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Skills Is a way or the strategies which someone has developed or set up to face individual or organizational day to day challenges and overcome them.

Skills are very essential to every human-beings because without skills, it will be very difficult for anyone or organization to set up a goal and achieve the goal, if someone is lacking skills, the person will be feeling that something is missing of him and will find it difficult to work in any organization even to manage his/her life properly.

Skills plays vital role to everyone by enhancing people to have self-competency, leadership qualities, socializing and working in organization very comfortable etc.

Skills have been classified into General Skills and Personal Skills.

General skills: Are the skills which commonly apply to everyone in other to work in organization or socialize with people you don't know very easy and comfortable.

Below are types of general skills

Reading, Logic, Critical thinking, Interpersonal communication, Speech: listening, talking, Nonverbal communication, Literacy: writing, reading, Motor skills, walking, arts and crafts, craft, sport, Innovation skill, Charisma, Perception, Persuasion, Procedural memory, Knowledge, Expertise, Fluency, Problem solving, innovating/ creative Motivation/goal setting. Negotiation and teamwork

Personal skill is a certain skill that someone has develop to interact with people or to work in an organization, it is a skill that someone have to develop to tackle a particular issue or challenge that is facing your individual life.

Having cross checked my weakness and strength in an organization I am working with, I have identified the general skills and the ones I also lack as well.

Below are general skills which I have developed

Reading, Logic, Critical thinking, Communication, Listening, Writing Innovation skill, Procedural memory, Knowledge, Problem solving, creative, Motivation/goal setting, Negotiation and teamwork

1.2 You will produce a technical document that could be used in an organization using at least two appropriate transferable skills

Transferable skills: Are those skills that can be imparted from one person to another and below are the transferable skills I have gained from the organization I am working with and how those skills are helping me to work in an organization and even to my individual life.

Time Management skill: Is very essential and important to me and anyone working in the organization or elsewhere because it has been helping me to minimize stress, gaining time, eliminating mugging or cramming within the organization I am working with. It also motivates me to in my job and helps me to avoid procrastination over the task which I am assigned to do in the organization and even in my own individual life style.

Health and Safety Skill: This is very necessary and highly recognized in the organization because it gives me the ability to reduce the chances of committing any offences in a working place, it helps to reduce the costs related to accident and incident. And also help me to ensure the safety of others and the environment I am working are maintained.

Communication Skill: Is a basic skill that plays vital role in organization, good communication skill has helped me to communicate and understand co-workers and this make me to be attractive and intimate my team workers.

Team Work Skill: Is very essential to me because it makes me to share knowledge with other team members and by sharing knowledge I have learned a lot that has been helping me help individual life as well, it has also give me the courage and self-competency to work in any environment and anybody.

1.3: Show that effective judgments have been made in producing the technical document

A skill are essentially 100 percent proven and justified in the lives of everyone around the world, because without having skills no one could solve any problem or been able to face day to day challenges and overcomes them. For example if someone is lacking the skill of self-management, critical thinking, there will be limitations for that person to manage his or her life and the person will not be able to achieve any good result in anything the person is doing. And if communication skill is not been developed by someone, it will be very difficult to interact or socializing with people and even to work in an organization, skills contributes a lots in the lives of people and also very essential that people cannot do or achieve anything without it.

Transferable skills cannot be left out because it is the primary skills in the life of everyone, transferable skills is a day to day skills that plays vital role in our working place in our individual life and without transferable skill there will be limitations for someone to impart his or her knowledge to others or for people to learn anything from each other.

1.4 You will justify why it is important to have good transferable skills and the ability to communicate these across the audience

It is good and very important for me to have a good transferable skills because it will enhances and improve my life to have self competency and to fit-in into an organization. As I have mention earlier that communication is one of the basic skills that I needed in an organization. For instance when I develop a communication skill it will give me the ability to be communicating in a verbal and non-verbal with other staff or my team members so that they can understand me and I will understand them as well. It will also help me to work in a very comfortable manner with the teamwork and even the management. It will help me to impart my knowledge to others because communication is the basic way of imparting knowledge to others.

The ability for me to communicate these transferable skills across a wide audience is that I need to identify that I have those skills first and motivate myself to impart them to others by communicating with them always.

1.5: Demonstrate that self-criticism of the approach has taken place when you justify the importance of the transferable skills and the ability to communicate across a wide audience

Working in an organization back home as a secretary in a computer film, I was lacking the skill of operating computer which almost cost me my job if not for the sake of my co-worker who transfer his computer skill to me. It was a very big problem for me to use computer when I started the job newly, because I did not have a good computer background when I was growing up and it was a very big challenging to me then. Transferable skills is good due to the fact that I was able to learn from my colleagues without undergoing for any special computer course that will cost me money and time. Transferable is very good because it saves an organization a lots of resource and time they will spend in training staff, because with transferable skills other staff who already known the job will be able to transfer their knowledge to those that doesn't know the job for them to learn so quickly.


