A study into ways to effectively teach

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Learning is a process of establishing and maintaining effective student interest in order to become a good performer. The implementation of activities at undergraduate level helps towards leadership. Active learning is a part of learning process. Being cooperative with other individual and team work will definitely be helpful in student learning. The main challenge for students is to get into these actions. Overall, learning is to be involved in different activities and event has a positive impact in daily life.

In general, learning is a process that continues for whole life. Learning is not limited to certain aspects of life .It means to acquire understanding of different subjects and concepts. It may either be through study or may be from daily involvement. Currently, we are in a phase of student development. The main aim in our life is to learn different essential aspects in our life. The more we learn, the more it will benefit in the long run. As a student, there are several factors that affect the learning in university. It depends on different factors such as motivating parents, self-interest, colleagues, surrounding environment and inspiration from great leaders.

Student paraprofessionals are also the students but they have been qualified and trained so that they can provide different educational help to the peer student. In the learning process, paraprofessional student provide assistance to the students in number of different activities. Student paraprofessional can be influential to the peer student through different activities around the campus. The first and foremost responsibility is to make the student comfortable. This will increase learning ability in the fellow student and a way to adjust to the new environment.

For example- the paraprofessional student can help the new students to be familiar with the study place. Similarly, the new students might not be able to share difficulties and problems easily. So, it is a good idea to create a friendly environment where they can express their feelings to the others easily. This is how a paraprofessional shows his ability to get along with different members of the society. Additionally, there are also different places where the fellow students can get help beside the paraprofessional. It is also important from them to know about these facilities for better learning and it will help them to reduce the anxieties while learning.

Leading is a process of assistance to people by influence. Paraprofessional student are trained to guide students and help them to get what they need. There are many areas where paraprofessional leaders can help students. It may either be in studies, adjusting to the new environment, getting along with the new people, letting them know about different areas in the campus where they can get help. As anew student, I was helped by the Resident Assistant in the selke hall Similarly, I was also involved in different events organized by the campus leaders. This helped me to make new friends and take part in different games.

In order to be good student leaders, it is necessary to create a systematic working relationship between the fellow students and other team members. The working environment between the fellow students and paraprofessional student should be friendly and comfortable. This is one of the good of successful student leaders. Similarly, another good quality of a good leader is to implement a school wide program that combines the whole student body. The program should be informative and interesting at the same time. The programs should cover different areas such as awareness, wellness, social, and educational. It is a good idea to introduce new concept every time rather than the same old ideas. The fellow students might get bored with the same events all the time.

Philosophy can be described as the study of fundamental problems that connected with knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. The student development theory is undoubtedly helpful to use when working as a student leader. As matter of fact, it is important to regulate those things discussed in the student development theory for leadership roles. In the context of improving, I need to focus on improving my communication skills. It is obvious that without good communication skills, one cannot be a good leader. To develop these qualities, I have also joined in Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program. I always try to communicate with people and fellow students in order to obtain good interactive skills.

As a leader, it is important to maintain a comfort zone between fellow students and coworkers. It helps to maintain good relationship and finally helps to achieve the goals in the long run. During this process, success and failures will go side by side. I will try to learn from my failures and make it my path to success. As it is said, failure is the mother of success. Similarly, I will also try to be a good listener. A good leader is always a good listener who can listen to all the possibilities, analyze and make a decision on their own. It will always help to gain ideas from different people, explore those ideas and apply for the benefit of everyone.

I have learned a lot from this class. It has helped me figure out my strengths and weakness. Nevertheless, I have learned about how to develop myself as a good leader and how to build the qualities to be a good leader such as developing competency, establishing identity, managing emotions, developing integrity, autonomy toward interdependence, interpersonal relationship and developing purpose. Dr. Chickering has also explained how the seven vectors of student development are interrelated with each other and how it helps us to determine the leadership potential in oneself. Through these qualities, we will also be achieving success in our professional career. Additionally, I will also try to develop other skills such as social and academic skills which are also important for us. Social skills will help us to be socially interactive, provide help towards society. Similarly, Academic skills will benefit in overall knowledge and competency in our professional fields. It will provide base to increase knowledge, thinking ability, and analyzing ideas.

During the student life in university, I have tried to involve in different activities to develop some of the qualities of a leader. I am participating in those activities but it is not sufficient for me to become a good leader unless I organize some events on my own. I want to organize some events to see my strengths and weakness. Through these activities, I will learn how to lead people. I also want to be a Resident Assistant which will also allow me to test my qualities. Hence, I would like to step into leadership position step by step so that I will learn all aspect of leadership and it will help me to become a good leader.

I have been working hard to obtain the leadership skills. A good leader always chains steady action and conviction with people. A good leader is confident about his act and dares to tell everybody if has failed to accomplish a task. He does not blame anybody for his misdeeds. It is not that only few people can be leaders. Everybody can be leaders in different aspect and different fields. It depends upon people to develop these qualities to be a good leader.

Leadership is one of those rare qualities of a person who can lead. The development of a country or society would become stagnant without leaders that can guide and provide effective decisions. In context of leadership, there can be good, bad and effective leaders in all fields. A good leader sets examples of morality, integrity and sovereignty. As a result, followers will go along with the leader accordingly. Additionally, a powerful thought is another quality of a good leader because a strong thinker always considers about all possibilities before making any decisions. Similarly, a good leader is confident when setting goals as well as working hard to achieve those goals.

Leadership is a necessary part of any organization, society or nation who can demonstrate and implement leadership skills for the betterment of that group. If we can adopt those qualities and try to regulate in the real life then we will certainly be a good leaders. Similarly, for an overall development of leadership in students, it is necessary for us to implement the theory of 7 vectors of student development in our personal life. As a result, we will emerge as good leaders in all fields.