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SWOT analysis is a basic, straightforward model that provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of marketing plans. It accomplishes this by assessing an organizations strengths (what an organization can do) and weaknesses (what an organization cannot do) in addition to opportunities (potential favorable conditions for an organization) and threats (potential unfavorable conditions for an organization).

SWOT analysis is an important step in planning and its value is often underestimated despite the simplicity in creation. The role of SWOT analysis is to take the information from the environmental analysis and separate it into internal issues (strengths and weaknesses) and external issues (opportunities and threats).

Once this is completed, SWOT analysis determines if the information indicates something that will assist the firm in accomplishing its objectives (a strength or opportunity), or if it indicates an obstacle that must be overcome or minimized to achieve desired results (weakness or threat)

SWOT abbreviation means:






These are my internal positive traits which can be capitalized on;


I am devoted in my engineering course to resourcefully create an alternative energy to replace fuel sources which damage and pollute the environment. My project is about marine current turbines and how they can maximize energy output.

I am confident to make my visions into reality and I am willing to consider many alternatives to make it happen.

Technical knowledge:

I have concrete technical knowledge in engineering software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Ansys CAD software.

Transferable skills:

I can speak and write effectively and this way I can express my ideas very evidently.

Personal characteristics:

I am a quick learner especially when it comes to skills that will create opportunities for my future.

I have the ability to cope with failure and learn a great deal from my mistakes.

I am cooperative.

I am able to work under pressure.

I have experience as I worked part time in a fabrication workshop during the holidays.

Problem-solving is my specialty, owing to my persistence, curiosity, and understanding of how things work.

My vision allows me to identify what's missing from a given situation, and my creativity allows me to fill in the gaps.

My awareness of how things function gives me the ability to come up with new uses for common objects.

I tend to more proactive than reactive - I don't just wait for things to come to me

I possess excellent skills in Fine art and creativity is an essential part of being an artist. Therefore I am able to come up with creative ideas with ease and follow through to a substantial end result. This has contributed majorly in my research and planning.

Attention to detail - I am an artist and the hobby has developed my skills in patience and an analytical eye over time.

Independent - I have studied away from home since high school and this has given me a sense of responsibility and self-reliance. This way I am able to account for my decisions and choices.


I am cheerful and I can easily blend in with others in a work environment.


These are my internal negative aspects which can be improved and worked on;

Lack of PROPER work experience is a major setback as an engineering student. Fresh graduates are not readily employed.

My GPA does not reflect my full potential.

Tendency to procrastinate over projects, assignments and studying from the beginning.

Still unsure of which area to specify in; due to varied interests and skills.

I am a perfectionist and always want everything done to my satisfaction. Sometimes this makes me unpopular in team work.

Tendency to second guess decisions I make.

Fear of judgment and unconstructive criticism.

Easily frustrated by financial constraints and limitations.


These are positive external conditions that can be taken advantage of;

In terms of education, my enhanced education in engineering will create more opportunity for my career.

Low interest rates that can kick start my career

Relatives in the engineering field and family members in the business. I can learn through their experiences.

Colleagues in my field who can mentor me

The Engineering career path I have chosen provides unique opportunities for me in my country (Kenya). Kenya is a developing country and requires such expertise, and by studying in an already developed country I am in a position to offer more.

There are two oil producing countries bordering Kenya, Uganda and Sudan. Kenya being a more developed country with qualified Engineers is in a position to provide intellectuals in the field.


Negative external conditions that may set me back if overlooked; however they can be minimized or eliminated;

There are some negative trends in the engineering field today. Most vacant jobs around the world require work experience that is not less than 10years. As a fresh graduate this will be a major setback.

There is an influx of engineering graduates every year, hence a high competitive rate with very few jobs.

In the world we live in today having a degree is never enough. A person that possesses skills other than just an engineering degree is more viable to get a job over a person who only has the degree.

Undeveloped job-hunting skills

The engineering field has limited advancement, it takes a lot to get ahead and advancement is cut-throat and competitive in this field.


My first priority is to improve my GPA. This way my transcripts can be appealing enough to give me an edge in the competitive job market.

Work experience can be very difficult to get but this can be turned round to an opportunity for me to gain more skills in other areas of engineering such as learning new engineering software. This way I can be in a position to offer more qualities to a company when seeking a job.

As a perfectionist, working in a team becomes quite a challenge since no one's contribution is satisfactory. Therefore I plan to make efforts to be more communicative to my team members and point out areas that I feel need more work and listen to their opinions about it.


Networking is an essential part of attaining goals. That is why I have taken necessary steps to join networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn where you can stay informed about contacts and industry, find the people and knowledge I need to achieve my goals and find industry experts willing to share advice and job opportunities in the engineering fields.

With few engineering jobs and a high competitive rate due to the influx of fresh graduates I need to prepare myself and acquire additional skills. However this may not necessarily guarantee me a job in the future that is why being a self-starter comes in hand. With the current low interest rates on loans I can be able to kick start my own company.


Willpower is the inner strength and the inner engine that propels towards success and achievement. It is the power that pushes into action in every area of life. Willpower is one of the most important and desirable inner powers, and its lack or presence determines whether you will fail or accomplish your desires and ambitions and attain success.

