Virtual immersion as a teaching tool

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Second life is one of the most famous virtual worlds, it is owned by Linden Lab which has started on 23-06-2003.With in no time second life has became very popular due to its special features and possibilities. Second life uses the programming language called Linden Scripting.

Using second life—Login to , select the last name from drop down list and fill the fields, download and install the client

What makes second life so special?

Second life is a fantastic and wonderful place for experimentation. Orientation Island is the island where an avatar will be born and which also teaches and takes orientation classes and makes an avatar familiar with the basic functionalities in second life, after that every avatar can go around meet different people and learn some more possibilities which are available in the second life. Second life is the 3D virtual world and uniquely delivers the education .Second life is potential platform where we have so many educators, it's a truly experience an opportunity for learning, teaching, exploring and even we can collaborate and even show our knowledge. Second life creates an own inspiration imagination and makes it happen by providing a freedom for learning.

Second life makes a member to feel immersed in the second life. Avatars can participate in the events in second life and can search for relevant information to their field of study. Online class are held in second life and the instructor can take the students to a guided tour. Interested members or educators can join the groups in which they are interested in.

Second life has become very popular then one more layer has been added that is voice. This made second life very interesting and attracted many members to join. Learning in 3D environment experiences the sensibility and imaging the possibilities. Only three steps to go.

Second life is the most popular virtual world where a participant can create their own faces hair style and can wear whatever they desire. Create your own Avatar /Account in SL by going to main SL site and select join now. Pick your avatar's name your name is not among all many things you can change in SL. Consider who you want to be in SL and what the person to be named.

People get to be known by your name, and the name you choose says something about who you are. If you get in SL business, your name can quickly become your brand. You can name anything in first name and you must select the surname listed there.

Download and install the SL client from SL website to begin. Download the SL client version that is right for your operating system. The client is free to use. Once your account is created and you have downloaded and installed, you can log in and get started in SL. You start on Orientation Island.

Before we go further, we need to know about one critical SL item and that is our own inventory. When we get started in SL, we will already have some really cool stuff including different avatars, outfits, rocks, homes etc. Items in our inventory remain there between logins or until you drag them out. Dragging items from our inventory into the world or creating objects from scratch using building tools is called razzing.

It provides a freedom of learning, no cars, no public transportation is needed for commutation it nothing only needs a teleport button to reach the desired destination in second life. Second life becoming a popular medium for the education exchange, it encourages the cross cultural relationships-to avoid the problem of the language translator (bablur) is used for communication of the people.

History of the second life:

Linden lab is a privately held company establish to develop an extraordinary new form of shared 3D entertainment. Through its first product, second life, Linden lab offers a truly collaborative, immersive and open ended entertainment experience, where people together create and inhabit a virtual world of their own design.

People started using second life in 2003. Once it was introduced many people thought that it is just a gaming world, slowly people started using second life mostly for the education purposes. Both university and college professors started showing interest; professors started conducting lectures by owning a small place and by building a class. To improve the availability of second life for educational purposes they have introduced another scheme titled as Campus: second life, this scheme was mainly useful for the college and university students. As the number of students (school students) who are using second life has been increasing rapidly then linden labs introduced a one more grid named as Teen second life. This is how second life has been improved step by step and now second life is one the most popular virtual clients in the real world.

Making money and getting things:

Making money in second life is also possible, before we think of money; we should also understand the currency which is used in second life. Second life has its own currency which is named as linden dollars. Abbreviated as L$. One US$ is equal to 266L$.By using L$ we can buy anything in second life such as houses, animations, planes, clothes, hair and even private land.

Some of the listed features of second life:

Communication between avatars in Second life takes the form of near real time exchange of typed text.

Flying is one of the important features in second life.

Teleport is one of the features which is used for exploring in to new places.

We can hear other voices by audio chatting.

History of Education:

If we go back to 19th century the teaching methods and class room style used to be different like professor standing in front of the board and students sitting in the chairs and the environment seemed to be very calm with the books, pencils, pens and chalks. Teachers used to teach and students used to listen, there used be barriers between teachers and students.

Focus of Information technology used has been started later in nineteen centuries. Later in 19th century universities used to use projectors to explain, there would not be any laptops no internet and all, but know a student can access and keep in touch with the professors where ever they are using internet, it's a significant change in the education system and people accepted the new change.

Education in Virtual worlds:

Education in second life benefits students and educators a lot; it increases creativity of the student and saves a lot of time for each of them. Education in virtual world is also very much beneficial for the distance learners. Distance learners means a student who continues to study after a long period of time, interest might not be there to sit in the class room and listen to the lecture in those cases using second life for education is very much useful, second life has got a very realistic three dimensional environment where they can study tutorials, attend events, explore to the new places. A learning environment should contain a set of features thats should impact on our studying.