2.1: You will provide evidence to support a knowledge and understanding of group dynamics:

Working in a group could be easy and difficult as well, depending on how serious and commitment the other group members you are working with are, and there are skills required to work in a group activity such as tolerant, communication, critical thinking and rational thinking.

Tolerant is very important in a group work because you are going to work with different people with different behaviors and sometimes one of the group member will be exhibiting some characters that will be annoying and discouraging other group members but everybody needs to tolerate in other to keep the group together and to accomplishing the task.

Rational Thinking is needed in a group work because it will make you to consider other members opinion or contributions and not only your own opinion, if rational thinking is apply when making a decision in a group work every group member will be happy and there won't be much misunderstanding and nobody will be feeling inferiority or been underrated.

Communication plays vital role in a group work because when there is a lack of communication in a group work, the task will not be accomplish properly but when all the group member are communicating very well among themselves the task will be executed very well.

2.2: The learner should demonstrate that they have used a range of sources of information to provide evidence to support the knowledge

In a group work, not every members opinion/ideas will be accepted to avoid getting confuse and doing the wrong task, at least there should be a good measure of criticism in every members opinion or ideas so that good decision will be taken at the end of the day. As individuals it is good to always misquote every wrong idea from other members and should not be keeping quit or accepting every idea just because you want to satisfy or respect everybody's opinion. Though it is good to respect every member's opinion but not when wrong opinion that will cause problem in accomplishing the task is been suggested by any of the member. You need to speak out or misquote any wrong idea from any group member and bring a better idea that everybody will support and that will give the group a profitable result to accomplish the task at end of the activity.

2.3: You will assess your own learning style and apply to a group situation

Individually, doing a task at your own convenient time is always more relaxing and comfortable but doing it in a group activity is a kind of stress and not convenience all the time, duo to the fact that it was a group activity I need to work even when it is not convenient for me. I have already learnt in the past that it is good to start doing any task on time to avoid incompleteness of the task and not meting up with requirements; I applied this techniques to my team members and motivated them to start doing our task immediately, though it was an issue for me to achieve that at the beginning even but I had to do it, even when one of the team member did not show up I still had to work harder to motivate the other person so that we can achieve our common goal by accomplishing the task at the appropriate time. After all set and done I and the other team member was able to achieved our goal by completing the task on scheduled time and we enjoyed doing the task because we had a good relationship and communication while doing the task and there was no conflicts between each other accept when we criticize each other's opinion in other to get a good idea and to avoid mistakes in our task.

2.4: demonstrate that the importance of interdependencies has been recognized and achieved in assessing your learning style and applying that to a situation

We were able to accomplish our task very well, due to the fact that I and my team member applied a good relational strategies during the time we were executing the task, the relational strategies we applied was, communicating to each other, motivating each other, depended on each other in teams of sharing our common ideas, sharing the same resource and information that related to the task we were doing and this strategies really carried both of us through to accomplish the task. I wouldn't say that it was 100% fun and easy for both of us because we had tough time and issues sometimes when we started doing the task at initial stage, we criticized each other's opinion sometimes but the good thing was that both of us have better understanding and rationale thinking, so we never take it too far but we rather learnt from our criticism.

2.5: You will documents discussions, debates and other group activities as an observer and a participator and document it in this report


Introduction: This report is all about performing a group activity in other to assess the skills each group member has developed to work as a team in an organization.

Activity Performed: Visited British Museum

We assembled ourselves together at the school premises after we finished our morning lecture at 1 pm on Friday 10th of December 2010, Mr. A suggested that we should go by bus while Mr. B suggested that we should go by train and after a little contemplation to decide the one we should choose which took us some minutes before we decided to go by bus.

We left the school premises by 1:30pam to catch a bus at the bus stop and it took us 55minutes to the nearest bus stop to the British Museum and 5minutes walked to the Museum, so we arrived there at 2:30pm on the dot.

When we arrived at the British Museum we first of all walked around the environment for like 20 minutes and we saw many unique objects and after that we met one of the British Museum's staff named Gibson and we interviewed him about the British Museum's history and he was so friendly and happy to explained everything to us bit by bit. During the time we were asking Mr. Gibson questions that lasted for about approximately 40 minutes, I listed all the questions we asked him and the answers he gave to us which I disclose below.

Interview between us and Mr. Gibson of the British Museum:

When did British Museum established?