Willpower is an important key for being successful in life and it is therefore necessary to build on this inner strength in order to enrich my other strong attributes. This way I can uplift my vigor and endurance to act despite external obstacles such as foreseen threats and to fully utilize any opportunities within my reach.

Another important aspect of enriching my strength is to work hard and apply my various strength attributes in the process. This will not only help me exercise them but also help me get an impressive grade for my final year project and an overall good degree class. This will also give me a sense of fulfillment and achievement.


Due to the competitive job market in most parts of the world including my home country it is necessary to acquire both related and non-related skills in the engineering field. This way I am more eligible to offer more than just my degree to a hiring company.

My country (Kenya) borders two oil producing countries (Uganda and Sudan). With the level of development of my country it is in a position to provide qualified engineers to offer their expertise. This is why I intend to be registered with the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya as soon as I graduate in order to exploit this opportunity whenever it presents itself.

My relatives who are in the engineering field and have earned a good reputation are in a position to be my contacts and vouch for me to get a job.


My Current State

What are my strengths?


1. I am imaginative, self-reliant and open to new things

2. Problem-solving is my specialty, owing to my persistence, curiosity, and understanding of how things work.

3. My vision allows me to identify what's missing from a given situation, and my creativity allows me to fill in the gaps.

4. I tend to more proactive than reactive - I don't just wait for things to come to me

5. I have the ability to cope with failure and learn a great deal from my mistakes.

What are my weaknesses?


1. Lack of work experience

2. Low GPA

3. Procrastinating

4. I am a perfectionist and always want everything done to my satisfaction.

5. Fear of judgment and unconstructive criticism

What are the common feedbacks (positive and negative) that I get from others?


1. Lack of assertiveness

2. Taking judgment and negative criticism personally

What other Performance Indicators can I notice?

Performance Indicators

1. I often fall short of achieving my full potential and always feel there is room for improvement.

2. I take feedback and criticism on my work very seriously, this suggests confidence in work but also indicates a willingness to self-reflect and take constructive advice from seniors to further better myself.


Focus Area Priorities

1. Motivation is a major factor that can increase performance. Sources and methods of self-motivation will be highly beneficial.

2. Communicative skills can be developed and refined to help me get the best out of any feedback and criticism I get. This will help my self-evaluation skills, which will greatly aid my self-improvement.

My Desired State

What do I hope to Improve/ achieve?

Desired State

1. CGPA and qualifications that accurately reflect my full potential.

2. A wider network of connections consisting of colleagues and industry experts in the engineering field.

3. To be in a position where I can identify and offer solutions to the problems of my country and region (Kenya and East Africa) that can be solved with engineering expertise.

Why do I want to achieve that? What does it give me?

What do I want?

1. A higher CGPA will give me an edge in the competitive job market, as well as give me a better chance to do what I truly want without fear of not being qualified enough.

2. A diverse network of colleagues also betters my chance at finding the job I want, as well as offers a source of collective resources, such as finances, consultancy and expertise I may need in the future.

3. To catalyze the development of my country and region, in the field of engineering, and be part of as well as encourage the effort to turn it from a third world country to a first world country. This would give me a great sense of self fulfillment.

What are my short term goals?

Short Term Goals

1. Attain a credible degree in engineering by 2012, and a Masters in Engineering by the year 2013

2. Find employment that offers great work experience and opportunity for growth at KENGEN CO. within the first year after finishing my degree.

What are my Long Term Goals?

Long Term Goals

1. Own my own engineering firm in the east African region.

2. Initiate a project on how to best obtain and utilize the newly found oil in the east African region and explore other alternatives energy sources.

3. Specialization and mastery of a section of engineering that most interests me, to the level of setting up a well acknowledged consultancy in that field.

How Do I get there? What is needed?

What must I improve/ learn/ experience to achieve that desired state?

What is needed?

1. I must improve the consistency in my grades, in order to build up my CGPA

2. I must learn to motivate myself in order to push myself to reach my fullest potential in terms of performance.

3. I must participate in more varied group projects, in order to meet, interact and connect with colleagues, to further build upon and strengthen my network and connections.

What are the possible resources to learn/ experience/ improve?


1. Buy and Read 'The Psychology of Achievement: Develop the Top Achiever's Mindset' by Brian Tracy

2. The internet offers various forums and social networking site on which I can connect with industry experts willing to share advice and job opportunities in the engineering fields.

3. Working closely with lecturers and colleagues.


What do I want or need to achieve the desired state?

Focus Area No. 1:

Hours per week:

Timelines/ Dates

What is my schedule to work on these focus areas?

Day - time 1: Mon, Thurs., 11 - 2pm, read 'The psychology of Achievement'

Focus Area No. 1:

Start date: 2/04/2012

Short term goal: 1/05/2013

Long term goal: 1/1/2015

Focus Area No. 2:

Hours per week:

Focus Area No. 2:

Start date:18/04/2012

Short term goal: 1/05/2013

Long term goal: 1/1/2015

Day - time 1: Mon, Thurs, Fri, 7pm - 10pm, Furnish my LinkedIn professional profile and try to connect with industry experts to learn new things about my field.