In this growing technology education has got very good place Web 2.0 is also one of the favourable environments to study, to decrease barriers between two people they have also provided an option to create a set of favourite communities.

Open Simulator is also a 3D application server which can be used to create virtual environments, each individual in open simulator is identified as avatar, it allows a user to change its costume and it also supports multiple clients. It also has an ability to create real time content environment.

Among all the virtual worlds second life is one of the best has unique and special functionalities and delivers best in education field



Virtual Environments-These are three dimensional computer based simulation environments intended for users to inhabit and interact through avatars (Humanoid representations of usernames in second life).In many ways, these worlds are multifaceted iterations of traditional synchronous e-learning communication vehicles such as chat rooms, portals, blogs and wikis .In point fact, the worlds in which avatars interact are three dimensional versions of online meeting technology. There are a number of virtual learning environments, but the most popular in higher education is second life and open sim .Second life is from linden research, commonly known as linden lab. At last count, more than two hundred colleges and universities were represented in virtual world. Open sim is another platform for operating a virtual world and supports multiple independent regions connecting to a single centralized grid.

Second life is a new world accessible only through the internet; we don't need to buy anything to participate in second life. It's free to join. Second life can be used as a platform to many of the members are in the following streams history,art,politics,musicians,designers,teaching,builders,scripters etc. It's not a game to win or lose it's a client where we can learn, read, teach, listen music, dance, explore, sit, stand etc. It's a new platform where we feel it as an entertainment channel or a library to sit and read or a new world where we can reach with in no time.

World's biggest programming environment:

According to (Jim Purbrick & Mark Lentczner ) these people say that second life is the world's biggest programming environment is second life. Firstly an avatar can dance, fly, play games virtual games and even ware virtual clothing/costume. According to these people 2560000 people are already in second life and still new users are logging in. As it is growing very fast they have been evolving its infrastructure for developing. Secondly about the architecture of the second life it is extending too fast and even looks similar to the real life architecture. Finally they conclude saying that many people rely on second life now a days.

Animation in second life:

According to Joe Geigel using second life for studying is general but using it for distance education is special. He has introduced a course in their university Computer Animation: Algorithm and Techniques, this is purely based on second life. This will focus mainly on opportunities and challenges in the course Computer Animation, end explore the possibilities of teaching in second life. Computer Animation course they have done it in both theory and implementation. He also says that we can set up an area where we can do the presentations . Using this online education in second life so many students have completed their assignments projects in C, C++ etc.

Dynamic interactive vs network:

Krzysztof Walczak, Rafal Wojciechowski, Wojciech Cellary these people say that now a days the two most important things in this developing or changing world are emerging knowledge based economy and transformation towards global economy. In the near future they are going to have a drastic change like humans will be eliminated from the regular tasks and will be operated by robots and automated machines. According to these people, in olden days people used to study get in to job and that finished but now a day's people need to be learning and knowing something and use the different ways of teachings and grow with the new emerging and developing technologies and teaching methods. And now a days learning and implementing is the main part. In today's present life everybody are using internet for some or the other use in the same way online education system as well. So many people using online education and been successful, Virtual reality based education system is one of the most promising and is used very commonly. Its been a decade people using virtual reality based online education system. According to these people light weight web based Virtual reality education system is a very good alternative for heavy Virtual reality installations most importantly in the educational stream.

Historical perspective on computing:

Michael Goldweber , Gordon Davies, Richard Rasala, Hans Falck and many written an article titled as Historical perspectives on computing curriculum .These people say that in a haste don't implement or develop or introduce any new technology or new stream in the educational system. It may have the adverse or positive effect on students. Instead of class room learning students will be habituated for the new learning system this may have adverse effect on the system. To discuss deeply on the past education system, the students used to have the theoretical and practical knowledge where as now students are addicted to the computers and the learning system. After introducing or implementing new things in the present system for a week or two the enthusiasm and zeal will be there and then educators may also feel hard to go class rooms and teach and students may also feel different. How ever now a days computer educators are striking with new ideas and technologies. Now a days computers are used in every field like arts, science, mathematics, literature, physics, medical sciences, engineering etc. They conclude saying when adopting a new thing don't be hasty it may be useful at times but keep in mind that it is not useful all the times.