How many items/objects the British Museum was first established with?

What is the oldest Object in the Museum?

How many people are visiting the British Museum in a year?

What is the most attraction area in the Museum?

What is the main object of attraction?


The British Museum was established at eighteenth century from (1660-1753) base on the will of a physician, naturalist and collector, Sir Hans Sloane and was officially open to the public on 15th January 1759.

The British Museum was fist established with 71,000 objects that was collected Sir Hans Sloane during his life time and was given the whole object to King George 11 for the nation in return for a payment of £20,000 to his heirs.

The Oldest Object in British Museum is Olduvai stone chopping tool from Tanzania and this object has been in existence for about 2.2Million years.

The British Museum attracts much population every year since it has been established and the number of people that visited it in a year is about 6.Million people.

The most attractive area and object in the Museum is The Rosetta stone From Egypt.

After we finished interviewing the staff of British Museum we spent 10 minutes with 3 people that visited the Museum and they confirmed to us that they are happy with what they saw in the British Museum, and when we finish with them we went to the coffee area at the restaurant inside the British Museum and had a coffee break for 15 minutes and after that we depart around 4PM

Task 3

3.1: apply problem solving techniques to a given problem domain, document each stages of this process

Identifying the problems in organization is very necessary, so that the organization will know where they are lacking, what they are lacking and the solution to solve the problem. If problem has not been identified in an organization, there won't be any possibility to get a solution.

Based on the organization I was working with, a problem was identified during the time I was working with the organization such as management problem and resource problem.

The management of the organization was not giving staffs a proper training, division of labor was not properly defined and the files in the office was not organized, it was very difficult to find a particular file because files were scattered everywhere. Due to the fact that some of the staff does not have a good training for the job they are doing, a lots of equipment and resources was damaging on daily bases, the files was missing always.

Having identifying the problems in the organization, below are the techniques I applied which will help the organization to solve the problems.

Given all the new staffs proper training is very essential in the organization and a time to time training for the old staffs is important as well, in doing this, the company policy and rules will be maintained at a very high standard.

Division of labor issue needs to be addressed, because some staffs believed they are working extra hard to maintain the organization high standard profile, while some are lazing around, and the both get the same pay due to the fact that they are not been paid hourly but have a fix monthly payment structure for all the staffs, so this issue must be addressed in other not to make some of the members of staff feel cheated and used.

Looking around the office environment, littering file where found around, this does not provide a good impression of the organization, this issue must be addressed by getting a standard file cabinet to keep all the files and tidy all the loose files around, with this the office environment will look neat and tidy.

3.2: Clearly identify the stages taken in the decision making process to overcome the problem

Considering the fact that a proper training have not been given to the staffs, many staffs have had a lots of accidents with the equipment because of unfamiliar to those equipment and lots of equipment have been damaged as well which put the organization into lost, with this reasons I decided to come up with the decision of giving new staffs a proper training and induction before starting the job and also be giving time to time induction to old staffs so that the issue of staffs having accident with the equipment will come to an end and company will stop losing their resources.

Division of labor was a serious issue in the organization to the extent that some of the staffs are fighting against each other on daily bases and the organization was losing many prominent staffs because they felt cheated by the other staffs and the management was doing nothing. That is why I came up with the decision that the organization should address the issue properly, so that it will help the organization to put an end of staff fighting against each other and the threats of losing their staffs will stop as well.

The issue of scattering files around the office has cost the organization losing most of their client files and also termination of most of their contracts. And some clients automatically withdraw their contracts when they come to the office and see how everywhere was littered with files and untidy as well. That is why I came up with the decision that the organization should get a file cabinet to keep the files properly and by doing that it will help the organization to keep their client files save and their office will be tidy equally.

3.3: Demonstrate that convergent and lateral thinking have been applied in identifying the stages

Considering the fact that I have some of my friends that are working in different organization and they have been talking about the procedures and policy that are been followed in the organization they are working with, I also discussed the issues we are having in the organization I am working with and they confirmed that they were having similar issues before in their organization.

Training issue: I am believing that giving the staffs time to time training when it is due is very essential, so that the organization procedures and policy will be always running in their mind and with that the staffs will be able to know what to do and when to do it.

Division of labor issue: I strongly believe that when division of labor issue is addressed and defined properly, it will make the staffs to know their jobs and no one will be feeling cheated or fighting against each other. It will also help the management in the organization to know and rate the effort every staffs are putting to do their jobs.

Unorganized File issue: due to the fact that some files were misplaced due to unorganized procedure, I am very much convinced that when file cabinet is bring to the organization, the files will be properly arranged and the issue of missing client files and littering everywhere in the office will be settled.