Focus Area No. 3:

Start date: 18/04/2012

Short term goal: 1/05/2013

Long term goal: 1/1/2015

Focus Area 3:

Hours per week:

Day - time 1: Mon, Thurs, Fri, 2pm - 4pm, Engage my colleagues, lecturer or mentor on any given topic of discussion to improve my knowledge and widen my areas of interest.

Day - time 2: Sat, Sun, 5pm - 8pm, Meditation and self-reflection

Table 1: Personal Development Plan


Ph.: (+254)(014) - 226602, Cell: +254721398937, P. O. Box 85297, Mombasa, Kenya

Email. [email protected]

Nabil Mohamed Nazir Baradia


Age : 24 years Date of Birth : 14th November 1986

Nationality : Kenyan Gender : Male

Marital Status : Single Passport Number : A715360

Current Residence : Malaysia


Hard Working


I am imaginative, innovative, and open to new things

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Leadership (School Prefect)

Career Objective

To be a successful engineer in the practical field, and a creative problem solvers who is not afraid to be a part of a successful team or work individually for the benefit of the company.

Professional Education

2008 - date BSc.Engg.(Mechanical), Universiti Teknology Legenda

(Coventry University Degree)

2006 - 2008 Memon College - Microsoft office packages and technical support course

Certificate for module completion - A (86%) and level III technical achievement

2002 - 2005 Allidina Visram High School, Mombasa, Kenya.

Marks (Mathematics - B, Physics - B, Biology - A, Chemistry - C)


2010 : ANSYS: Certificate of completion, Linton University College. Malaysia

2009 : SOLIDWORKS: Certified Associate and Professional Solid modeling specialist,

IME CADCAM Training Center SDN BHD. Malaysia

2007 : MS OFFICE: Computer applications course, Memon College, Kenya

Technical Skill

MS Office




Language Skill

Spoken Written

English Excellent Excellent

Swahili Excellent Excellent

Cutchi Excellent Excellent

Hindi Fair Fair

Leadership Skill

1998 - 2000 Board of Prefects

1999 - 2000 President, Chess Club

1998 - 1999 Coach, Swimming Lessons

1997 - 1988 Football Captain

1997 - 1998 Member, Rotary Club


Dr. Elango Natarajan

Legenda University College, Mantin

Tel: 60-6818746

Professor Denzel Washington

Allidina Visram High School, Kenya

Tel: (254) - 8181 22344

Eng. Hang Ur Kit

CADCAM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 60-4448746



SWOT analysis in simple terms is a process that involves self-evaluation relative to the current professional standard in employment. This evaluation will dictate whether I will flourish or diminish in my career. The personal development plan is an outline of my own expectations. It gives me and the people who intend to employ me a vision of my abilities and ambitions and how they may mutually benefit from it.

It is difficult to self-evaluate myself as I cannot be totally honest with myself, but the information about personal characteristics can be derived from friends and coworkers at previous jobs or team projects both academic and nonacademic. Personally, I have derived my strengths and weaknesses from constructive criticism provided by my closest friends, family, former co-workers and members who I have been involved with during my academic pursuits. It has been a difficult task as criticism provided by those closest to me may be hard to accept, but the second step of the process was personal observation, this is where questions such as " do I really lose interest in projects that don't enthuse me". Based on this evaluation, the final leg would be deployment of corrective measures to address those weaknesses noted and further improvement of the strengths to level the scale.

As for opportunities and threats, these are matters beyond my control that I can only hope to predict well and have a so called back up plan incase those opportunities may not resent themselves in a fashion I expected. Opportunities come in many shapes and sizes and the timing is critical, some opportunities once lost may never present themselves ever again. It is up to me to make sure I exploit every opportunity that comes my way regardless of it being minor or major.

I look forward to push myself to my unknown limits as I have while perusing my bachelor's degree which has proven to be the most challenging endeavor I have ever undertaken. I plan to stay focused and climb up as high as possible in the corporate ladder through hard work, vision and fueled by my raw ambition for ultimate success. For this to happen, I have developed a personal development plan that will act as the roadmap for my professional journey as a mechanical engineer.

There are some aspects in life that may derail me from my career goals over which I have no control what so ever. These are issues related to activities of world governments and the financial state of the word economy. Recent events that lead to millions of people losing their livelihood during the economic crash, have me seriously worried about what opportunities I may get while experienced people with better credentials are jobless. One way I plan to tackle this issue is to ensure I work hard to achieve what the current market perceives as cutting edge so as to be able to compete in this cut throat market.

The future, as unpredictable as it gets makes the personal development plan a very difficult prospect to adhere to. Hence I aim to modify my career goals based on the state of my internal and external environment. If the world economy is doing well, it will accelerate my career goals, if it's not, I may have to make adjustments to cater for the drawbacks. One way I plan to achieve this is to peruse alternative skillsets that would make me a more versatile, multifaceted worker or entrepreneur. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Alternatively, planning is the first stage of devastating disappointment.