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The course structure has had a progressive impact on my professional developmental progress. All the modules were structured in a way that the content remained relevant for both the course and for the other aspects of learning.


In the focus on health issues in children, the subject matter of the module was relevant to my understanding of children with disabilities. The IDEA definition of disability established my understanding of the disabilities as the parameters of the defects are drawn. It also reinforced the need to be cautious and considerate with affected children to better their chances at having a good education and somewhat of a normal life. This is the basis of my current understanding of the void existing in the special needs sector of the industry. The different forms of disabilities such as autism, deafness, blindness, and multiple disabilities just serve to show exactly how wide this sector is. The number of children requiring special attention is growing, and the content of this module was an eye-opener to its parameters and why there is need for more specialized educators.

It also raised n e realization of the implications of impairment of any kind to the learning process of the learner. This is important because it laid the groundwork for a more unbiased understanding of the different health aspects that affect learners.


This module enhanced my understanding of the education implications of students who have suffered injuries to the head such as Preschool traumatic brain injury and students who suffer brain injury in the course of their learning. This is a firm foundation in understanding why kids who are seemingly normal might show low levels of interest in learning or certain aspects of mental disabilities. This psychological basis is important because I now understand that there is a need to consult the parents of the student offend out whether there were any pre-school traumatic experiences and if yes, how they were dealt with. Moreover, understanding the child s psychological state will help me advise the parent on how well to interact with them during their school years. If there is knowledge that the student has suffered trauma, and this brain injury is affecting their learning, then it will be easier to help them adjust and learn by first understanding the nature of their mental state and the detrimental effects of trying to educate them as oral students. This module helped me understand the medical implications on education. It will also form the basis for individualization of my professional work for all the students that I handle. This is in line with the IFP recommendations forming part of this module. It also plays into the advice of parents on certain aspects of the students learning and counseling detraining them to enable them assist their children in their learning. The module also affected my understanding of the Childs current situation as a factor for the evaluation.


This module laid the background for teacher portfolio assessment and will play a crucial role in helping me evaluate the educational inhibitors affecting students. The furthering of studies in module 2 of the educational implications of mental and physical health issues will also be of much assistance in comprehending the underlying factors to the effective education of children at all ages. The teacher portfolio assessment will also be very important in evaluating my work. This portfolio will also provide a basis for a personal mission statement and the efforts that I will make as an educator to ensure that every child achieves to his or her best despite the issues they might be facing. This documentation will be very important for my professional life because I will diaries what I do for the students for future reference and so that I can see the strengths and weaknesses of my approach to their issues.

ii) 1) this course has changed my beliefs about students with disabilities and their capabilities. My skeptics about own much this children can achieve was eroded by the realization that the statement that disability is not inability is true. It also changed my perception of certain medical conditions both congenital and physical that might affect the learning process and prowess of a student. This course also built on the premise, giving me a foundation for assessing my interaction with children who need special care,

2) I would want to develop the areas touching on preschool traumatic experiences and other psychologically traumatizing events. I would want the course to cover the implications and signals of a child in distress, or one who is having a relapse of something that might have happened even years before they set foot on a learning institution. I would add this to the teacher assessment, such that one of my interactions with students with this kind of disability would be to try and course their preschool experiences in an effort to understand the differences in reactions and outcomes.

3) Resources include; bray and e-books on the subject. Subject matter is also very relevant to pediatricians and medical and psychology journals would also provide good basis for this research and additional course work.

4) The content of this course is motivational because it evokes a need to adequately understand the needs of these students so as to assist them learn to the best of their capabilities. This is a simulations reaction because of the breadth of the subject, and the varying parameters make this course not a skeleton, but a precursor to further research...

5) My professional abilities have been enhanced in these modules in several ways. One, I now has an understanding of the dynamics of the students mind and the factors affecting them. Two, the course also provided an insight on the most suitable way to grade myself as a professional and my effects on the students learning. Three, my professional handling of the individual needs of every student have been enhanced by the modules. The IFP assessment has been the most useful in this because of the points it bears about the need to handle each child as an individual. It has also catalyzed my desire to learn more about brain trauma.

6) I have already drafted a model teacher assessment portfolio for myself and designed a format that works for any ideal learning situation. The course material has come in handy in learning about the psychological and congenital defects affecting the student s synch that my use of it has been complementary. The portfolios are only drafts, but they have provided a grading scheme with which I shall grade myself as I interact with children with disabilities.