easiest goal to her; she might feel she is important in order to fulfil esteem needs of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.

However, I realize that Eliza could handle the difficult tasks; she is typical theory Y employer.

Besides, setting different goal to different people, we are required them to hand in their work on time, such as minute and agenda. All punishment of late submission would be followed by PAC.

Meeting atmosphere

The first 5meetings, dead air were always happened. Everyone seems waiting for someone to make decisions, excludes Eliza and I. Both of us were always given out the ideas and encourage them to express their ideas. However, they still keep silence.

In the sixth meeting, Eliza and I had told them what our expectations to them. Starting from that meeting, Isaac, Heidi and Winnie are willing to express their ideas to us. We are always making jokes during our meeting. Our atmosphere of meeting is becoming closer and becoming best friends.

Self - learning

This project is a real life practising. Not only taking of the minute and writing the agenda, but also the real practise of dealing with crisis and managing staff. Reader's Digest sales decrease which about our Hong Kong culture is changing. To keep the company alive and growth, marketing manager should consider about the SWOT and how to solve them out.

Dealing with crisis

This project is quite difficult, there is no guideline and every group has different topic. It is similar with the real life situation, no one tell you what is right and wrong, we need to do a lot of preparations to solve the problem, which are marketing research, focus group and analysis information we found in the research, and think about those methods are possible or not.

Moreover, we need to considerate the thing which around us. Since this project, I have found that I still have a lot of 不足. Those include I may not know the real situation that I could not make the decision immediately.

Managing style

This project gives me an opportunity to manage people. Everyone has their own role; they need to respond to our group, it is similar to work in a company, people should respond to their own department and their project.

Actually, I do not really think I am a good leader. As I mentioned on above I could not make decision immediately which I really do not know the real situation. I still try my best to work on my role.

The word - "decentralization" is a suitable word to describe my managing style. My role of this group is telling them what is our direction and discuss what should we do. I always give them chances to express their idea. Because of this project is owned by us and I hope that they can enjoy this course.

Communication Skill

That is very important during in this project. We had some misunderstood caused by communication method. There were some barriers noises to disturb our communication, such as bad attitude and worse communication skill, it is not only affected our communication, but also affected the result and reduce our effectiveness and efficiency.

In 360 - Degree Feedback, Winnie had complaint that we always ban ideas too fast, which make them not brave enough to express their ideas. Her suggestions make me to concern about others' feeling and try to let others express their ideas first, it could make them to be easier accept.

Thus, I have learnt to keep a good attitude and try to talk to that person. It might effective to reduce the problem happened. No matter which job I will be, having a good attitude and good communication skill it could help us to have a good performance in work.

Time Management

Since start this programme, I have learnt how to manage my time in the best way. Excepting this course, we have other course homework. We need to hand it on time. However, we have limited time to finish them that is not easy for us to do so. Therefore, we control our meeting time in set time. It is similar with the real world. We have an important project we need to handle; however, we have tons of work need to finish. If we do not a good time management skill which it difficult to finish all the work at the same time.


During this project, I have learnt a lot such as practising the Management Theory in our group. Those models are very useful when I need to assign work to them and give them non- profitable award. Because of those models make me more and more peoples' needs.

Actually, I had been told expectation to all our group mates. I hope that they could be growth, during or after they finish this project. I am so glad that seeing Bonnie has a big change in this project. Her 投入度 has increased more and more. She will request task to finish during the meeting.