Lessons learned implementing teaching in second life:

Second life has been introduced to public in 2003 and soon become popular in the educational field, so many people used to treat and now treating it as a game but it used mainly for the teachers or educators and students. Educators used second life for teaching exploring and taking classes or conducting lectures for the students, games, puzzles, models to explain scientific theories and educational tool for the mind mapping system. By using second life as a teaching tool most of the students can be benefited. We can also implement physics in second life .While a lecture is running a teacher and student can communicate each other using text format or even audio feature which is also available in the second life. By using collaborative and graphical elements which built in to second life developed a multi user mind mapping tools. This tool was been introduced to share ideas. Over all Richard Stephen Clavering, Andrew Robert Nicols concludes that second life provides a rapid development environment for educational tools and they also concludes saying that it's very hard to assess how many people use second life for social purposes.

Second life and education:

According to Rachel Gollub second life is a game engine which has become more popular and is extended to more features to allow more natural social interactions. Here in the second life users are identified by their avatars and last names mostly, Second life have their own currency named as Linden Dollars (L$). So many people use second life but the usage of each individual will be different, some use for education, some may use second life client for business, some may use for research or exploring, and even can use for the fun or social networking. But after releasing second life as an open source most of the educational institutions are using it to the fullest. The two most common academic uses at present are teaching classes and building libraries. In the recent times what the educational institutions are doing is buying or renting a place or building and conducting lectures in that area, teaching a class in second life is referred as in world. Teaching in the virtual world has many advantages like save the time, professor can illustrate slides or points with the minimum effort and even it is also very much useful for the students who do distance education. She concludes saying that, the combination of library resources, education and entertainment it's a new direction to the libraries and educational institutions to the near future. Finally second life provides people with a chance of living different

Use of Second life for distance education:

First class in second life has been conducted by Harvard. A student (Rebecca Nelson) who is doing distance education attended Harvard class in second life commented that “Second life really allowed us to create a sense of class community - something that develops fairly naturally in a face-to-face class , but something that rarely, if ever, happens in distance education classes using previous technologies.” To calculate how second life is useful for the distance educators he has taken two groups one group involves introductory users and other are advanced users. Tim Ritzema, Billy Harris they have concluded that it is very useful for the distance educators to implement a teaching tool in second life.

Critical view:

Second life is 3 dimensional virtual worlds and it uniquely delivers education. Orientation is the name of the island which helps the starters or beginners to communicate with each other's Second life is a platform which has an ability of lots of teachers. It supplies a freedom for teaching. It has become an accepted medium for education. In recent times virtual environments has drawn much attention. Not many people know about the virtual worlds but the people who know about the virtual worlds like second life make use of them in different ways.

However second life is a client which is very useful for education and exploring purposes. Second life has many places to explore and research. Linden labs have introduced a new educational blog named as Second Life Eduscape Blog. This blog is mainly for the educators, students, administrators. So many universities are now using second life for educational purposes. There is no doubt that second life has shown to be true as a professional valuable medium for teacher's educators.

In second life workshops are also been conducted to increase the ability for the physically disabled persons. These workshops include how to improve their lives and share their stories with the other people who have other disabilities, whether disability may be in physical or mental form. These kind of workshops will also discuss about the technical necessities of the disabled community and how they overcome their disability. Finally these workshops also give some useful tips and make them feel comfortable to overcome their disability.

Virtual immersion of student:

It is very effective to immerse a student in to virtual world and it is very useful for the students and even educators. We have so many best ways to immerse a student in virtual worlds but According to me the best way to student in is sending an Email to the student which are all the events going on in the second life. For example when we register and download a client in second life it asks for the email id, but second life never sends an email that what are all the events which are going in second life. So what I believe is it would be better if have an another tool where we can list our interested areas so that when we have an event or lecture in that particular area then an e mail alert need to send to an uses, so that user can attend that lecture or event. It is very cost effective, saves time and a student can enjoy learning or doing research in virtual worlds.

Requirements and Specifications

Minimum system requirements and specifications:

Minimum system requirements

Internet connection

Cable or digital subscriber line technologies

Computer Processor

800 MHz Pentium III or Athlon, or better

Computer Memory

512 MB or more

Screen Resolution

1024x768 pixels

Graphics Card for XP

* NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better

* OR ATI Radeon 8500, 9250 or better

* OR Intel 945 chipset

Research Methodologies


Research is a detailed enquiry in to study materials to set up facts and reach new conclusions. When we have a question to solve the question or problem then research comes into picture. Mainly here in this case statistical techniques will try to help to support the conclusions. The questions which are not easily answered and some sort of technical structure which is to be drawn then only research is needed for a thesis. A book which is named as Research Methods in education which is written by Louis Cohen, Lawrence Manion, Keith Morrison, According to these people research methods in education has been divided in to five main parts. They are the context of educational research, planning educational research, styles educational research, strategies for data collection and researching and data analysis. The main feature of experimental research is that researchers carefully control and change the conditions and then evaluate the difference what it makes. A research must follow the set of logical procedures. A researcher must have the complete knowledge and exact goal which has be achieved. We have two different types of research approaches

  1. Qualitative Research- More concerned with each individual experience of the problem
  2. Quantitative Research- Systematically observes changes in the area of interest

Research methods many be different, it depends up on the perspective of the project. A detailed explanation will be given below on the research methodologies.

