The Skills Of Successful Managers Education Essay

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As we are the young students of university, I find out my weaknesses really quickly into the work experience. Honestly speaking just for myself, I found out mine within two weeks of time.

Three weaknesses that I found out quickly was that

Time management: Time management was a big problem for me at the beginning of my course. I couldn't manage myself in studying, attending the classes in the university, cooking at home and searching for a part time job. As I couldn't manage the time properly I was unable to complete the coursework properly. I have realized now that I need to improve more on my study skills that are a bit deficient and have to sharpen my time management skills as well. I used to search for the jobs after attending the lectures in the university which lead to the insufficient of time for the assignments. I was unable to manage time for studies and job search. I couldn't plan properly for my personal life and professional life. Even though I plan something I couldn't stick to that. Here I found out that I lack time management skills.

Lack of confidence: Self-confidence is nothing but the confidence which every individual should have from the self. It is the confidence like "I can do this". "I have the dexterity to do this". I have realised that lack of self confidence is a big problem for me. In the lecture when my tutor asks a question I will not answer the question even though the answer is known to me. Because I have no confidence whether my answer is correct or not I couldn't answer any of the questions posed by my tutor. Even when my tutor tells about the coursework I don't have confidence in me. One thing which comes to my mind is that I can't do that assignment. I keep constantly worrying about things going wrong. My body language shows that I lack self confidence. I need to gain self-confidence so that I can live a productive life.

Communication and presentation skills: At the beginning of my course I used to face a lot of problem with the communication. I couldn't understand the accent of my tutors and my fellow students sometimes. A lot of times I couldn't understand what the tutor was teaching and used to ask my fellow student what were the tutors saying. I was unable to present myself before my fellow mates when the tutor asked me to introduce myself and to give the presentation regarding a topic. I have lost marks for not presenting properly and for bad communication skills. I have lot of stage fear in the beginning due to which I couldn't speak fluently and continuously during the presentation. So then I realised the importance of communication skills. I need to improve my communication skills to communicate effectively with one another.

Identify the three most important skills and qualities related to successful managers and to the content of this module that you have developed over the course of this academic year.

The three most important skills and qualities required for a manager to be successful are:

Communication and Presentation skills: As a manger there might a good knowledge on a certain domain, excellent technical skills and more important self confidence, but also a manager should have good soft skills to be successful in one's own career. The soft skills comprise both the communication and presentation skills. Good presentation skills help a manager to solemnly communicate with the team. 'How you are communicating?' is as important as 'what you are communicating?' So, the presentation skills are very important to the manager.

I have kept on developing the communication and presentation skills as they are very essential to become a good manager. I have been learning how to communicate with people through the books, internet and through this course. To be honest, the module leader taught us how to present ourselves before a group a people. The way she presents the lecture and communicates with the students is quite interesting. Every lecture of her holds the attention of students. I have also practised more before a mirror a lot of times to improve my presentation skills. I have given many presentations which helped me in loosing my stage fear and helped me in presenting well before the audience. I have also improved my listening skills by going through the listening tests in the internet as they are very important in communication.

Self Confidence

As self confidence is very important in almost every aspect of our lives, I started improving my self confidence day-by-day. I started doing what I believe to be right even if others criticized me for it, I was willing to take risks to achieve better things. I was admitting my mistakes and started learning from them. I killed all my negative thoughts, started acting positively and kept on thinking 'yes I can do it'. There was a saying by William Jennings Bryan which is "The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear." So I started speaking out in the class and answered my tutor whether it is right or wrong. And when the coursework is given instead of thinking Ohh I can't do it...I started planning and preparing for the coursework and have built the self confidence.

Conflict Resolution skills

Conflict is a common and even active part of relationships. Any two people can't be anticipated to agree on everything at all the times. Since the relationship conflicts cannot be avoided I learned to deal with them in a healthy way which is very crucial. I have handled the conflicts in a respectful and positive way. I try to control my emotions and behaviour when there is a conflict with other person and communicate my needs without threatening and frightening, I pay attention to the feelings and the words spoken by others, I try to manage the stress and remain alert and calm and I tried to avoid disrespectful words and actions so that I can resolve the problem quickly. There was a situation at my workplace where there was a conflict between me and my Hr manager regarding the wages. Without using disrespectful words and actions I explained him about the situation. I remained calm until he was talking. He was convinced by the way I explained and by my behaviour towards him. By improving the skills for successful conflict resolution, I kept my personal and professional relationships strong and growing by resolving the conflicts in a positive way.

Time management

There is a quotation like "Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life". I realized the importance of time and started managing the time properly. Everyday morning I used to write schedule of all my works, set the estimated completion time for each task planned accordingly to that and at the end of the day I used to check whether everything is done or not. I have also developed the decision making skills by tackling the situations in the daily life. I have been following the steps to take a decision. They are: I first recognize what the problem is and then analyze it, look for the alternatives and select the best one and put my decision into the action.

In these ways I have recognized and developed the skills related to a successful manager.