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There is no doubt that people need to read to wide their knowledge and experiences in life. However, many people don't know how to read a book or a piece of paper effectively. Therefore , they are specific ways we can use while reading which help us to read deeply such as: skimming, scanning, light, word by word and reading to study.


The information was collecting by different ways. It collected by using internet and books. Also, I asked my sister and used the dectionary to know the meaning of words.


What is scanning?*

Scanning means "reading very quickly to understand quickly. It is important to keep your reading up. If anyone learns how to scan, he/she will know how to read and understand quickly.

We often scan, contents in magazines or books, index in textbooks, timetables, list of movies in the newspaper, telephone numbers and words in dictionary.Also, we often do not scan, unclear story, book for important course, important paper, the map, question in an exam and a poem.


The reader uses this type to discover something from the book or article.

We often skim newspaper or magazine articles, cover pages, library books and "mystery, detective, or other novels"...

Skimming for point of view:

Skimming helps the readers to find out about the writer's opinions. They do not need to read everything, but they just need to read the important information.

Skimming for pattern of organization:

Sometime people need to know how the essay is organized. They do not need to read the whole text, but they need to read specific words.

Skimming for idea:

people also can use skimming when they want to know the general idea. They do not need to read every word or sentence. They should leave a lot of them except some important words. these words will tell them the general ideas.

Guidelines for skimming for idea:

First, a fter reading the first sentence, ask yourself what it is about?. Second, after you guess the general idea, read the next paragraph and remember that you do not need to read every word but you need to read specific words about the article. Next, when you read those specific words, you will know the general idea. Then, Always read quickly and remember the details are not important.

Scamming and scanning are two types to read quickly which enable you to know a lot of information very quickly. These ways are same in precept but different in aims.

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Skimming is a way of moving the eyes quickly to cover all the text with the aim to getting the main idea.

Skimming is use in three situations:

* "pre-reading-skimming" is more accurate than old previewing.

* "reviewing-skimming" to show the text already read.

* "reading-skimming" to read very rapidly for any thing does not need the details.

Ways to skimming an article:

First Read the cover page. Second, read the introduction. Next, read the first paragraph. After that, read the headings. Then, read the first sentence in each paragraph. At the end, read the final paragraph.

Scanning is read quickly to discover a specific fact or some information.

People uses scanning to find out specific information such as: names, numbers, date etc...

Ways of scanning an article:

At first you should know what you are searching about and it should be clearly. Then, be sure about the form that you are searching about. It is a number, noun...etc. Next, you should know the article about what. After that, start perching quickly with your eyes. Finally, If you find the sentence that it has the information that you searching about, read the whole sentence.

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Light type of reading:

The people read with these type when they have a free time to be easy to be easy to understand.

How to use these type:

First read with rapidly that you feel comfortable. Then, Understand what you read. Next, Leave or drop the boring and the thing that it does not have any relationship between the project and these things. Finally, Light reading is speed 100-200 word per minute. It is need to read whole detailes.

Reading to study type of reading:

People use these type to understand the whole project in same depth.

How to use these type:

We use these types with five simple steps:

Survey, question, read slowly and carefully, recall (make notes to remember the main points), review...

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These reports are ending. It talked about the ways of reading and when we can use everyone of them. It is very important project to know because it gave as the pest ways to read and finished our job quickly.