Undertaking and Implementing a Skill Audit of yourself

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Skills audit is something that talks about your current skills opposing the skills you need in the future, which will play an important role in your career. Skill audit helps you in determining your current skills, and diagnose what skills you need to accomplish your task that helps you to plan more effectively, and improve skills and knowledge in order to be a successful person in the future.

Implementing these skills audit are as follows:

The first thing you can do is to write down your existing skills and try to analyze what skills you will be needing in your future career which will helps you to plan and a leading dealer of the consequences. Try to analyze what skills are important for your current task.

The second priority is to list the skills and knowledge, which helps you in your future career, which will also make impeccable your future planning.

Once you have completed your list you need to compare which skills are important and rate them accordingly. Determine your strong and lacking areas of skills where you need to work out.

Ask your friend or your instructor to retrospect your list and evaluate at which level you are standing. Make Sure that the evaluator should be honest and would easily tell your truth without being afraid.

The last thing is to do develop your own strategy, which will easily execute your plan, makes your strategy successful, and fill the gaps of lacking areas.

We have many strategies and different learning styles in which we feel comfortable we will apply that methodology.

Some people emphasize more on soft skills that we also called communication skills. Soft skills help you in dealing with people at your work and people around you. People with good communication skills help in resolving the problem occur in the organization and in the personal life. And it may be help you in managing your task.


The most important phenomena of living my life in an effective and peaceful manner is always be honest whatever you do be persistent and be delegated towards my work. These techniques would help me in achieving my targets and will helps me in recognizing my strengths and opportunities and eradicate my weaknesses and threats around me.


My communication skills helped me a lot and I have found new ways to deal with people. My delegation towards my work is high that people always trust me and that is how I have good reputation among good people. The reason I am passionate about achieving my goal is because I am the person who possessed aim and I want to transmute my dreams into actualities. Many leaders who possessed the good reputation in the past and highly delegated towards their goals inspire me.


I always grab opportunities, which will enhance my capabilities of learning something new and which will give a chance to find out new ways to deal with difficulties. I give my best when my team stands as one and cooperate with each other without any interruption. I always make people feel comfortable whatever the circumstances are I always give my best to deal with them.


An emotional stability is one of my weaknesses that always infringe me in achieving my goals. The lack in emotional stability sometimes results in term of anger, which is hard for me to control. I am really looking forward to overwhelm these lacking areas.


People who damper my enthusiasm is the big threat for me. People focus more on negative aspects in my environment and try to discourage which affects my personal growth, and career. I always try to turn these threats into opportunities with the help of my communication strategies, communicate with the team, and then make decisions.

produce a detailed action plan which demonstrates how you intend to address areas for further management and leadership development

The further management development starts from the responsibilities of manager towards achieving his task. In this fast changing and competitive environment managers need modifications in order to make new ways and strategies to cope up with the diversity occur in the organization.

Responsibilities for achieving the task include the clear vision for the group that perfectly defines the direction and segregate work to keep in view the worker's skills and flexibility. Determine which resources, processes, and systems are used. Develop the strategy to achieve the task, tactics, time, measurements and by understanding and delegation. Setting the benchmark is to restrict your subordinates to achieve the level that is up to the mark and gain maximum results. Entertain properly the control and maintaining activities and monitor overall performance against plan.

Responsibilities as a manager for a group includes the standards and ethics to be performed in the workplace, define a proper organizational culture so your subordinates will be feeling comfortable in the environment and able to work efficiently and easily cope up with the situations. Manager should develop a team slogan to encourage his team towards the task and make them believe that they will be given their best to the task and will achieve the target. Threats which violated the organization's morale, try to turn these threats in to opportunities that's what many good managers with excellent communication skills does.

The most important action plan, which helps managers to manage the department, includes the understanding of individual, their personalities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and capabilities and assists them in such a way that you can support individuals-plans, conflicts, and challenges they face by them. Classify every individual's objectives, and give appraisals in order to encourage them towards their tasks. Arrange career development programs to train them further because employees may need some new talent and in order to give them information about new technologies.