Qualitative Research Method:

Qualitative research method deal with social science and mainly deals with the knowledge of the people, their attitudes, beliefs and fears etc. Qualitative research approach is mainly used to find answers for the difficult questions, it provides valuable information. In this approach researchers mainly use these three different types of data collection Focus groups, direct observation and In depth interviews. In the first type of data collection i.e focus groups- here group size is very small, chairs will be arranged for the discussion and they discuss and explore their knowledge. Usually here discussion is tape recorded and then analysed. Secondly data observation- here data will be immersed and will observe carefully by the person who is not participating, they develop a detailed understanding of the values. Finally here each individual is been interviewed individually, problem will be discussed in deeply. Critical incident study is been used in this type of approach. Here each individual will be given a chance to express their own views. Researcher will be able to acquire more detailed information. Here only smaller numbers of people are involved and findings will be directional, questions will be open type and it depends on the people why they think like that and behave like that. It allows us to provide incident type of information.

Difficulties in Qualitative Research Approach:

This approach is mainly used and will be accurate only if it involves very less number of people. In this method data is which is collected will be collected then its going to be translated and then analysed, the data which has been analysed may or may not be correct. The data which is been collected is not sure whether it is correct or not.

Quantitative Research Method:

Our aim is to conclude the relationship between one thing and another thing. It requires public to take a decision. Quantitative research approach will not be a descriptive. Quantitative Research is all about quantifying the relationship between the variables. It measures how many people involve and evaluate answers from those interviews and then draw graphs. Most questioners will be comprised of closed question, most of the interviews which are done using this approach will be on street or telephonic. It discovers how many people think what about the particular thing, this method involves many number of people where the size of the individual is not defined any number of people can be participated in this, which can be done individually in the off streets or telephonic. Even we have other alternatives to do the interviews like going to universities, homes of each individual etc.

These interviews are done under large number of participants and results will be statistically valid and reliable. Analysis which has been done are aggregated. It follows highly structured procedures throughout the research, questioner will be fixed no alterations will be done in middle of the research; the interviews are done using this methodology mostly they will be face to face and telephonic. The questioner which has been prepared will be very quick to answer (takes only 10-30min to answer), it's a cost effective research approach. Here survey will be done on identified problem and enquiry for that problem will be done in the form of questioner. Not only knowing views of the people for the problem but it is also useful for the product or anything which is going to be developed in the future. Mainly to conclude how many people think what about particular thing then this approach will be more useful. For example if any existing company wants to develop or introduce a new product then this approach is more useful. Once survey is done the papers (views of people) will be calculated and is depicted in statistical view.

I have used Quantitative Research Approach to evaluate my project and for quicker view a statistical pictures are been depicted for each individual question. My research questioner consists of thirteen questions as I have used quantitative research approach i have prepared most of the questions in multiple choices and choose any. Questioner is prepared in such a manner every individual can understand easily and even takes very less time to answer. I have done my research in various universities, colleges which are based in India and London.

Survey questions are mainly based on virtual world and immersion of teaching tool in virtual world and finally about second life. Questioner titled as Survey on Virtual Environment For Teaching. Second life is 3 dimensional virtual and creative environment which identifies each individual with the avatar. Initially when second life was introduced to public in 2003 many people used to think second life is the gaming world but know many number of universities and schools are using second life for conducting lectures and making students to explore and enjoying the learning.

Findings and Evaluation

Findings and Evaluation is done based on the questioner which has been prepared by me. By taking base asproject title ‘Virtual Immersion as a Teaching Tool' I questioner has been prepared by me which is been titled as ‘Survey on Virtual Environment for Teaching'. Research is been done in various universities, colleges, wok places, home in London and India. Questions are mainly based on virtual world, second life, teaching in virtual world and second life. My questioner comprises of 13 questions and research involved 35 members.

Quantitative research approach is been used for my project and after my research is been done I have evaluated and been done a statistical analysis and depicted them in to graphical representation.

1. Do you know about second life?

Yes No

Survey is been participated by 35 members among them 27 members answered Yes and 8 members answered No. Statistical analysis picture is shown in above figure. To discuss briefly about this question and my experiences during this survey, when i approached students almost each individual said that they know about the second life, it is very good three dimensional client where they can study, explore. Secondly they also said that they like to attend lectures which are held in second life, they even like to explore to new places which they could not go like islands. Additionally we have discussed about the teleport, fly, dressing features which is available in second life. On the other side when i approached business people, house wife's and managers in different stream some of them said that they know about second life but they will not use it much in their daily lives, they only use second life when they have leisure time. More importantly what they said is, when i have explained they briefly and handed out the document which i have prepared they said your approach and survey is useful to us.

2. How frequent you visit second life?

Daily Once in a Week Once a Month Very Rarely

This question is been answered by 27 members. Eleven members said that they login daily, Nine members said they will login once in a week, Five members said they will login once in a month and two people said they will login very rarely. First point in this question is to discuss about the habit of the people, second life has become habit to many people, and they said we will visit second life for different purposes like for study material, entertainment, explore, to attend events which are held in, dance or attend parties, to shop.

Second life is a open software client which we can use for different purposes. I have posed a question that do you think second life can be used for social networking or business most of the people said not much and they also said rather than using for social networking or business it is very useful for the education, explore, they said that they don't know how to do business in second life i tried to explain them but they didn't show much interest. Finally I conclude saying that second life is known to many people and they use mainly it for study purposes and exploring. People who said that they will visit second life very rarely i asked them why do they do so they said that we don't have proper guidance that how to use it and we also don't know or get any email alerts to our inbox, that can be improved a bit in second life.

3. What makes you to visit second life?

Games Study Material Exploring

Hobby Social Networking

Second life is the open software client which can be used for different purposes. We can use second life for playing games, one can attend lectures or events which are held in, some people may use second life for social networking as well. According to my survey what most people like is to explore in second life and then second preference is given to the study material, visiting second life may not be hobby for many people but they said it is useful to them in many ways.

In my survey for this question twenty seven members have been participated, some people have chosen two to three (2-3) options, after choosing they said me that we don't visit second life only for one purpose, purpose to login to second life may be different it would be for playing games or to studying something or to explore to new places or finally to meet a friend and explore. In my survey exploring in second life has gained three extra points than study material, I asked them don't you like to study in second life, they said that we like to study but studying can be done in real life as well, where as exploring to places which we don't know that to within no time that's a great matter. I asked them do you think we can use second life as teaching tool they answered it is very useful and said it will be very beneficial for them like saves a lot of time, cost effective and can enjoy the environment. While asked about the gaming in second life students showed interest to explain me like, what the games they play and the environment of the games, most of the games are free (they were enthusiastic).

4. What is the approximate average time that you will spend in a single log in?

Less than 10 Min 10 Min to 30 Min

30 Min to 1 Hr More than an Hour

The average time each individual spend in second life is more than an hour. Twenty seven members participated in this survey for this particular question. When i was doing survey one of the participants whom i still remember he asked will there be any person who will spend less than ten minutes in the second life and he laughed, I explained him with a good smile on my face that as it is a survey where i need to include all the possibilities then he said ok. Even personally i can say when i login in to second life for any reason then after finishing my task me and my other friends will be exploring to new places every time and we find them interesting and even we attended some parties we danced over there. When we attended some of the parties and places we were restricted to those places as we are not the invitees for that particular event, we didn't used to feel bad because that used to sound us reasonable.

Attending a lecture and learning new things in second life is a very good opportunity, because that is the only place where we can enjoy and learn new things and can even have fun with the class room trips for the practical explanation. We had a lecture which has been taken by Ralph for the module CMT4161. In that lecture he discussed and we have used voice chat as well and he took us to another island, actually that was our first lecture to attend in second life. When I attended that lecture that was the best impression that was of the main reasons which made to do the project in virtual world.

5. What is the best thing you find in second life?

Interactivity Virtual things

Social networking Entertainment

Above statistical analysis is been done according to the questioner which I have prepared and done survey on that. In this survey twenty seven members participated some of them had chosen two to three options I asked them are you the frequent visitors of second life they said second life is client which is useful for different purposes. In the above graph it shows most of the people who participated in the survey liked virtual things in the second life. Main reason behind it is locations, places, when we visit a new place or anything a welcome note and a person approaches the new visitor and asks whether they need any help, they all seem to be very lively.

My personal experience when I went to visit one of oldest university which is based in Egypt, I was about to search ancient times teaching, how they used to teach and what they used to use to take classes but I was unable to reach correct place and I confused, then a person who is from the reception approached me and whether I need any help, I was really very glad and impressed with their service and he made me to meet a history professor in their university and she took me to the correct place and we discussed about the ancient times teaching and present teaching and even discussed about the future learning and education system.

