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Throughout the years education has evolved in many ways, one major evolution that has taken place is the use of the many different tools that technology has made available and incorporating them in the classroom as a teaching tool. As technology has evolved throughout the years the use of its resources has been adapted in many school curriculums throughout the world. There are many areas in the school curriculum in which technology is now being used in the classroom for examples many schools use the electronic mail capability in order to communicate with the student"„¢s parents, many as well use the ability to create a PowerPoint presentations as a way to present their lesson for the day, which is a way to give the students the ability to visualize the lesson and some schools have also incorporated a school public forum which allows the parents to comment on school policies and procedures. Many teachers and schools appreciate the fact that all of these new abilities are available to them in order to present their lessons to the students.

The educational tools used in schools prior to technology were very useful and assisted the schools in providing a great education to the students. Some of the tools used prior to technology being incorporated into education are: chalk boards, projector transparencies, workbooks, mini chalk boards as notebooks, and calligraphy pens. Many of these tools have been very helpful and as well as useful to many schools and teachers throughout the years. Some of these tools such as the chalk boards and workbooks are still being used now in days. Although many enjoy incorporating the ease that technology has brought to their teachings there are still some that are apprehensive in applying the new technology available to their lessons. Since now in days students are learning how to use the different types of technology at home it is nice to see that the schools are incorporating some of the tools into the curriculum. Many students also enjoy being able to learn how to use the new useful tools that will assist them through school as well as skills that they will be able to apply to their personal lives.

Technology tools used in education today are ones that have made it easier for teachers to give the students more visuals aides to look at during a lesson as well as allow the students to be able to learn about the new tools that are available. Some of the tools that are available to schools now in days are: desktop computers, laptop computers, internet connections and wireless internet connection, web forums for teachers and parents, teaching software, interactive software, as well as machines that are multi-functional such as a copier that can be used as a printer, fax or scanner. One way that technology has been incorporated in schools that many enjoy using is the interactive and easy to use software"„¢s into their curriculum and access to the internet. Another way the technology has been incorporated into a curriculum is by having distance education as an option for students to participate in without having to attend a campus. Distant education is a tool that has made it possible for people whom want to continue their education and find it difficult to fit in a campus school setting into their busy schedules to do so. It is also a way that allows both instructors and students to build a more personal relationship. This type of education has many benefits to it which include: allowing the student to access their class forum twenty four hours a day seven days a week, private conversations between the instructors and students, allowing the student s to attend different workshops, and gives the students many different types of resources that are built to assist a student in succeeding with their education. Distant education is a newer concept that many have taken advantage on and continues to become more and more popular among those who want to continue their education at a pace that fits into their lives with ease. All of these tools have made it easier on schools to perform the many duties that they provide to the students across the world a little bit easier as well as teaching the students of today in an effective way and productive way.

The benefits that technology has brought to education are many that have been very helpful to teachers, parents and students. The schools and teachers enjoy the ability to be able to incorporate an easier way to allow the students to learn and get a full understand of the material presented. Technology has allowed for an easy way for schools to allow students to explore the many different and new ways to learn. With having access to the internet in schools allows the students the ability to research and use all the different resources that are available at their fingertips. It also allows teachers the ability to use different resources to incorporate into their lessons plans such as templates, certificates, and bulletin board ideas (Education World, (2009). Tech Integration). All of these tools have allowed the schools to always have new and current materials for their students. All of these new tools that have been made available throughout the years have been such a benefit to both schools and students that one cannot help but wonder what the future of technology will bring to the world of education.