The good leaders always have command over these main areas. First a leader believes to do the entire task no matter whatever the circumstances are, he keeps the right balance according to the situation, gets results, and strengthen the morale, quality, and develops strategies to attain maximum satisfaction.

The most important function in leadership development includes planning keeping in view the appropriate information and elaborates the tasks in order to meet the standards. Commence the action and allocate the tasks with setting it's standards. A good leader is proactive that supports individual and encourage team spirit and informing the tasks, plans, and schedule properly and give his feedback. Develop feasibility of plan to enable the assessment of the planned task. These all actions help leader in leading, and includes strong emphasis by applying these techniques through training.

Explain the impact of learning styles on personal development.

Everyone has different learning style that is unique to the person and the way, which seems interesting to him. Analyze your personal learning style by which you can give your best to the task and improve your personal life, which improves the time management also manage studies and, find new strategies to learn more.


Start realizing your thoughts, and be aware of your thoughts and decisions you take in order to make your life peaceful. Think positive and develop healing pattern which encourage your thoughts and decision power in a better way. The more you know about yourself the better quality of decision you will be taken. Self-awareness also helps in spiritual growth when you have clear upstanding of your religion and believe you will start living accordingly.


In order to progress in your field you must learn how to make solutions of the problems occur, and must be able to describe or investigate the problem. Diagnose the causes of the problem that affects in your personal life, develop strategies and make alternates to resolve the problem, and analyze your weak areas where you are not able to make proper decisions. At last, implement your own strategy and assess the effective and efficiency of the decision.


Convey your message in such a way that people understand your message clearly and having perfect idea what are you conveying. If your conveying method is not effective, you will receive ambiguous feedback that other person perceived wrong. Find new ways to learn more about communication style that you can deal effective with people around you, build a trust through your good communication, and make a good relationship.


The paired and group learning style is the most effective way to learn because a person will find a new way from other people and learn from their experience to improve their personal life. Group learning style provides the regularity and you will get better results. The paired and group style of learning also helps you in building your confidence and overwhelm shy factor. The group discussion will not only increase your knowledge, but also helps in progressing in personal growth. The advantages of group learning are numerous which provides an opportunity to compare results and helps in making accurate interpretation regarding your personal life and career.

Your objectives for career and life planning.

Successful people do have their proper planning of the objectives, which they plan in order to have successful career and satisfactory life. The ability to make plans is depending on the experience of the person so that he or she is aware of wounded areas and they never try to repeat their mistakes.

Balance work and personal life:

I always monitor my objectives in such a way that my career and life planning should be balance and on the right track and never I am distracted out. Moreover, discuss problems with my family and friends frequently and find the areas where I am lacking and showing my imprudence.

Eager to learn more:

Hunger to learn more and exploring new findings that helps me pursue my career in the dynamics organization in the future. Learning more I would find new ways to make my personal life at the satisfactory level. Exploring new ways of communication is one of my objectives so that I will be having good communication skills in the future and I will be able to deal people efficiently.

Good grades:

Getting good grades is also one of my objectives so that I will show my good performance towards my studies and gain knowledge. It also shows my dedication towards getting knowledge and my consistency towards my project work in which I have been involved.

Good Job:

I want to pursue my career in the dynamic organization. I have taken the responsibility to be persistent and want to grab valuable opportunities in the future. I make decisions to set my career goals and a proper plan to execute these goals in order to have a successful or bright career. I keep realizing my extraordinary potentials so that I would lead towards a successful career. I always evaluate my performance and create new objectives if needed.


This is something where I have to measure and sometimes extraordinary measure that where I am leading. Am I leading towards my path? I always review my performance and compare it with my previous results. This is one of my strategy in setting my goals and objectives.


Trust is the essence to win other’s heart that helps me in making good decisions. Trust is depending on the quality you give to others. I always build trust over other people by show my dedication and my commitment level and I always end my task before the deadline.

Building Relationship:

In order to build good relationships I always focus on my emotional stability, as an emotional person I always take care of the situations where I am losing my emotional stability such as my tolerance level. My objective is to overcome my unstable emotions where I am dangle down the most in order to build a good relationship whether it is personal relations or business relations.