When I visited library in that university it seemed to be very lively and I was deeply immersed into that architecture and I didn't even realize that I am in second life. The virtual things in second life made me to immerse that much and the interactivity between the people also very good, they were very helpful. I have learnt so many new things and had a lot of entertainment and even chatted with the new people and made good friendship with them.

6. Do you think second life will help children to learn and experiment new things?

Yes No

For this question twenty two members said yes it is helpful for the children and five people said that No it is not useful. By taking their answers into consideration I have depicted the above statistical analysis as graph. Participants who ticked yes made me more confident that they are knowledge enough to answer this questioner. They said that children has some special places where they can attend the story events which are been held in second life and they also said that they learn music and especially in these cold countries children cannot have fun outside, but in second life especially for the children they have provided so many playing areas and parks. Children can have their own friends in second life and can play in the play areas and even listen to the stories can learn how to play music instruments and dance as well.

Personally even I have visited some places which are meant especially for the children where they can learn music and can listen stories and play with the mates in the playing area. Discussed snap shots are below. Second life is not only useful to the children but also useful to the teenagers, especially in second life virtual world we have teens second life. People who said no for this question they supported their answer by saying that children may get addicted to the computer and may not show interest in real life studies and even may cause to the health problems like eye sight and back pain for sitting in front of the computer for several hours as they are children they might not know about all these issues. Finally they also said that second life is useful for others other than children.

Snap shot is from the place Caledon Victoria City- Story time the school house; where children can learn music

Another snap shot where children can listen to the stories.

7. Do you think we can relate personal life with second life?

Yes No

Twenty seven members participated in the survey among them twenty participants said that we can relate personal life with the second life and seven participants said that they don't think they can relate personal life with second life. The participants who answered yes has justified their answer with the following points they are, firstly they said second life is very natural same as our personal or real life, in real life also we go to shopping, we buy lands build homes, will meet friends, can swim, can read, can skate, can walk etc. What we think is second life is also introducing one more feature to make it more real that is slim, light weight , voice enabled instant messaging client which allows to chat with the second life friends without logging into full viewer. With this new feature we can access to our friends and even update our present status, so it means one more barrier has been decreased to make second life much closer to the personal life.

Participants who answered No for the above question said, firstly in personal we will have only one face where we cannot change where as in second life we change our gestures and avatars, secondly in real life we cannot go anyplace in minutes where as in second life we can reach any place in minutes by using teleport button, thirdly in real life we cannot fly where as in second life we can fly, finally in second life a person or an avatar will not have death where as in real life a person who has birth will have death so how we relate our personal life with the real life!

Personally i feel that we can relate personal life with the second life, because second life is giving a one more chance to live in the life style which an individual likes. If a person wants to become a doctor in real life he/ she may not become but using second life one can study medicine degree.

8. Do you think second life will become addiction and it will spoil personal life?

Yes No

In this survey twenty seven members participated and twenty six members answered that No it will not spoil personal life and a person may not become addiction to the second life, among 27 participants 1 participant said yes it may. Participants who said yes are justifying their answer and they were trying to explain me that second life will not spoil personal life because second life is one of the best virtual worlds we have in the present market and they also said that an individual will login to second life only when they have any event or lecture to attend or to explore or for entertainment.

Everybody who login in to second life on their own interest or own cause and second life is mainly used by teenagers and adults who have enough maturity, most of the people who are logging and using will know what they are doing and what is the purpose they have logged in. Second life is one of the virtual worlds which is trying to give best to compete with the personal life, finally according to those people second life will not spoil any individual personal life.

Second life or any virtual worlds are trying to come closer to the human beings in real life and been encouraging students, educators mostly because if lecture is been scheduled in second life it saves a lot of time to the students and educators and even cost effective, this type of education system will be very much useful for the distance education students

9. Have you ever attend a lecture in virtual world?

Yes No

Above depicted graphs shows that ten members of the participants have attended lecture in virtual world and seventeen participants didn't attend any lectures which are held in virtual world. After survey when i have done the analysis and depicted a graph for this particular question i understood that many people know about second life but they don't know what to do with the virtual world and how to use them, but the participants who answered yes for this question most of them were professors and students, and they said about their experiences when they have taken lectures or attended lectures. Every participant who said yes told that they enjoyed virtual world lectures. Some of professor participants said that its a very good idea to schedule lectures so that student can have entertainment along with the studies.

Professors also added that universities should encourage such a type of lectures and they also said that in United States America so many universities are already using second life as the means for conducting lectures, providing library books in second life. Immersing a teaching tool virtually is more useful for the students and educators as well.

