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This paper illustrates how Nokia, the well-known Finnish multinational, rides on three major competitive forces, namely the predominance of knowledge-based activities, an increasing propensity for velocity and the creation of unique value for specific final customers. This is investigated with respect to the mobile phones which represent a particularly successful product family for the company. Strategic actions undertaken by Nokia will shape, at least to some extent, the future of wireless devices.


Nokia is a leading player in mobile communication around the globe, Nokia first started operations in the early regions of 1980s. It has established a leading brand by there products and services to the customers. It has also entered into local markets, and expanded there business considerably in all areas to help the customer needs and growth of the telecommunication industry in the region.

The headquarters of the Nokia is located at Alexandra Techno Park, Singapore. As the regional hub for Nokia, it is a base from which over 700 staff provide leading-edge technology, product and solutions support to the 20 diverse markets and Nokia offices in the Asia Pacific.


Values of Nokia were Customer satisfaction, Respect, Achievement and Renewal later in May 2007 Nokia has redefined its values as Engaging you, Achieving Together, Passion for innovation and Very Human, these factors have been concluded after a series of discussions worldwide as to what the new values of the company should be and also based on the employees suggestions.

Source: http://www.nokia.com/NOKIA_COM_1/Careers/Nokia_as_an_Employer/Nokia_Way_and_Values/nokia_values_204.jpg

Engaging you: At every step of the way, we need to engage all our stakeholders, including employees, in what the company stands for in the world and how we meet the needs of our customers

  • For Customers: It is been concentrating to supply mobile of a low price and extension of the mobile in all aspects.
  • It has a strategy of giving high price and development of high class mobiles for customers.
  • It has as many as customer service centre for giving accurate service to the customer so as to not to loose any customer from them in future.
  • It is also giving online help line for customers regarding mobile problems and even they can download any applications from internet for mobile device.

Achieving together: We can all achieve on our own, we can do things together, but doing both - in other words succeeding through collaboration and partnership - shows the true potential of Nokia

Passion for innovation: We are at our most innovative when we tap into people's desire to live their dreams, releasing the courage to make the leap into the future through new and improved ways and through better understanding the world around us.

Very Human: This applies to what we offer customers, how we do business and the impact of our actions and behavior on people and the environment. It is about being very human in the world - making things simple, respecting and caring, even in tough business situations.


PEST Analysis of Nokia takes into consideration the different environmental factors that affect Nokia- political, economic, society and technology.

To attain the goals of company, every company requires the utilization of human, financial, physical and information factors with regardless of their size or stare, which all these factors will interplay with their environmental resources. Management activities like planning, decision making. Leading and controlling, organizing are all directed to be able to help the organization to achieve its organizational goals effectively and efficiently.

Nokia is one organization that is particularly affected by the interplay of different macro environmental factors. These Macro environmental factors are made up of Political, Economics, Society, and Technology, or what is specifically known as the PEST Analysis. Nokia is a communications company with specific focus on mobile phone technology. The following uses PEST Analysis on Nokia: