The Shortcoming Of Student Service Of Segi Education Essay

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Nowadays, Malaysia having many Universities and Colleges, some are local and some are privates. This has let students and parents have more varieties to choose for their higher education in Malaysia. Colleges are face increased enrollments at the same time and also increased competition among higher institution. SEGI College Penang is a private college that provides quality education with a personal touch to both Malaysian and international students for over 20 years. SEGI offer a range of programs such as diploma programs, degree programs, professional courses and postgraduate (MBA course) that approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. (Segi, 2012)

Besides, Malaysia private colleges pioneered in the provision of transnational Bachelor's degree program in this region that corporate with those reputable universities from countries like USA, Australia, and UK. SEGI College Penang is one of them; SEGI College Penang had collaborated with University of Sunderland, University of Greenwich, and other famous foreign Universities. This had provided students secure degree from world recognized universities. (Segi, 2012)

The environment of higher education institution has become more competitive and institutions have to attract the students in recruitment markets niches. As a result, the education in Malaysia believes that changes in the past few years have aim to introduce their service and efficiency of tin to conduct the program into their sector. (Karl, 2009)

Besides, student satisfaction is one of the factors that students consider to choose for their higher education. Customer satisfaction is largely rely on the level to which a product supplied by an organisation meets or surpasses the expectation of customers. Organisations are able to get an indication of how successful they actually are in providing products to the market by measuring the customer satisfaction.(Corneliu, 2010) To fulfill the satisfaction of students, student service is very important. Student services include registration, staff advising, career service, assessment centre, library, financial aid, extended learning centre, facilities, accommodation service and financial aid. If the service that provided by employees and college are fulfilled the satisfaction level of students, this will definitely will increase the strength of the college to compete with other higher education institution.

To be competitive in delivery of certificates, coursed, diploma program, degree program, higher education institution must support student learning with variety of student service that can satisfy student. (Richard R, 2009) First step in determining the state of student services at college is identifying student satisfaction or dissatisfaction of student service. Student satisfaction and quality of service are integrally related, both are also relate with loyalty of customer. Although academic area such as courses that offered is more important, but nowadays students deserve entire package, quality student services with satisfying experiences. (Victoria, 2007) Satisfaction and quality evolve from management. A good relationship between student service providers can win student's loyalty.

1.2 Problem Statement

SEGI College Penang has come a long way to provide quality education with a personal touch to both Malaysian and international students for over 20 years. SEGI pride itself on the attention given to individual needs of all the students. SEGI also ensure all the students are given personal attention and satisfied with the student service that provided. (SEGI, 2012)

Now, students is treated as customers in college, the are some changes is the way of provide the student service and adding a new measurement to the strategic planning of colleges. Satisfaction is a factor that students have more choices in higher education. (Victoria, 2007) In higher education arena, student is a short- duration customer, college have to attract student continue for the degree program in same college. To compete in higher education marketplace, there are necessary for service providers to retain the students and their perceptions of the service level provided them. (Leo,2008)

Additionally, the student body became more diverse and individuals came with varied educational experiences, requiring different support services than the elite students of Early America. Students who were previously excluded from higher education were welcomed in community colleges. Student services began to focus on the personal and academic development of "the whole student." Thus, it became necessary to measure the satisfaction of student services in order to know how students perceive what providers are working so hard to do every day. (Victoria,2007)

To compete with other colleges, SEGI College Penang should have better student service to attract customer. It is necessary to measure the student satisfaction of student service in order to know how students perceive about the student service in college. This study will help to measure the satisfaction levels of students to student service in SEGI College Penang and help SEGI College to improve itself.

1.3 Research Question

This research question was based on data collected from the Segi student. The areas in the questionnaire include ten scales relate to student satisfaction in areas such as registration, advising, financial aid, counseling, career services, assessment centre, library, extended learning center, student activities and facilities.

The specific research questions for this study were:

Research Question 1:

How satisfied are student with student services at SEGI College Penang?

Research Question 2:

To what extent do students feel satisfied with the type of resources, such as student service, academic experience, academic advisor, campus environment, employee service and facilities?

Research Question 3:

What is the shortcoming of student service of SEGI College Penang?

1.4 Research Aim and Objectives

The purpose of this paper is to examine how student satisfaction to the student service of SEGI College. It also investigates whether the student services of SEGI College Penang are delivered properly and ensure the best interest is being served.

To identified how satisfied students are with the student services at SEGI College.

To measure the student service delivered by SEGI College whether is fulfilled student's expectation.

To identified the shortcoming and suggest recommendations.

1.5 Significance of Study

The significance of this study is that higher education institution has to aware of student satisfaction to student service. In order to maintain and increase enrollment levels to stabilize the customer base, higher education institution should always evaluate their service quality. Colleges often think because they spend too much time and effort planning and organizing that students are satisfied. The result of study can help the administrators to develop policy surrounding improved service to students.

Besides, this study can used to improve the communication in a college. This study can also forced administrators improve the customer-service demands of the student as consumer. Understanding what is important to students in term of their educational experience is integral to improving student service. It also can help the college to improve the quality of student service hence it can also increase the customer of college.

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