10. Did you visit or have fun in virtual world which you have never been in real world.

Yes No

Majority of the participants in the survey answered yes because in virtual world we can reach any desired destination in minutes by using teleport feature. Life is very easy in second life, No restrictions will be there in second life we can do whatever we want, wear the desired once, can go to the desired place in seconds, learn in which ever stream we are interested in, most importantly it is cost effective and saves lot of time. Individual will not get spoiled using this. If want to plan any trip or go anywhere in personal life we need to apply for a leave, plan holidays, takes time, buy tickets and then have fun, but where as in second life it is very easy to go for a holiday or any place. Some places in this world where humans are desired to go but can't go like ice land, climb mountains or any other private islands, these kinds of trips costs much and we don't know whether we will have fun or not.

Personally i would like to visit Paris but due to some issues i couldn't go to Paris, but using second life i have been too many places in Paris and fun.

11. Have you ever gone through tutorials in virtual world using second life?

Yes No

Nineteen participants has answered that they have gone through tutorials in virtual world using second life. Eight of the participants said that they didn't go through tutorials in virtual world using second life. In this survey total participants are twenty seven. In the second life tutorials articles are been discussed additionally second life also helps participants tips, tricks and even helps the student if needed. Participants said that there will not be many tutorials which will be held on teaching profession. Most of the tutorials will be on animation, merchandising, and avatars appearance, land, and building etc.

12. Which one you think the best way to learn the tutorial?

Class room Own reading Second life interactive sessions According to my survey firstly four people think that class room studying is the best way to learn a tutorial, secondly six people think that class room studying is the best way to learn a tutorial, finally seventeen people think that class room studying is the best way to learn a tutorial. Above picture shows it very clearly.

Participants who answered class room studying is best justifies their answer in this manner like professor will be in front if we get any doubts then they can explain more clearly, since child hood this environment has been adopted by us how can we change that.

Participants who answered that Own reading is best, they discussed with me that at all times everything may not be available because every time professor will not be with us to explain and internet may not be available all the times.

Majority of the people answered that second life interactive sessions are very good for tutorial learning they justifies their answer with the following points firstly the environment of the second life it looks very natural and professional, secondly no gossips or no unnecessary discussions in the class rooms, relevant material will be available and this is very fast generation where we need save time and money

13. Do you think it will be useful if we immerse teaching tool in virtual world?

Yes No

Majority of the people say twenty five participants who participated in this survey answered that it will be very useful if we immerse teaching tool in the virtual world. Two people answered that it may not be that useful if we immerse a teaching tool in virtual world. We have so many best ways to immerse a student in virtual worlds but According to me the best way to student in is sending an Email to the student which are all the events going on in the second life.

Immersing a teaching tool in the virtual worlds not only increases the standard of education system it saves a lot of time for educators and students who commute from the long distances. Students who are doing distance education will also benefit a lot from this immersion. I personally met some people who are doing distance education in real world and virtual world using second life, many of the students said that they are very comfortable in using second life tutorials and lectures.


Overview and History of Education:

Education is gradual process for a student which is mean to acquire knowledge. Immersion of a student in education is been introduced firstly in Canada. They have introduced a second language (L2), it was successful program. The main aim of this program was to support the curriculum, students and teachers will become bilingual. Language immersion is nothing but teaching second language, most likely this is also an education or language which will be taught along with the target language. Firstly this program has been started in Canada in 1960. Main aim of this program was increase the capability of the students/ children to speak multi languages.

John Amos Comenius was one of the main and famous people who changed the school curriculum and reverse it. In Ancient to Medieval periods the dominant language was Latin to teach and to learn. Although there was a need to learn foreign languages and Latin was one of the dominant languages in 17th Century to teach and learn in different streams like religion, government etc. Later it was replaced by the other languages like English, Italian and French.

Methods for teaching Languages:

Language is presented in the form of text book which contains lessons and set of grammatical rules back of each lesson and are also explained by the examples to solve. There are mainly three principles for teaching languages. They are structural view , functional view and interactive view. In some places their target language will be there immersive language then they can follow the direct method for the teaching.

Virtual Immersion as Teaching Tool:

Virtual Reality is a much boosted technique for progressing computer based interacting worlds, where a user can achieve immersion, navigation and interaction with in 3 dimensional environments. Most of the educators and learners will be benefited with this immersion. Most importantly for the distance learners virtual environments will be very enthusiastic. It is very good idea to set an environment for virtual immersion as a teaching tool. The main goal of this project is how can we immerse a student in virtual world and what are the best ways to immerse in. Second life is one the best virtual worlds who is bringing educational system very closer to each individual, they have already started a new social network for the language learners.

