Understanding Own Role And Responsibilities Education Essay

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A Teacher plays many roles to students. A teacher can be apparent, psychologist, police officer, protector and anyone who delivers knowledge. A teacher must deliver knowledge and skills in a way that a student must understand and like

As a student spends half of the day with the teacher so only delivering lecture us not a duty of a teacher in fact a teacher should pay full attention to his moral upbringing. The teacher can deliver their responsibility in time and make sure that they deal with the student's problems and help them to find a suitable answer. There are some issues that the students cannot deal in their own way neither they can discuss it with the parents , the only solution they find is to ask the teacher so in that case teacher should act as parents and give them a very good solution.

The role of teacher also involves care, communication; provide facilities to their students which help them to progress further in their life. The responsibility of a teacher is not just to provide a lecture, rather than conduct a dialogue, student cannot be encouraged with difficulty, they will not talk to each other, but will only respond and questions from the tutor. Effective tutors are essential to ensure that small groups work well. Any teaching event will be more successful if the teacher is enthusiastic, has a feeling for the subject and understand the students well.

Student teacher on the school experience will be treated as professional colleagues and this role brings with it professional responsibilities all teachers share as well as the requirement for a degree of sensitivity as a degree in the school. A teacher must not interfere in student's private life unless or until that does not affect the educational life.

A teacher may express opinions at time by using the teacher's position of authority but not force those opinions on students. As every student belongs to different political background, religion or race so a teacher should not force the opinions that concerns to politics religion or race. The relation between the students should be friendly but should not extend the limits. A teacher must see that a student is adult and should not try to be buddies with the student.

Teachers are the upstanding members of the society. They should prove themselves to be the role model to students. It is responsibility of a teacher to provide a safe learning free of discrimination. They should be accepting everything included the student opinion.

A teacher is one who instructs, educates, trains and imparts knowledge. A teacher should never be alone with the student in the classroom if privacy is needed. Try to meet in an office where the administration and secretaries knows where you are and what you are doing. Most of the times you can also leave the door open so you can be seen but not heard

The revised code of conduct and practice for registered teachers was approved on 1st July 2009 by the general teaching council for England. It was developed through a large process of public and professional consultation. And it came into practice on 1st October 2009.

A teacher must take responsibility for maintaining the quality of their teaching practices.

They should help children and young people to become confident learners.

Work as a part of staff

They should have friendly relations with other colleagues

They should be honest to their profession

They should have honest relation with the parents i.e. they should be fair enough with them.

A teacher should not do any favours to students

All students should be equal in the eyes of a teacher.

A teacher should pay attention to his administrative and managerial tasks.

Teachers must aim to put in pupil's mind that they have more potential and ability to learn. Teachers can easily know the students capacity by following few steps:-

1. The enormous learning capacity that is in every brain.

2. The vast amount of information that they have already learnt.

3. How many people stop themselves from learning and what can be done about it?

4. The different ways that people are intelligent.

5. How simple daily actions can improve their ability to learn.

We believe that higher education is open to all who have ability and potential to benefit from it regardless of age, disability, ethnicity and family back ground. We know that diverse student group makes a lively and successful community.

If the training session contains more styles of delivering knowledge and ability level and then their structure should create the natural points of referral using spectrum of visual, oral, kinaesthetic learning and techniques such as snowballing, team learning and group work etc.gth

Feedback from your observation self- testing, peer review, formal testing and assignments completed alone can all be used to assess the students area of strength and help them work on their weakness, creating new targets and improved learning plan.

It is so important that teacher must keep record of students. To avoid any uncertainty it is good that organization have an up to date record of their students. Record keeping is common sharing information between students and their guardians. It is important that any record which organizations have must be legal and valid. This record should be checked against audience provide by the students

Record keeping is very important in a school. These records are basically kept in books, record registers, documents, files in which all the information related to schools is presents that help in better growth and development of schools. School records are official transcripts or copies of proceeding of actions

Record keeping is really very important

Good record keeping shows the organizations history (history of school). It also shows how good they facilitate their students and enhance the provision of effective guidance and providing services to their pupil in terms of social academic career

It also provide data needed made for planning the decision by school head and the ministries of education and education authorities

Record keeping also provide their pupil information to their employees as a reference and social sciences researchers for the advancement of knowledge

It improves the students habit of punctuality

It provides data that helps to manage schools time table and activities of school work in an effective way.

Record keeping provides information needed on ex-students by higher institutions.

These records are kept in books, record registers, documents, discs and files in which all the information related to schools is present that helps in letter growth and development of schools. Schools records are official transcript or copies of proceedings of actions.

In the end, I will come to conclude that assessment of any project is very important before we begin with it. It shows the professionalism of the staff and their positive attitude towards the leading opportunity they have. In teaching it is very important that teacher shows very positive behaviour to their students keeping in view that pupil must be very comfortable with it them and gaining knowledge they are trying to deliver and for sake of their repute and professionalism they must keep records (Good or Bad).