Responsibility is the most important to realize in order to transmute my dreams into actualities, and by having responsible behavior we realize the value of thing whether it is our task or any relationship. My responsible behavior always helps in building trust on other people and increases my commitment level. By keeping this behavior I want to avail good opportunities. My objective is to show my dedication and want to designate the entire inconsistent factor before making important decisions regard my career or personal life.

The actions you plan to take to meet these goals.


Time management is one of the most important action plans, which harmonize and reconcile task by which I would be able to meet my objectives. I have planned a schedule and allotted hours to my studies and my work that helps me in managing my personal and work life.


My action plan by which I will be able to meet my target is to be consistent. Consistency plays an important role in one’s life. I am constantly working on hurdles and give my best in resolving issues regarding my career and personal life. I have a persistent behavior towards my task or objectives. This persistent behavior also helps me in personal growth.

Work hard but smart:

I believe in the hard work, I know how to work hard but smart in order to achieve my goal .I have a didactic design, which I have prepare for me to achieve my goal. Everyone is learning style is different from each other, as I am very hard worker but I have capability and experience to manage my stuff efficiently. My this action plan is the most important for meeting these goals and objectives which I have mentioned above and continually learn or update my skills in efforts to achieve high performance as a career person.

Training and career counseling:

Training and career counseling will help me in enhancement of my capabilities and skills. I will identify my most skillful areas and my lacking areas where I would take certain actions such as exercises and workbook activities so that I will encouraged me towards my objectives.

Planning To Achieve Targets:

A proper planning is necessary to accomplish your target. I always make a plan before my coming semester and I take my courses accordingly. This is how i praise my own self in order to lead and push myself towards achieving my objectives.

Promise Keeper:

By keeping my promises, I can build good relationships, build, trust, and give value to my objectives .This is how I improve my work quality and have good influence over other people.

A good leader is delineating by the ability and experience to make good decisions. A person who is very sincere to his work designates all the inconsistent factors before making any decision, harmonizes, reconciles decisions when necessary, and develops confidence in him.

Evaluate your aptitude, style and potential growth areas where you would be a multi talented manager or a leader for a great example for your employees so this is another way to retain your employees and increase their commitment level of work. Trust yourself to make good decisions.

Your short/medium/long term goals and objectives.


Build relationships, and scheduling for short-term goals and objectives. Counseling is also important for short-term goals because it helps me a lot in accomplishing my task.


My medium term goals and objectives includes get good grades, medium term scheduling , training and career development counseling in order to achieve my planned objectives of my career.


My long-term goals and objectives’ include responsibility, which helps me in transmuting my dreams and goals into reality. A consistent behavior is very important in every aspect of life. Get a good job and earn handsome amount is one of my long-term objective. Promise keeping is the essence of my soul and my dedication towards my work and gives quality work to people. Building relationship with laws and in business .Long-term, scheduling should be considering external environment factors. A balance in work and personal life by maintaining your schedule and discuss the resolve are issue arises. Eager to learn more is something for me, which will never end.

The resources and support needed and available to meet objectives target dates for monitoring and review.


Online development programs:

Internship program:




TASK # 2

Compile a portfolio of evidence, which demonstrates how you have implemented the actions in Task 1 above over a period of at least six months, and includes records of:

training and/or development needs from a recent appraisal or job review

As professional learning is the ongoing process but after getting appraisal I need to keep good reputation and my performance up to the mark.

I need to join further training and development classes in order to enhance my capabilities and skills and that is how my hunger to learn makes me to learn more. I want to explore every corner stone which I can add and increase my expertness in order to have a good influence over other people.

action planning, diaries, learning journal

feedback from a variety of sources (eg manager, colleagues, customers)

Task 3

Write a report of between 1000-1500 words which evaluates how well the main themes of the learning programme have impacted (or could in the future) on your work role and chosen career path.You should include an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses both at the start and end of the programme, and explain the importance of self review and how this informs future professional development.