3.4: Use appropriate methods to select the most feasible solution with full justification as to your selection.

The appropriate method and feasible solution with full justification has been use for my selection and this has been achieved by identifying the problem and applying the techniques to solve the problems such as,

Giving a standard training and induction when it is due to the old and new staffs will definitely put an end of staffs been unfamiliar to the working equipment and will prevent staffs from having accident with the working equipment. It will also make the staffs to find their job very interesting and will love doing it, because if staffs know how to use the resource they have to do their jobs, the job will be so easy for them and they will love doing it. Giving a well-defined division of labor in the organization will help every staffs to know their jobs in the organization and will reduce the issue of some staffs doing extra hard while others are lazing around. With this no one is going to be feeling cheated or fighting against each other.

If the organization have file cabinet, the files will be properly arranged and there won't be issue of misplacing client file or getting the office untidy with office file.

Task 4

2012: Going for my BSC one year top up in Information System at University of East London

2016: apply for a job in an IT Firm in my country

2015: Going for my masters Degree in Information System at University of London

2014: Going for additional course in website design

2013: completing my BSC Degree

2011: Completing my HND in computing by June4.1: Set realistic and achievable targets using standard action planning techniques

4.2: State any problems, difficulties, limitation and advancement made during the period of learning.

During the process of achieving my future plan, there are problems, difficulties; limitation and advancement I think that I might face during the process of achieving the goal, such as

Financial problem: I think finance will be the most challenges I am going to face during the process of achieving those goals, because the school fees and up keeping money that are involved for me to undertake all my degrees courses are too much and will be very difficult challenges to me

Immigration Issue: considering the fact that I am a foreign student, I believe that I am going to be facing immigration issues such as renewing my visa, following attendance policy and not working more than the hours they gave student. These stated problems will be serious issues to me but I have strategized how to overcome them and achieve my goals the way I have planed and scheduled them.

Due to the fact that I have a future plans which I really want to achieve at the scheduled time, I have been saving money and have limited myself from the expenses that will be affecting my savings like, not going on holidays, not clubbing and any other unnecessary expenses. I have been saving all this money so that I will be able to overcome the financial challenge during the process of achieving my goal.

Considering the fact that I want to avoid anything that will limit me from achieving my future plans, I have strategized that I will be always maintaining immigration policy by having a standard school attendance and not working more than the hours I have been given to work as a student.

4.3: provide an account of personal development during the period of learning and use a variety of tools and techniques to document this improvement in knowledge and skill base.

S.M.A.R.T Analysis :

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Achievable

R: Realistic

T: Time


2011: Completing my HND in computing by June

2012: Going for my BSC one year top up in Information System at University of East London

2013: completing my BSC Degree

2014: Going for additional course in website design

2015: Going for my master's Degree in Information System at University of London

2016: apply for a job in an IT Firm in my country


The goals are very achievable in the sense that I have been able to set up the goals, set up the plans on how to achieve the goals and when to achieve them as well.

Considering the fact that I have identified the challenges/ limitations I will face in the process of achieving the goals and also have solid plans on how to overcome those limitation and challenges, I strongly believe that the goals is achievable by me.


Saving Money

Cutting up unnecessary expenses

Attending lectures and getting myself focus toward my goals

Maintaining Standard Attendance Policy


Timing is very essential in everything human beings are doing and I have set up a specific time I would like to achieve each and every goals I have set-up for five years, for instance:

I have planned that in 2011 I am going to complete my HND in Computing by June, 2012: I will be going for my BSC , 2013: I will be completing my BSC Degree, 2014: I will be going for additional course in website design, 2015: I will be going for my master's Degree in Information System at University of London and 2016: apply for a job in an IT Firm in my country


The goals I have set up are 100% realistic base on the fact that my goals are basically set up under (IT field) which is where I am grooming myself up. This goals are very important and contributes a lot in my present and future life

4.4: Show that appropriate structure and approach has been used in preparing the account

In preparing the account, a lot of things have been put into consideration to ensure that a good structure and good approach have been applied when preparing my future account.

Considering the limitation that I will face and the skills that need to be developed by me to subdue the limitations, Structures like saving money by cutting up unnecessary expenses have been put in place to safe-guide me throughout the period of time.

My personal development was actually considered as well because it is very essential in the process of the development, been able to manage my time and the limited resources available to me is very essential as well.

Ability to connect with people that matters in life is very important as well. And skills that will help me to fit-in to any organization such as good Communication skill, Team work skill, and self-competency etc. have been developed as well.

With everything I have put into consideration when preparing my account, I believe that my future plans will be achieved at the set time and according to the way I planned them.