Current Education System:

In real life current education system is built like teachers are first and students are second. First class will be of mathematics and mathematics teacher wants a student to learn trigonometry and next comes the science teacher and teaches about plants animal life and humans next comes the other teacher and wants student to concentrate in the class and learn what they teach, it is very difficult for a student to study and put up their grades on the top.

It's the time to rethink about current method of education system by which educators are delivering their knowledge to learners.

Second life Education System:

Second life says that Choice is a part of our culture, why can't we choose our learning; Second life allows a student to immerse in the 3 dimensional virtual world and they also provide and deliver a unique education where a student can chose their own subject and no stress on the student to learn and do the home work. Virtual world provide educators and students with the ability to connect and communicate in the great way to understand the learners capability and even understands their feelings and emotions. A screen shot is also shown below how the second life lecture room look like:

Lecture room in second life

Ruthia Boucher, Marissa Moody, Yz Oh are the three most experienced people who are been allotted for the new comers to second life and to teach the basics of second life like how to use the minimum functionalities in the orientation island. They put their total efforts to immerse a student in. In real life many people afraid of the role plays but second life made easy, each avatar can learn how to play a role play on auditorium stages and even can share along with the other avatars on the stage.

Slodle is an open source project which combines middle learning management systems with rich interactive 3 dimensional multi user second life from the virtual environment. Finally second life also allows educators to join the group in which they are interested in.

Second life is 3 D virtual world environment which can be used for different purposes like business, entertainment, shopping, education and finally for exploring as well. Many people are making use of the internet to study any anything or do shopping or any another thing, everything which we are doing separately and searching for each and every website its costs time for many people, we can use second life for every purposes which are mentioned above. Now a day's second life is also useful for E-Health.

I have been to the second life and taken some screen shots. Here are some screen shots below

Second Life for Children:

Story time for children

Children also can use second life for listening stories, learn and play music, can dance with their mates in second life, it also allows children to participate in quiz competitions. According to my survey many participants said that it is very useful for the children to improve their skills in their interested areas.

Shopping in Second life:

Shopping is an area where everybody is interested in. To come much closer to the real life second life has also started business, if we like anything in the second life then jus need to do only one thing that is just right click on the thing which you like and then there it shows the cost in linden dollars. Second life has its own currency. A screen shot is taken from one of the shopping centres in paris

Paris shopping mall in second life

Exploring in Second life:

This one of the best features and most of the people like in second life is exploring to the different places they like and takes no time to reach the desired destination. Environment in the second life is one of the biggest assets; they look very lively and natural. Snap shot is taken from NASA work shop. If we wish to point to any of the articles which are moving here then that will be appeared on the bigger screen. If can observe the screen shot which is below the left image is just looking like sky in the times. This shot is one of the best examples to show how second life environment.

NASA workshop


According to my survey I would like to conclude my project saying that it is useful to immerse a teaching tool virtually and it is very effective for the students. My survey papers are included in Appendix II. Teaching and learning in the virtual makes education system very easier. Immersing teaching tool in the virtual world has a lots of benefits to discuss, Its is very much useful for the distance learners, educators and even learners. By playing children or students may get spoiled or even get addicted but by exploring to new places with the new friends, children gains knowledge.

Best ways to immerse a student in:

  • Needs attractive advertisements to attract the children, students and others
  • Encourage students to use second life.
  • Educators need to conduct class room lectures in second life.
  • Assign projects to students in second life so that a student spends more time in second life and will get to know more about second life.
  • Explain students how second life is going to help them

Using second life for education purpose makes a student more enthusiastic, so that student can have active participation on the work they do. Students can learn on their own, increases learning and understanding capability of the student; it gives an opportunity to each and everyone to communicate confidently. A student only becomes successful when they have interest in the learning stream. When any new technology or any new thing arrives we need to welcome it and know it thoroughly and then enjoy buy using it. Generally goal of a teacher is to give their best to the students, yes that is correct but we can do that in an efficient manner. Doing the same thing in second life increases the efficiency and saves energy as well. Linden Labs are encouraging people by giving land for the discounted rates. Provides freedom to learn

I conclude saying that choice is part of our culture, so why can't we choose and enjoy our learning- it's time to change our education system.

Further Work

According to my survey it is very useful if we immerse a teaching tool virtually. In my survey total participants are thirty five (35). Among them twenty seven participants (27) know about second life and twenty five (25) members answered that it will be useful if we immerse a teaching tool in virtual world. Supporting survey papers are supported in Appendix II.

Virtual world is a representation of reality that does not really exist, it could be a place where people have fun or a research institute where experiments are been conducted. Even we will have virtual key board which we use in the real world.

As the technology advances people may visit virtual world to do the work, students to attend classes, a business man to do business only one virtual world but streams might be different.